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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 2 Recap

Liu Jialong finally waited for the call from the battalion commander, the battle plan was approved, the 9 o’clock action was harassed at 12 o’clock, and the attack was launched at 2 o’clock in the morning. Liu Jialong assigned the task. Clerk Wang Yuwen came to Li Yannian with a blood book. He wanted to fight and lead soldiers to fight, but Li Yannian did not agree. Instead, he handed him a battle log and asked him to take it to the battlefield and record the situation seriously. In the notebook, remember the performance of each instructor, which is related to the honor of each soldier. After all, Wang Yuwen has never been to the battlefield. This is also the reason why Li Yannian did not agree. I heard that Wang Yuwen wanted to come up with Chen Yanzong, but Liu Jialong was the only one to convince Chen Yanzong.

Wang Zeren believed that the Communist army would launch an offensive tonight, so he reported to the UN Colonel. The colonel took his opinion and asked Wang Zeren to be his own adviser to help him observe the situation. At night, the enemy seemed a little abnormal, but the company still harassed as planned. After receiving the news, the colonel asked Wang Zeren for his opinion, whether this was a real offense or harassment, and the two basically reached an agreement.

The demining team has smeared mines during the war, and continued to conceal mines after the harassment. They even thought of using their own body to roll mine in order to open the minefield channel. However, Li Yannian was worried that this would scare the snake and absolutely disagree. The time for the harassment came and calm was restored again. Wang Zeren believed that they would not act in the middle of the night, and the colonel had no doubts. He relaxed his vigilance and only arranged a patrol.

Li Yannian asked Li Yuan to withdraw the thunder immediately after he finished the line, because if it was discovered, everything would fail. The enemy’s patrol team came, Li Yuan and others continued to operate the mine carefully, and Li Yannian immediately took everyone back after it was over. Before turning around and walking a few steps, Li Yuan stepped on Songfalei. The patrol was still lingering nearby, and it was too late to clear the mines. Li Yannian took some people to find some dummies in clothes to hide Li Yuan, and told him to never move. Now Quanlian is watching him! Liu Jialong breathed a sigh of relief. The enemy is generally not in the wire zone, so Li Yuan should not be spotted.

The patrol team unexpectedly opened the barbed wire and entered the minefield. Liu Jialong was overjoyed and quickly notified that he was preparing to start the war, but he did not expect that the enemy seemed to have discovered that Li Yuan was shooting suddenly. After a burst of gunshots, the enemy saw the pile of dummies who thought they were dead soldiers and was not suspicious. Liu Jialong sent someone to check on Li Yuan’s situation, and if he was not injured, he must hold on for another hour. Li Yuan was holding the bleeding wound under the dummy, and did not tell them the news of the injury. There was only one belief in his heart: I can’t move!

At two o’clock in the morning, our army fired artillery on time to launch an offensive. The charge horn sounded, and the soldiers immediately charged and smashed the enemy bravely. Li Yuan faced the comrades who had come to rescue him and stopped them loudly. Then he let go of his foot and sacrificed in the flames. He completed the task without moving from start to finish. And Xiao Andong watched with his own eyes that Squad Leader Zhao died in front of him. Before he died, he told Xiao Andong that he must live to see Zhang Erniu. After the war was raging, Li Yannian called Chen Yanzong and asked him to complete the task at the front Xiaotupo. The dark mission was difficult, but Chen Yanzong was still unwilling to use US military weapons, so Li Yannian asked Luo Houcai to help him. Under difficult conditions, the two helped each other to complete the task.

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