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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 4 Recap

Bai Lingling was dating her younger brother to watch a horror movie. She was trying to be in love, but was disturbed by Ouyang Ifan in the back row. Bai Lingling felt disappointed and simply ignored it.

Yang Lanhang analyzed that Bai Lingling only said that he did not like material science on the surface through studying the love book, but actually wanted to work in the laboratory. He immediately went online to chat with Bai Lingling. Bai Lingling, who was reviewing, ran to the drawer of the living room and turned out the romance movie Guan Xiaoyu watched. He lied that he was watching a movie. Yang Lanhang asked about Bai Lingling’s boyfriend. Bai Lingling knew he was tentatively excited, and truthfully answered that there was no boyfriend. Yang Lanhang danced happily and immediately checked the summary of the film on the Internet, and discussed the love view with Bai Lingling from the plot. Bai Lingling copied Guan Xiaoyu’s thoughts on the back of the disc and chatted with Yang Lanhang. Yang Lanhang told her that he had a way to help her enter the laboratory, the day after tomorrow. She can report to the laboratory at two o’clock in the afternoon.

Guan Xiaoyu and the schoolboy went to the parking lot and were blocked by Ouyang Yifan. Ouyang Yifan pointed out that the schoolboy’s ex-girlfriend had just drunk more than one hundred sleeping pills two days ago. Fortunately, he was saved by himself. Guan Xiaoyu saw that he was a scumbag. , Got in Ouyang Yifan’s car and left.

In the evening, Bai Ling Lingzheng and Guan Xiaoyu enthusiastically prepared the clothes for the next day in the laboratory. Zheng Minghao said endlessly that after the system upgrade, users can shorten the inspection period and leave at any time if they are not satisfied. Bai Lingling pointed out that they should consider extending the inspection period, because some people are Slowly hot.

The next day, in the laboratory, Yang Lanhang was lecturing and suddenly felt uncomfortable in his voice. He just arrived in the pantry, and Lu Qing, a recent graduate of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, followed. She enthusiastically introduced Yang Lanhang by pouring water and her love for herself was beyond words. At this time, Bai Lingling reported to the laboratory in professional attire. She happened to ran into Yang Lanhang and Lu Qing coming out of the pantry together in the corridor. Yang Lanhang wanted to explain, Bai Lingling turned around and left.

Research team leader Zhang Yian introduced to Bai Lingling that the main person in charge of the laboratory is Professor Jiang, Yang Lanhang is the deputy team leader, and Zhai Qingyi, a sophomore in the Department of Materials, is known as the light of materials, second only to Yang Lanhang, and assistant Jingjing, recorder Liu Yuxin . After that, he distributed work clothes to Bai Lingling and told her that her main duties were to clean the laboratory and clean up the experimental garbage, because the experimental items must be done by professional counterparts. Bai Lingling did not expect her job to be cleaning, she asked about her salary. , Zhang Yi’an is not sure.

Back at home, Bai Lingling complained to Guan Xiaoyu that her dress today was ridiculous. Guan Xiaoyu suspected that the netizen instructed Yang Lanhang to deliberately fix her. Bai Lingling asked the netizens on the Internet whether they knew that he went to the laboratory for cleaning. There are not many categories, and he entered the laboratory like this when he was not qualified enough, Bai Lingling finally decided to stay. After she entered the room, Guan Xiaoyu immediately sent Zheng Minghao a message to remind him that if he didn’t take any action, Bai Lingling would be snatched away.

The next day, Zhai Qing also asked Yang Lanhang how the new girl was. Yang Lanhang was noncommittal. Zhang Yian came to remind Qing Yi to curb his worship of Yang Lanhang, otherwise the great god would drive him out of the laboratory.

In the silent night, Yang Lanhang was busy in the laboratory, and Bai Lingling was reading in the room. After get off work in the early morning, Yang Lanhang sent a message about Bai Lingling to watch the romance movie together at 2:30. Bai Lingling watched it very deeply and was moved to tears. After watching, the two of them sent a message to admit that they were watching it for the first time. Yang Lanhang said that Bai Lingling had said Wanting to watch it with the person he likes, Bai Lingling is delighted, guessing that the other person may also like him. She couldn’t sleep anymore, and came to the laboratory to clean up early less than seven o’clock. Yang Lanhang asked her not to procrastinate when she arrived. She blurted out that she hadn’t slept all night. Bai Lingling asked him how he knew. Yang Lanhang quickly concealed that it was because she had it. Dark circles under my eyes.

Yang Lanhang brought breakfast to Bai Lingling and asked her what to do if a boy had a crush on a girl. Bai Lingling suggested that boys not confess because it would be very embarrassing if the other person doesn’t like him.

Guan Xiaoyu ate the breakfast made by Yang Lanhang and praised him for his good craftsmanship, while Bai Lingling thought that Yang Lanhang was a bit pitiful and had no friends around him, so he could only use breakfast to bribe her to ask about emotional problems.

At lunch, Qing Yi asked Zhang Yi’an why he didn’t sit with Yang Lanhang. Zhang Yi’an confessed that it was too depressing to eat with him, but Qing Yi thought that geniuses were all alone. The two were chatting. Yang Lanhang suddenly took the initiative to sit over, and the two looked at each other. I left my seat immediately and said I was full. Then Professor Jiang came over and told him that the college had just asked about Bai Lingling. He would not have let Bai Lingling come if it weren’t for Yang Lanhang, because their college didn’t have the professional cleaning of the laboratory, but Bai Lingling had finished the matter. Can’t blame Yang Lanhang, he doesn’t have to pay the money himself, Yang Lanhang explained that he thinks Bai Lingling has the talent in materials science and really wants to cultivate her.

Ouyang Ifantuo got the information of Guan Xiaoyu’s date, but he did not expect to be a scumbag again. The investigator said that Guan Xiaoyu may have the physique of attracting scumbags.

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