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The Justice 光芒 Episode 31 Recap

Wu Lizi sent Cheng Yizhi home. Cheng Yizhi was unwilling to spend the second half of his life in a wheelchair. He seized all the time to practice. He wanted to stand up one day. He almost fell due to lack of physical strength. Wu Lizi hurriedly supported him.

Dai Ailing came to Cheng Yizhi suddenly, and the two apologized to each other. Dai Ailing felt that she had pushed Cheng Yizhi to the forefront of the situation before she was vilified. Cheng Yizhi instead thought it was a good thing, and let him completely let go of the knot. Dai Ailing will set off to study abroad tomorrow. She came to Cheng Yizhi and admitted that she had gradually fallen in love with Cheng Yizhi. Although she liked Cheng Yizhi, she still did not want to give up the opportunity to study for a doctorate. Before leaving, Dai Ailing persuaded Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi to get back together. The two love each other.

Feng Youru recommended Huang Ruhong as the loan committee member of the Federation of Industry and Commerce. Huang Ruhong expressed his gratitude to him and asked Lu Zhu’er to bring out her long-cherished wine for him to taste. Feng Youru thought Huang Ruhong would take the opportunity to completely suppress Cheng Yizhi, but he did not expect him to be When Cheng Yizhi opened the net, Huang Ruhong smiled and passed by.

Cheng Yizhi returned to Rebond Bank. He confessed his mistake to the employees and admitted that he gave Zheng Shanfeng a check for 10,000 yuan in the name of public relations, and promised that there would never be another time. Cheng Yizhi asked everyone to vote by secret to decide his going and staying, Wu Lizi It is recommended to vote by show of hands on the spot, but Cheng Yizhi has decided. Shareholders and employees voted one by one. Wu Lizi felt uneasy and sweated for Cheng Yizhi. Two people abstained from voting and four people opposed the vote. Everyone else supported Cheng Yizhi to continue to be the manager of Libang Bank.

Cheng Yizhi publicly stated that he took out all the proceeds from his shares and rewarded every staff member of Rebond Bank. Everyone cheered. Immediately afterwards, Cheng Yizhi came to the tung oil factory to meet Gao Xiaocong. After seeing blood, he pointed out that Gao Xiaocong was not a gambler at all. He did it deliberately because his father remarried. Gao Xiaocong confessed to this. He believed that Cheng Yizhi asked Liao Lan to seduce his father. You can serve Libang Bank with all your heart.

Cheng Yizhi clearly stated that the tung oil factory is Gao Dayong’s ideal. He also clearly remembers that Gao Dayong came to the bank to borrow money. Gao Dayong knelt down and pleaded with Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi was moved by his sincerity. He not only provided money to support him, but also helped him. Debug the equipment and finally squeeze out the tung oil. Cheng Yizhi persuaded Gao Xiaocong to understand Gao Dayong and assisted him in setting up the Zhenzhen tung oil factory. Gao Xiaocong wanted to go to Libang Bank for an internship. Cheng Yizhi fully agreed, and Gao Dayong couldn’t ask for it.

Cheng Yizhi personally buried his mother’s ashes and repaired her tomb and erected a monument. Wu Lizi asked Charlie to teach Gao Xiaocong, and Charlie asked Gao Xiaocong to pour water from the tea, start cleaning, and report to him a month later. Gao Xiaocong worked hard for a whole month. He returned to Charlie. Charlie asked one of the employees’ food preferences and the name of the new employee. Gao Xiaocong couldn’t answer, so Charlie asked him to do chores for another month. After another month, Gao Xiaocong came to Charlie. Charlie asked a few questions. Gao Xiaocong answered very well. Charlie asked very professional questions and stumped Gao Xiaocong. Charlie took the opportunity to let him learn the basic knowledge of banking.

The old staff of Libang Bank voted against Cheng Yizhi. He was always anxious, so he had the idea of ​​quitting. Wu Lizi returned her resignation letter to him, knowing that he hated Cheng Yizhi deeply and guaranteed that Cheng Yizhi would not vote because of it. He was worried about his affairs and advised him to stay in the bank with peace of mind.

Lei Zi followed Huang Ruhong for 20 years. Huang Ruhong asked him to go out and stand alone. Lei Zi took the opportunity to instigate the relationship between him and Cheng Yizhi, and Huang Ruhong would not allow him to interfere with this matter. Charlie brought Gao Xiaocong to the theater and took the opportunity to test his ability to observe people. Gao Xiaocong accurately said everyone’s thoughts, and Charlie was very pleased.

Cheng Yizhi came home from get off work and saw Wu Lizi waiting for him at home. Cheng Yizhi was puzzled. Wu Lizi admitted that she had found a way to get the house key, and she still wanted to live here, and asked to sleep on the sofa. Knowing that Wang’s mother was going home to see her grandson, Agui was busy going on a blind date, and Cheng Yizhi just wanted to object, Wu Lizi hurriedly urged him to go back to sleep, Cheng Yizhi had to give up seeing it was too late.

Liao Lan successfully gave birth to a son, Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi personally came to congratulate him, Gao Xiaocong was not enough to hug his younger brother. Gao Da flocked to Cheng Yizhi to express his gratitude. Since Gao Xiaocong has studied with Charlie, he has not only become sensible, but has also begun to slowly accept Liao Lan.

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