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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 1 Recap

In July 1951, China and North Korea conducted peace talks with the UN forces in Fengzhuang, Kaesong. The UN forces made unreasonable demands at the negotiating table. After the Kaesong talks broke down, the UN forces continuously launched offensives. Our army followed the instructions and started with the enemy. A battle of positions where every inch of land must be contended. The commander of the third battalion arranged for the seventh company to assist and attacked the 346.6 highland with the eighth and nine companies. The seventh company commander Liu Jialong was unwilling. . Liu Jialong urged him to speak for Lianli, but he didn’t expect him to say that the main attack and assists were the same, and he analyzed it seriously. It is not always clear who is the main attack and who is the assist.

Li Yannian’s words came to a point. This is what the camp meant. The reason why they were given an assist was because they were afraid that they would be under too much pressure. After careful analysis, Liu Jialong and Li Yannian came up with harassment tactics, which were bound to hit the enemy by surprise, and won praise from the battalion commander and instructor. Liu Jialong did not expect that not only did he not disrupt the battalion commander’s plan, but he also won praise. I sincerely thank Li Yannian. He never monopolizes the credit on weekdays, and he is truly admired by others.

Xiao Andong is gone. Some people think that he has been running a desertion recently when he heard about the fight, and immediately took people to catch the deserter. Xiao Andong was taken back, and everyone yelled to shoot the deserter. On the opposite side came a Taiwanese agent named Wang Zeren, who was very familiar with the station. This traitor wanted to instigate anti-liberation fighters. The three company’s liberation fighters were all concentrated in the seventh company. In order to avoid instigation, some people suggested that the liberation fighters should be suspended, especially the seventh company. Xiao An Dong of the Seventh Company was tied to a tree, and Liu Jialong angrily accused him of fleeing with plain clothes and dry food to enforce battlefield discipline. Xiao Andong was young, and only wanted to go home. He witnessed the people in the second camp and never came back. He also begged his comrades to tell his childhood sweetheart Zhang Erniu that he died for her.

Liu Jialong pulled out his gun and was about to kill him. The squad leader rushed up to beg him to forgive Xiao An Dong. Instead, Liu Jialong angered the squad leader. He treated Xiao An Dong as a son. If it weren’t for him, Xiao An Dong would not have the ability to escape. Li Yannian had not spoken, but at this time he was telling the story of Zhang Erniu and Xiao An Dong. Xiao Andong personally said that Zhang Erniu gave him this life and that he was also raised by Zhang Erniu. It turned out that Xiao Andong was begging for a living when he was seven years old. When he was seven years old, he met Zhang Erniu who came back from herding cattle. Little Anton is rescued. Xiao Andong grew up in this way, and later the two of them were desperate. Xiao Andong was originally unknown and followed Zhang Erniu’s surname. If the Kuomintang hadn’t caught the young man, they would have had a few children.

Li Yannian urged everyone to think about their relatives, and then think about the miserable scenes that have been seen since entering the DPRK. What would happen to the villages that were bombed and the people killed if it happened in their hometown? The morale of the soldiers was high, and they shouted to avenge the North Korean people and defend their homeland. Xiao Andong also wants to understand that he won’t have a good life if he doesn’t beat the American devils out! Li Yannian speaks his native accent. Only by winning battles can everyone live a good life. The cruel thing is that maybe everyone will be gone by that time, but the ancestral parliament will remember them, and their relatives will remember them! Li Yannian turned around and took out his gun, and the comrades behind him were asking him to release Xiao An Dong.

Regiment Commander Chen was unwilling to destroy the third battalion combat plan, but the situation in the army was serious, and Regiment Commander Chen had to reconsider. The battalion commander was not allowed to change the Seventh Company. Li Yannian did a good job of ideological work. Even if he was instigated, he was dug up early. In the end, Commander Chen decided to keep the attack plan unchanged. Li Yannian didn’t kill Xiao Anton. His shot was empty. As a deserter Xiao Anton had already died once. From then on, he lived not only for Zhang Erniu, but for thousands of relatives in the motherland. All classes were discussing this incident today, and Chen Yanzong figured out the reason for his name. It turned out to be “marrying a daughter-in-law early and having more children.”

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