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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 1 Recap

In the German laboratory, Yang Lanhang’s material science experiment was finally successful. When he was high-fiving his colleagues and cheering, Frank suddenly held a gun against his temple and said viciously: He can’t bring new materials home, as long as he is willing to stay. , The conditions are up to him. At gunpoint, Yang Lanhang still chose to return home without hesitation, because someone was waiting for him. Frank clicked the trigger, the colorful flowers were splashing, everyone was falsely alarmed, the laboratory lights were on, and all the researchers wish Yang Lanhang a successful experiment! Yang Lanhang was finally able to meet the female netizen in his heart, but the other party blocked him.

In China, Bai Lingling from the Materials Class of Huaihai University graduated today to reply. She was afraid of being late and dragged her bestie Guan Xiaoyu over the wall, but the timid Guan Xiaoyu did not dare to jump after climbing on the wall. She is looking for a ladder.

At the graduation defense, Professor Jiang asked Bai Lingling if he still wanted to take his postgraduate entrance exam. Bai Lingling said he wanted to graduate early and work and earn money. Her graduation thesis was “Methods of preparing carbon nanotube composite materials”. After she finished speaking, she opened the door and entered. Yang Lanhang of Yang pointed out that the data in Bai Lingling’s paper is wrong, because she cited the 2013 literature, but it is 2017, and the research of carbon nanotube composite materials is changing day by day, so in essence, her research is not very meaningful. Her thesis stated that this preparation method can increase the electrical conductivity of nanomaterials by 1.5 times, but in fact it increased by 3 times. Bai Lingling was angry that Cheng Yaojin, who came out halfway, pointed out that this was the defense of the graduates and suggested that unrelated personnel should be hired. Withdrawal, Professor Jiang explained that Yang Lanhang is a PhD student in the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Bai Lingling’s elder brother, and the author of her thesis quotation.

Guan Xiaoyu on the other side was still waiting for Bai Lingling on the wall, but was met by a passing student, and she hurriedly begged the student to get a ladder for herself.

After the final discussion, the respondent considered that the data was incorrect and the result was invalid, and the paper was judged to be rejected. Seeing Bai Lingling anxiously waiting outside for the result, Yang Lanhang was overwhelmed and wanted to step forward to explain, Bai Lingling ignored it.

Guan Xiaoyu saw someone selling Bai Lingling’s book downstairs, and when she asked, she knew that it was Bai Lingling who was afraid that there would be no place to sell the book after graduation, so she hurriedly asked for the book back. Back to the dormitory, Bai Lingling received a call from the nursing staff in the nursing home. She hurried over. It turned out that the grandmother was arguing not to eat, and she just returned the meal sent by the nursing staff. The grandmother quietly told Bai Lingling that the food cost of 50 yuan a day was too expensive. She took the steamed buns and ate with eggplant sauce and it was economical. Before the two of them could say a word, the old man next to the bed yelled that it was too noisy. Bai Lingling left and went back to school. Grandma told her to go back to her hometown in two days. He didn’t want to go to the hospital to see a doctor, but promised Bai Lingling would never leave her alone like her mother.

Yang Lanhang told his mother that he was going to have a girlfriend. His mother was very happy and encouraged her son to participate in social activities and not to stay in the laboratory all day like his father.

Guan Xiaoyu was worried that Bai Lingling could not afford her grandma’s recuperation expenses without a graduation certificate, so she asked her to spend her money first. Bai Lingling showed her the bag to Guan Xiaoyu, saying that she had money, but she unexpectedly found her grandma secretly stuffing it in her bag. After a pile of money, he also wrote a note: “Hold the flowers.” Bai Lingling couldn’t help it anymore, and ran to the balcony in tears holding the bag.

In the evening, Yang Lanhang’s cousin Ouyang Yifan struck up a conversation with a sexy beauty on the roadside, but Yang Lanhang saw him and was ridiculed by him.

Guan Xiaoyu forcibly took Bai Lingling to the new house her mother had just bought for herself. She begged Bai Lingling to live with her. Lingling saw that her friend just wanted to take advantage of her with peace of mind. Guan Xiaoyu said sincerely that she can live with her. She can still be her company when she eats Bai Lingling’s food. Bai Lingling only needs to pay for the water and electricity.

Ouyang Yifan told Yang Lanhang that the aunt called herself specifically to say that Yang Lanhang had taken a long-distance flight and asked him to come and take care of it. He also specially brought official documents and pictures of office locations for Yang Lanhang to see, but Yang Lanhang said that he and Yin Fan had already voted. It was decided to let Yifan be the general manager of the company, and he wanted to move out and want to have a girlfriend. Ouyang Yifan was surprised that the freak Yang Lanhang was finally about to fall in love!

After reading Bai Lingling’s book, Guan Xiaoyu found that she was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. The two were chatting. A loud confession came from downstairs: “Bai Lingling, I love you”. The two went downstairs to see that it was Bai Lingling’s suitor Wang Tao. He painstakingly placed heart-shaped candles and balloons on the football field, holding flowers to confess to Bai Lingling, but Bai Lingling refused on the spot.

On the other side, Ouyang Yifan learned that Yang Lanhang was in online dating, and laughed at the other party to blacken him. He must have died after seeing the light. Yang Lanhang said that he had seen him after returning home, but he felt different. Ouyang Yifan asked Yang Lanhang to download a dating software developed by his buddies. Big data matching is particularly reliable.

Bai Lingling and Guan Xiaoyu moved the dormitory stuff to their new residence. Guan Xiaoyu went upstairs to pick up the cart. Bai Lingling was looking at things downstairs. At this time, Wang Tao was so drunk that she stepped forward and accused Bai Lingling that she didn’t know how far away she would be. Are people or dogs still waiting for others? Bai Lingling was shocked. Wang Tao claimed that he was a high-achieving student in the computer science department.

It was easy to check her chat records saved on the Internet disk. If the netizen cares about her, they have been chatting for six years, and he should come to see her when he returns to China. Wang Tao wanted to insult Bai Lingling by drinking his strength. Zheng Minghao suddenly appeared and pushed him away. Wang Tao said that he had seen that Zheng Minghao also liked Bai Lingling, but Bai Lingling already liked people. If he wanted to read the chat history, he could send him a look. Bai Ling was furious. Wang Tao slapped Wang Tao in the face, and Wang Tao left angrily. Yang Lanhang, who was passing by, happened to see this scene.

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