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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 11 Recap

Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi were practicing their swords on the mountain at ease, but a masked man in black flashed up from somewhere, stabbing them straight with a sword. Yan Yunzhi’s eyes were quick, and he blocked Sang Qi behind him and flew to fight the man in black. But Yan Yunzhi accidentally discovered that the man in black was actually his second uncle, Yan Hexing. Yan Hexing took advantage of his unpreparedness to knock him back with a palm. Upon seeing this, Sang Qi hurriedly carried Yan Yun’s escape from Yaoyao, and hid in a small crack in the stone. Of course, Yan Hexing knew exactly where they were hiding, but for the happiness of his nephew, he pretended to be stupid and walked straight away. Only two people stood facing each other in the narrow gap, and each other’s breathing was very clear, and they could even vaguely feel each other’s body temperature. The two were a little embarrassed, and Sang Qi had to slowly move his body out of the gap first.

Yan Hexing in black returned to the hut to fight Yan Yan. Seeing this, Lian Pian wanted to step forward to help, but was tripped to the ground by a stone. Yan Yan quickly leaned over to stand in front of Lian Pian, letting Yan Hexing punch and kick him and didn’t want to let go. Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi rushed back in time. Yan Hexing took off his veil while Sang Qi pulled out the sword, saying that he just wanted to test their learning achievements. When Sang Qi heard this, he guessed that Yan Yun knew that the man in black was Yan Hexing pretending to be. Yan Yunzhi did not answer directly to him from left to right. Who knows that Yan Hexing has no vision to expose Yan Yunzhi, bluntly saying that he recognized himself when he fought against him.

Tian Jia came to an end in a blink of an eye, and Sang Qi had to bid farewell to Yan Hexing and descend down the mountain. Yan Yan felt that after this trip to Lingwu Peak, there will be new changes after school starts. Yan Yan, who has always been stunned, finally said the right thing. After Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi got together for a few days, their relationship gradually warmed up, but neither of them took the initiative to pierce this layer of window paper.

Sang Gong prepared a table of delicacies for his baby girl, and took this opportunity to test her kung fu. Fortunately, Sang Qi’s kung fu has improved, and he was able to catch his father’s move. However, Sang Gong thought about it, this time Sang Qi went to the mountain to learn Kungfu not alone, and there were several unmarried men. Sang Gong gave Sang Qi a death order, and he couldn’t step out of the house before school started. Sangqi responded again and again, and the food in his mouth was endless.

Su Jieyu invited everyone to celebrate his birthday, but Yan Yunzhi didn’t want to add misunderstanding, so he refused the invitation. But when he learned that Sang Qi, who was banned after going down the mountain, would also be there, he couldn’t ask for it, and decisively agreed to keep the appointment. Because he was preparing for Su Jieyu’s birthday gift, Sang Qi was finally able to go out and breathe, and he was extremely happy. But unexpectedly, I ran into Yan Yan on the street. Seeing that Lian Pian was also there, he squeezed Sang Qi aside. Sang Qi was annoyed and forced the two of them apart with an implement in his hand.

Seeing that Yan Yan and Lian Pian are as inseparable as double lotus, Sang Qi is very helpless. I happened to see a cloth shop and went into the shop alone to select it. Unexpectedly, I ran into an enemy Song Jiayin here, and when the two met, they fought tit-for-tat and quarreled endlessly. Song Jiayin proudly took out a piece of ink cake, confident that this was Su Jieyu’s favorite birthday gift. After listening to Song Jiayin’s words, Sang Qi thought over and over again, and decided to go to Su Jieyu to explain clearly.

Although she had known Su Jieyu for a short time, Sang Qi knew that she was sincere to herself and would not conceal her own thoughts, so she compared her heart to her heart, and she did not want to conceal her thoughts from Su Jieyu. During this period of time, Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi had been together on the mountain for a long time, and she suddenly realized that her feelings for him were a little different. Yan Yunzhi is like the afternoon wind outside the Great Wall, which blows very coolly on people; like roasted lamb simmered with wood fire, it smells warm; and like horse milk wine in a wine pouch, it tastes drunk. Su Jieyu was very happy that Sang Qi was able to say this to herself. She also knew that Sang Qi hadn’t clarified her thoughts about this relationship, so she reminded her that she might find the answer at her birthday banquet.

Su Jieyu’s birthday banquet was attended by many family princes and young ladies, and everyone was very curious about Yan Yunzhi’s gifts. The piano presented by Yan Yunzhi looks ordinary, but it is said that it was made by a famous craftsman. It has a history of a hundred years and can be called a rare treasure. It is said that the Yan family spent a lot of money to buy it. Several good ladies suggested that Su Jieyu should play a piece of Fengqiuhuang, which made Sang Qi very sad and quietly left the banquet. Seeing Sang Qi frustrated, Yan Yunzhi refused the invitation of the Su Jie language ensemble and hurried to catch up with Sang Qi. Sang Qi was overjoyed when he learned the truth afterwards.

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