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The Justice 光芒 Episode 32 Recap

Liao Lan and Gao Dayong gave Cheng Yizhi a Stick’s cane. Cheng Yizhi couldn’t put it down. Liao Lan accidentally said that Wu Lizi and Cheng Yizhi were living together, and Wu Lizi hurriedly changed the subject. Cheng Yizhi urged Wu Lizi to move out as soon as she got home. Wu Lizi didn’t want to go back to the empty house. Cheng Yizhi refused to comply. Wu Lizi lay down on the sofa and pretended to sleep.

The Japanese army violently trampled on our country’s territory, and Shanghai was not spared, and the people were panicked. Wu Lizi pretended to move, she told Cheng Yizhi a thousand times, Cheng Yizhi was not assured that she would live alone, and agreed to move home with her, Wu Lizi naturally couldn’t ask for it. The Japanese army bombed the Chinese area of ​​Shanghai, and the merchants affiliated to Rebond Bank were tragically bombed. Gao Dayong suggested that the factory should be moved west. Cheng Yizhi sent people to inform Wenken Pharmaceutical Factory and Shenqin Veil Factory to transfer the valuable machinery and equipment. Then, the Japanese bombers Just blow up the two factories into a mess.

Cheng Yizhi came to the wharf to reserve a space of 40 tons and wanted to transport the machinery and equipment, but the cargo ship’s space was full. Associate Wan also came to the wharf. He ridiculed Cheng Yizhi and made him give up as soon as possible. Cheng Yizhi found out the government’s red-head document, which clearly stated that the priority transportation of civilian biological resources was clearly stated.

Xu Shu participated in the anti-Japanese organization and actively contributed to the anti-Japanese money. The target of the organization’s assassination was the Japanese army Osayanagi Jiro. Cheng Yizhi considered repeatedly and decided to move the Shenqin Cotton Yarn Mill into the concession. However, the land in the concession was too expensive and foreign investment was required. Cheng Yizhi promised to keep the cotton yarn mill at all costs.

Lei Zi came to the Japanese army translator to negotiate, and wanted to cooperate with the Japanese army. The anti-Japanese organization personnel came to assassinate Liu Erlang, but they ended in failure. They were all shot dead. Xu Shu drove outside to meet him. He saw the Japanese army search around and drove hurriedly. Leave. Huang Ruhong contributed money to the anti-Japanese army, and Feng Youru came to Huang Ruhong for help again, asking him to find a way to find materials such as cotton yarn and medicine, and specially granted him a 25-ton warehouse. The two hit it off.

Cheng Yizhi asked General Luo to help buy land in the concession. He had already washed his hands in a golden basin and was helpless. Xu Shulai resigned to Cheng Yizhi and thanked Cheng Yizhi for everything he had done for him. Cheng Yizhi asked him where he was going, but Xu Shu avoided answering him. Cheng Yizhi urged him to come back as soon as possible to realize his ideals.

Cheng Yizhi received the foreign investment certification materials, and he guessed that Xu Shu helped to do it. Shimazaki returned to the tailor shop from get off work and saw that the child had fallen asleep. Due to the impact of the war, there were no customers in the small bells tailor shop. In fact, Huang Ruhong helped to handle the foreign investment certificate. The reason why he helped Cheng Yizhi was that he took a fancy to the spinning mill and the tung oil factory funded by Rebond Bank, and wanted to use it as a bargaining chip with Feng Youru.

Most of the banks in Shanghai have moved west. Gao Dayong rebuilt the Zhenzhen tung oil factory in Chongqing dialect. Cheng Yizhi wanted to send Gao Xiaocong with three employees to Chongqing tomorrow. Gao Xiaocong insisted on staying in Shanghai and coexisting with Libang. Feng Youru sent someone to invite Liao Lan and Gao Dayong. He claimed to be Cheng Yizhi’s friend. Liao Lan exposed Feng Youru and Huang Ruhong as a gangster. Feng Youru claimed that Huang Ruhong had taken refuge in the Japanese for his own benefit. They had parted ways. He took out a document and forced him. Gao Dayong handed over the tung oil factory to support national defense. Liao Lan had long seen Feng Youru’s wolf ambition, and he had to go back to discuss it with Cheng Yizhi. Feng Youru threatened to requisition the tung oil plant in the name of the government.

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