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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 1 Recap

At the end of the summer at the age of twelve, Chen Meiru seemed to have grown up suddenly, fantasizing about her own prince. Facing the arrival of the prince, she still felt convinced. At an out-of-school event, twelve-year-old Chen Meiru attended. I visited the history of Babylon in the museum, and saw many ancient Babylonian objects and lingering love stories. The pious text has also changed from fantasy to reality. Suddenly many people in the crowd hit Meiru in the past, a bright The little boy with eyes grabbed Meiru’s arm and told her to be careful. At this time, the budding of love had begun. After Meiru went home, she wrote down her diary. She was in awe of the dazzling civilization of Babylon, and she couldn’t help but fantasize that maybe she could be part of it.

Chen Meiru turned into a girl who wrote in Babylon, waiting for the half-blood prince to descend from the sky. All the girls in Babylon regarded him as an idol in their hearts, coming and going like the wind, making the girls feel happy. He also made great achievements, even The chief guard is not his opponent, and can only pay tribute to him with the most pious etiquette. Meiru thought, the half-blood prince who descended from the sky will fall in love with me one day, but she is only twelve years old. Reason tells her to wait until the next natal year, when she is twenty-four, the best time for the prince to come to her. Can become the focus of everyone’s envy.

On September 21, 2019 BC, Yuzhou City, China, 24-year-old Chen Meiru worked in a technology company. He was responsible for screening illegal pictures on the Internet, and deleting illegal pictures and deleting videos.

Chen Meiru’s best friend arranged a big party for her to celebrate her twenty-fourth birthday. But Meiru worked late at work, was very tired, and didn’t want to go. When I was on the phone in the bathroom, I happened to ran into an internet celebrity live broadcast. She also complained about her company and job content. She also said that Meiru didn’t even have a dream. Suddenly Meiru thought of it. My childhood dream was to meet a prince who loved her on her 24th birthday. When she returned to the company, she found that someone was following her and took out a spray of anti-wolf spray. It turned out that the boss and employees designed her for her. Surprise birthday, Meiru took them to the bar to celebrate their birthday together by accident.

When I first arrived at the bar, Meiru couldn’t stand it when she saw her girlfriends dressed well, but everyone always liked Meiru’s place. Drinking with her, he got up, Meiru almost vomited and ran to the bathroom. , But Jiang Hui really called Meiru a bunch of opposite sexes, but she didn’t have a heartbeat.

At twelve o’clock, everyone was busy celebrating Meiru’s birthday, but she seemed to have been hit on her head by something. Recalling the dreams she had originally thought, suddenly a half-blood prince broke into the house, as described in her diary. The prince looked exactly the same, and kissed her and told her that she was her prince, but Meiru didn’t believe it, but the prince insisted on asking Meiru to accept his love and protection, and took her away. Jiang Huizhen also had a relationship with the chief guard, he might promise Jiang Huizhen everything. But Jiang Hui really said that he had drunk too much, he was fascinated, and he lost his temper after drinking, but the chief guard promised to realize all her dreams.

Early the next morning, Meiru was awakened by the quarrel outside the door. When she opened the door, she saw that the half-blood prince was holding a knife and quarreled with the aunt in the community last night. He also held the knife at each other, and finally the aunt asked for compensation. . Later, after some operations, she realized that this half-blood prince was written in her diary, named Murong Jaylun.

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