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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 12 Recap

The end of the field leave means that the scientific expedition is about to come. Dr. Feng announced that starting from today, the Imperial College will cancel the martial arts class and law class in the morning, and in the afternoon, it will pay Moyi. And this also meant that it was difficult for Sang Qi to see Yan Yunzhi, thinking of this, she couldn’t help but frown.

Unexpectedly, they met Yan Yunzhi when they went out, and the two looked at each other, not caring about the people next to him. Sang Qi was hit by someone and almost fell, Yan Yunzhi hurried forward to hold Sang Qi, waited for her to stand firmly, and gently sorted out the basket for her. Sang Qi wanted to ask Yan Yunzhi what, but the other party was suddenly called away and had to give up.

Qing Xuanjun took Yan Yunzhi to the restaurant for Su Jieyu, and then left alone. This time Su Jieyu’s approach to Yan Yunzhi did not insist on entanglement, but she found something strange in Song Jiayin’s gift. Song Jiayin’s gift to Sujieyu contained a small amount of powder. After inspection, the powder was extracted from a plant in Xizhao. However, the powder found this time is different from the previous case. If the powder is made into a powder, it can have a hallucinogenic effect, which is unstoppable, and the plant from which the powder is extracted is also expensive. In recent years, someone has been found taking this powder at the border, but the source has not been traced for a long time. This planting plant is not easy to survive in the climate of Bianjing, if you want to plant it, you must have a special environment for cultivation.

Zhuo Wenyuan also hurried back to Bianjing, and Sang Qi offered to invite him to the restaurant for dinner. Unexpectedly, I met Su Jieyu and Yan Yunzhi here. Sang Qi knew that Yan Yunzhi was called away in a hurry, but he didn’t expect that the man was Su Jieyu, and he couldn’t help feeling a little unhappy. Zhuo Wenyuan seemed to smell the subtlety of the atmosphere, so he squeezed Sang Qi’s hand and closed the door of the private room. What I saw today made Sangqi feel frustrated, unable to fall asleep, so he had to take out the branches in the moonlit night to vent his breath. And Lian Pian, who was busy proposing a marriage recently, also tossed and couldn’t sleep, so the master and servant sat under the moonlight and talked about their concerns.

At school the next day, Sang Qi learned that Yan Yan was injured by Song Luotian’s horse. Lian Pian on the side was very excited when he heard this, and pushed Sang Qi aside to ask the person who sent the news about the details. Just as he was talking, Song Luotian came. Sang Qi hurriedly approached him and asked him about his crimes. Who knew that the other party was not at all guilty, and said that he could not understand Yan Yan in the Imperial College for a long time. Sang Qi was so angry that he was about to attack Song Luotian, but fortunately, Zhuo Wenyuan stopped him in time. Unexpectedly, Lian Pian didn’t know where to find the rotten cabbage leaves, and slammed it towards Song Luotian.

But the fact is not what Sangqiji thought. Song Luotian ran into Yan Yan on the street that day, and stepped forward to tease him about getting married. Unexpectedly, Song Luotian’s horse was suddenly disturbed and hurt Yan Yan. Song Luotian also knew he had made a mistake, but faced with the questioning of Sang Qi, he could only say that he did it deliberately. Knowing that his son had hurt Yan Yan, Song Taifu was not only not irritated, but also praised him enthusiastically. The Song Taifu wanted to attack the Yan family. Hearing that the Yan family was looking for a marriage partner for Yan Yan recently, Song Taifu decided to stop Hu.

Dr. Feng proposed to test everyone’s homework, but Sang Qi has been practicing on the mountain during this period, so there is no time to review his homework, and I can’t help but feel a headache. Seeing Yan Yunzhi’s coming, Sang Qi came forward to ask for advice, full of joy. Unexpectedly, Zhuo Wenyuan suddenly rushed out halfway and took Sang Qi away. After school, Yan Yunzhi was waiting at the door, but Sang Qi was led by Zhuo Wenyuan again. Yan Yunzhi was upset, accidentally tripped on the carriage and almost fell over.

On this day, Sang Qi was reviewing his homework in the yard, but the sound of firecrackers was heard from nowhere, which really shocked Sang Qi. Lian Pian hurried over and told her that Yan Yan had taken someone to Song’s house. Sang Qi was worried that Yan Yan was making trouble, so he hurried to Song Mansion with Lian Pian. As soon as Sang Qi entered the door, he pointed at Yan Yan’s nose and scolded him, telling him not to act impulsively. Yan Yan couldn’t laugh or cry, saying that he was indeed here as a gift. Opening the box, it was really full of gifts and dolls that the two of them had played with when they were children. Song Luotian was full of emotion and invited Yan Yan to the table.

The wedding banquet was about to begin, and Yan Yunzhi was late and sat right beside Sang Qi. Yan Yunzhi smoothly washed the tableware for Sang Qi, alive a pair of lovers who had been in love for a long time. After drinking and eating, Yan Yunzhi quietly left the banquet. Sang Qi hurriedly followed, but she fell down accidentally. Jia Ding hurried over when he heard the movement, Yan Yunzhi hurriedly embraced Sang Qi and hid in the dark.

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