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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 2 Recap

Zheng Minghao sent Bai Lingling upstairs. He was angry that Wang Tao was too much. He had to beat him to relieve his hatred. Bai Lingling decided to delete the chat history with the netizen “How far is forever”. She finally watched the two online again. Dialogue with acquaintance: Bai Lingling asked “How far is it forever” last night whether he saw Meteor, but he told Lingling Meteor’s physical makeup, saying that he was in sophomore year, and suggested that Bai Lingling take the exam for them at Huaihai University. He was waiting for her on campus. Because of this encouragement, Bai Lingling was admitted to Huaihai University as she wished, but when she enrolled, Zheng Minghao was about to go abroad for a period of time, and he asked Bai Lingling to wait for him.

Zheng Minghao gave Guan Xiaoyu a wink, Guan Xiaoyu understood it, and made an excuse to go out to get dry cleaning clothes, leaving room for him and Bai Lingling. Zheng Minghao hurriedly helped Bai Lingling move things, but after finishing work, Bai Lingling had no intention of chatting with him, Zheng Minghao had to leave.

Guan Xiaoyu saw the downstairs Zheng Minghao downstairs. Knowing that he had hit a wall, Zheng Minghao begged Guan Xiaoyu to help him. He knew Chen Zhe, the second most popular casual drama man, and Guan Xiaoyu was moved, but he wanted Zheng Minghao to make sure that he would be together in the future. Be good to Bai Lingling and work hard to make money. Going upstairs, Guan Xiaoyu kept the promise and tried to persuade Bai Lingling to give Zheng Minghao a chance, but Bai Lingling remained unmoved.

After Ouyang Yifan sent Zheng Lanhang to his residence, Zheng Lanhang told him that he was lost today. He saw that his first love netizens were a little close with other boys. He might have a boyfriend, but he thought he still had a 50% chance. Ouyang Yifan plans to stay at Zheng Lanhang for one night, let him take a good look at the dating software that he just downloaded.

Guan Xiaoyu on the other side told Bai Lingling that Dong Chaogang sent a message in the group, saying that he and Zheng Minghao had cooperated with an app to get the students to support him. After Bai Lingling downloaded it, Guan Xiaoyu immediately urged her to log in. It turned out that Zheng Minghao told Guan Xiaoyu about this. When the software logs in, there is a data input for the new user. As long as Guan Xiaoyu tells Bai Lingling all the options, he chooses exactly the same, and the system will match them together. Unexpectedly, many options Bai Lingling skipped and did not answer. Guan Xiaoyu was anxiously unable to obtain information. A message from netizens appeared on the screen “How far is always”. Unexpectedly, the system matched Bai Lingling with “How far is always”. On it.

Bai Lingling sighed that it was a long time since he saw him. “How far is it forever” actually calculated that the exact time was 1,338 days. Zheng Minghao on the other side anxiously urged Guan Xiaoyu to send a message, and Guan Xiaoyu reluctantly told him that Bai Lingling had found his soul mate.

Bai Lingling told “How far is it forever” that she met an annoying Yang Lanhang. Yang Lanhang immediately rushed into the bathroom and asked Ouyang Yifan if he hated it so much? After that, he pretended to calmly reply to Bai Lingling, Yang Lanhang probably did not deliberately target her, but an occupational disease, and his work was more rigorous. He flipped through Ouyang Yifan’s love handbook and said that when dealing with girls’ emotions, he should forget about himself and accept empathy. Yang Lanhang did the same. He replied against Bai Lingling saying that Yang Lanhang was not a good thing.

He asked Bai Lingling’s plan for Yanbi, and Bai Lingling said he was looking for it. Well, the internship unit will be able to become a regular student after getting the graduation certificate. Yang Lanhang suggested that Bai Lingling take the postgraduate entrance examination because the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Huaihai University is the best in the country. It’s a shame for the undergraduate. Bai Lingling said that not everyone can chase their dreams like him. He is an ordinary person, and he will be much happier if he admits this. Yang Lanhang asked if Bai Lingling was still mad at herself and why she had not lifted the blackout. Bai Lingling explained that the chat software was uninstalled and stopped playing. She suggested adding a WeChat.

Yang Lanhang excitedly told Ouyang Yifan that he did not expect to match her first love netizen so quickly, but thought that she was the person Bai Lingling hated in reality, so she could only refuse her invitation to add WeChat.

In order to accurately grasp the rhythm of love in horror movies with suitors, Guan Xiaoyu, who loves love first, exercises at home in advance. Bai Lingling laughed that it would be great if she could study so much in literary creation. Bai Lingling told Guan Xiaoyu about the successful match between herself and the “Forever How Far” system. She admitted that she liked this netizen. She didn’t contact her before she pulled black. She just wanted time to talk about everything, but she didn’t expect to be in touch today, but she still had a heartbeat. Guan Xiaoyu advised Bai Lingling to cherish fate.

On the other side, Yang Lanhang, who was tossing and awake, could see the picture of Bai Lingling. He told Ouyang Yifan that he missed her too much when he went abroad to study, and was blacked out, so he asked Yin Fan for a picture of Bai Lingling. Yang Lanhang is not used to sleeping with two of them. Ouyang Yifan told the truth that his mother stopped his bank card after he refused to have a blind date. After turning off the lights, Zheng Lanhang thought of Bai Lingling’s words: He is there, and there is hope for himself, and he meditated in his heart: You are my light.

Early the next morning, Ouyang Yifan dressed up and took the initiative to go on a blind date. Zheng Lanhang laughed that he had succumbed to money.

Guan Xiaoyu was forced by her mother to go on a blind date. She kept sending messages asking for help to Bai Lingling, and Bai Lingling promised to support immediately after finishing the work. Guan’s mother nags that this blind date has a good character and a family background, but Guan Xiaoyu feels that the other party is late because she doesn’t respect herself, so she escapes from the bathroom under the pretext. When blocking a car on the roadside, I happened to encounter Ouyang Yifan’s car was forced to stop by his ex-girlfriends. The two were in a stalemate. Guan Xiaoyu was discovered by her mother on the second floor. She got into Ouyang Yifan’s car in desperation. Dust away. Guan’s mother and ex-girlfriend were left behind.

Dong Chao was angry that Zheng Minghao didn’t know about the system upgrade. Zheng Minghao explained that the user data input method was blunt. The inspection period of three months was too long. Dong Chao strangely said that the inspection period was decided by the user at the beginning of the plan, but Zheng Minghao insisted on opposing it. Yes, but he still agreed to the amendment and immediately notified the Engineering Department to work overtime.

Zheng Minghao was blocked from work by Wang Tao, saying that he had just received a call from the company’s human resources department, and the company’s recruitment mailbox received a video of Wang Tao harassing women on the street. If he did not fire him, it would be posted online. He was originally an internship during the probation period. Sheng, when this kind of thing happened, the company couldn’t retain itself, and only Bai Lingling and Zheng Minghao were present that night. He must have done it. Zheng Minghao simply admitted that he did it. Thinking of that night, he had the heart to kill Wang Tao. An angry Wang Tao satirized Zheng Minghao that he is not as good as a netizen who has never met. He is just a licking dog.

At this time, Zheng Lanhang received an email from the Ministry of Manpower at the school gate, telling him: the employee in the video has been fired, thank him for his supervision. He and Professor Jiang were talking about Bai Lingling. Suddenly Bai Lingling rushed to the professor and bowed to apologize, but said that the department had issued a notice and it was impossible to change the result. Bai Lingling believed that this was all because of Yang Lanhang’s presence. Professor Jiang said that Yang Lanhang had done something. Yes, he does not need to have any psychological burden. The school needs to establish a joint laboratory, and Bai Lingling can come for an interview, and he will give Bai Lingling a job opportunity.

After the professor left, Bai Lingling turned to leave with a glance, but was almost knocked over by an oncoming bicycle. Yang Lanhang pulled her by and asked her boyfriend when she left. Bai Lingling angrily scolded him for being ill!

Zheng Minghao recalled his first encounter with Bai Lingling: In class, Bai Lingling was listless, and was called by the teacher to answer questions. Seeing that she couldn’t answer, the teacher asked Zheng Minghao who was sleeping next to her to read the class notes for her. Zheng Minghao took Bai Lingling’s notes and found that she wrote It turned out to be: What is inner beauty? The clever Zheng Minghao didn’t read this sentence and answered the teacher’s question accurately. After class, Zheng Minghao caught up with Bai Lingling and asked her who Bai Lingling was? He wanted to help a buddy send a love letter to Bai Lingling, and Bai Lingling made his buddy give up, saying that he already had a boyfriend. Zheng Minghao asked if she had a boyfriend, Bai Lingling made a mischievous face and ran away.

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