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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 14 Recap

In the middle of the night, Zhuo Wenyuan brought some food to Sang Qi’s room. Who knew there was a sudden knock on the door outside, and he seemed very anxious. Sang Qi thought it was Yan Yunzhi who came for the rounds, so Zhuo Wenyuan hurriedly hid. Unexpectedly, I saw Yan Yan as soon as I opened the door. As soon as Yan Yan finished speaking, there was another knock on the door. In panic, Yan Yan had to hide under the bed, who knew he saw Zhuo Wenyuan here. Sang Qi opened the door, and this time it was Yan Yunzhi who was flustered. As soon as the two sat down and chatted for a few words, Su Jieyu came. In the middle of the night, Sang Qi worried about misunderstandings, so he urged Yan Yunzhi to hide under the bed.

Su Jieyu bluntly said that she suspected that Sang Qi didn’t really like Yan Yunzhi, maybe she just transferred the miss and trust of her brother to Yan Yunzhi, empathizing. From Su Jieyu’s point of view, Yan Yunzhi is the most affectionate person. Sang Qi is Sang Yu’s younger sister. In order to complete the entrustment of the deceased, she took care of her. Perhaps Yan Yunzhi just treated her as a younger sister. Sang Qi couldn’t help but feel a little dazed, and didn’t know how to react for a while. After hearing this, Yan Yunzhi felt unhappy, but it was inconvenient to come forward, so he had to push Yan Yan out to break the deadlock.

After Yan Yan came out, the atmosphere became very embarrassing. Upon seeing this, Sang Qi asked Zhuo Wenyuan to come out quickly. Su Jieyu was shocked, and Sang Qi had to lie about a few people who were drinking secretly. After Su Jieyu left, Yan Yunzhi severely cursed Yan Yan and Zhuo Wenyuan, and invited Sang Qi to the garden tomorrow.

After several days of investigation, Bai Shi discovered that there was a suspicious planting area in the Songjia tea garden. Yan Yunzhi squinted slightly and decided to close the net. Late at night, Yan Yunzhi drew a map of the tea garden and sent it to Yan Saburo while Zhuo Wenyuan was asleep. But he didn’t know that Zhuo Wenyuan was not asleep, and even followed him to the mountains.

Back in the room, Yan Yunzhi saw that Zhuo Wenyuan’s shoes were full of fresh soil, and he realized that something was not right. He quietly put his hand into Zhuo Wenyuan’s quilt, a warm feeling filled his arm. Zhuo Wenyuan pretended to be awakened, but did not reveal any abnormalities.

Early the next morning, Yan Saburo came to the tea garden with his men and horses. I thought I had captured the lifeblood of Taiwei Song, but he would have killed a Master Wei halfway through. The steward of the tea garden took out a land deed, indicating that this piece of land had nothing to do with Song Taiwei, and that it was all in charge of Master Wei. Yan Saburo was speechless for a while, so he had to go home. Because of this, the tea garden farming ended in a hurry.

Yan Yunzhi took Sang Qi to the lake. The surface of the lake was rippling with microwaves, and the wind gently brushed the ends of the hair, making people’s hearts itchy. Yan Yunzhi and Sang Qi stood by the misty lake, quite a bit of a pair of wings. Yan Yunzhi slowly leaned down and slowly moved closer to Sang Qi’s lips. Sang Qi didn’t evade, looking at Yan Yunzhi with joy and uttering the phrase “I like you”. Sang Qi changed his mind. The behavior of Yan Yunzhi just now was really abrupt, and it was only now that she completely woke up, and simply kissed Yan Yunzhi again.

The kiss between Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi was full of sweetness, and the two of them lingered and complained to each other with kisses. At the time of the rise, Yan Yunzhi hugged Sang Qi Tuan Tuan. Sang Qi looked at Yan Yunzhi with joy and love in his eyes, so he lowered his head and kissed him again. Xu was attracted by the sweetness of the two of them, and the wind cheered, blowing the corners of their clothes.

After confirming the relationship, Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi were full of sweet breath. But the two are still in a teacher-student relationship, and they must not behave in the Imperial College, they can only quietly find opportunities to speak. But they were interrupted several times, and the two had to discuss a private meeting at midnight. Unexpectedly, he was interrupted by Lord Sang, and Sang Qi had to lied to drive away the night cat and spent a while with Yan Yunzhi.

Yan Yunzhi entered the prison and saw Master Wei, but the other party refused to tell the truth. Master Wei saw a spider crawling over his shoulder, so he caught it and placed it firmly on the ground. Yan Yunzhi refused to believe how such a gentle and kind person would do such a deed. Soon after, the case ended with Master Wei’s exile. Sang Qi was puzzled, so he wanted to ask Yan Yunzhi to clarify the ins and outs of the matter. Yan Yunzhi was worried that the partition wall had ears, so he invited him to the garden. Yan Yunzhi hopes that Sang Qi will accompany him in a play to find the person behind the scenes.

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