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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 3 Recap

In the car, Ouyang Yifan learned that Guan Xiaoyu Zhengshou had no place to hide from her mother, so he took her to the bar to play. Bai Lingling on the other side wanted to chat with netizens during lunch, but found that the system upgrade could not log in. At this time, Zheng Minghao sat over and told her that the upgrade was two days too slow. When she separated from Zheng Minghao at the entrance of the restaurant, she ran into Yang Lanhang. Uncharacteristically, Bai Lingling took the initiative to catch up and apologized to Yang Lanhang and gave him a bottle of Coke.

When Yang Lanhang was in class, he just said a word, suddenly a strange noise was made in the bag, which made the classmates roar with laughter. He quickly flipped through the bag and found that there was an electronic remote control product inside. Seeing Bai Lingling’s proud expression in the audience, Yang Lanhang Only then did she understand that Coke was just a prop for Bai Lingling’s pranks, and she secretly stuffed this in his bag while she was picking up Coke. Yang Lanhang hurried towards Bai Lingling in frustration, and Bai Lingling grabbed his schoolbag and ran.

Outside the classroom, Bai Lingling thought she had successfully escaped, but was blocked by Yang Lanhang. Yang Lanhang criticized her for disrespecting the class. Bai Lingling sneered and said that he had also interrupted his defense. Yang Lanhang said that he would not owe her anymore.

Guan Xiaoyu nestled next to Ouyang Yifan. The two sat by the sea all night. The sunrise in the morning light was very gentle. Guan Xiaoyu couldn’t help softly kissing Ouyang Yifan who was sleeping. After Ouyang Yifan woke up, he only found the earrings left by Guan Xiaoyu. Through the comparison of the photos, he unexpectedly discovered that Guan Xiaoyu was the blind date her mother arranged for him to meet yesterday. After asking his mother for WeChat, he ran to the bar to find it. Guan Xiaoyu, when she came across her taking off her shoes and bluffing for others, was chased by the wicked. Ouyang Yifan found it interesting and drove her away quickly.

After checking the information, Bai Lingling found that she had indeed beaten 3 times to 1.5 times the previous version, and Yang Lanhang did not wrong her. Bai Lingling decided to sign up for the laboratory work recommended by Professor Jiang. Guan Xiaoyu told her that she had signed up too. She excitedly described to Bai Lingling the chance encounter with the handsome guy Ouyang Yifan last night. She also deliberately left an earring so that the handsome guy could find him sooner. Own. The two were chatting, and Guan Xiaoyu received Ouyang Yifan’s invitation to add WeChat.

At this time, her mother called and told her that Ouyang Yifan was the target of yesterday’s blind date. Guan Xiaoyu was confused. She judged that since Ouyang Yifan had seen it earlier Own photos, their encounter yesterday may have been designed by Ouyang Yifan, who is a liar. On the other side, Ouyang Yifan didn’t know. After sending Guan Xiaoyu a date on WeChat, he realized that he had been blacked out, so he begged Yang Lanhang to help him get a line.

In fact, Guan Xiaoyu had investigated Ouyang Yifan earlier and knew that his girlfriends were countless, so she asked Bai Lingling to help her receive parcels and couriers in the near future. She was anxious to go to the laboratory to meet the new handsome guy, but she did not expect that only Bai Lingling received the interview information. After a while, the courier brother delivered flowers to Guan Xiaoyu, and Bai Lingling asked him to throw the flowers into the trash after collecting them. After returning to the house, Bai Lingling received the reminder message from the nursing home. After Guan Xiaoyu went out, Bai Lingling threw a bank card into the trash can.

Bai Lingling was a little nervous before going to the laboratory for an interview. She sent a message to the netizen, who encouraged her to be calm and confident. After arriving at the scene, Bai Lingling found that Yang Lanhang was also the chief examiner. The question he asked was Bai Lingling’s graduation thesis subject. She didn’t expect that Bai Lingling could not answer. She only said that she blamed Yang Lanhang and took revenge, and she didn’t like material science. He was transferred because he didn’t have enough points. He came to the laboratory to make money. Professor Jiang was angry that Bai Lingling was arrogant. Yang Lanhang got up and wanted to explain. Bai Lingling said sorry and left.

When Bai Lingling came out, she sent a message to netizens complaining, saying that Yang Lanhang was a pervert, and she had cleared her mouth, but the interview was still aimed at herself deliberately.

Zheng Minghao forced Wang Tao and finally learned that the netizen in Bai Lingling’s mind was “How far is forever”.

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