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The Justice 光芒 Episode 30 Recap

Huang Ruhong promised to wait for Cheng Yizhi in the study until noon tomorrow. Cheng Yizhi held his mother’s ashes and squatted on the ground, crying. Cheng Yizhi was desperate and fell into a desperate situation. He wanted to die and drove directly into the stone pillar. He was seriously injured and fainted on the spot.

Wu Lizi announced the bankruptcy of Libang Bank to shareholders. She apologized to them on behalf of Cheng Yizhi. Wu Lizi admitted that what the newspaper said was basically true, but Cheng Yizhi was coerced by Zheng Shanfeng. Liao Lan confessed to everyone that it was their family that hurt everyone and was willing to be a bully to repay everyone. Shopkeeper Lin and Director Zhao stated on the spot that they did not need compensation.

Zhou Wenqun finally developed an anti-tuberculosis drug. He immediately reported his good news to shareholders. Then everyone received news of Cheng Yizhi’s car accident, and they rushed to the hospital together. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue, Cheng Yizhi finally recovered. He was seriously injured, but his consciousness was still very clear. Wu Lizi reported to him that Zhou Wenqun had developed an anti-tuberculosis drug.

Cheng Yizhi wanted to see Huang Ruhong before twelve o’clock in order to keep Libang from dying. Wu Lizi guessed that Huang Ruhong let him go back. Lei Zi heard that Huang Ruhong had prepared half a million cash and wanted to save Cheng Yizhi and Libang Bank. Lei Zi vowed to put Cheng Yizhi to death. Wu Lizi was unwilling to admit defeat. She asked Charlie to prepare a start-up capital of 60,000 yuan. Charlie immediately found one hundred thousand cash. Wu Lizi called on all employees to seize the last chance today and be sure to keep the bank.

Libang Bank exclusively issues Wenken Pharmaceutical Factory bonds. Anyone who has a deposit of more than two hundred yuan in Libang Bank can be exchanged for bonds, and there is no upper limit, and depositors buy them one after another. The retail investors of Zhenzhen tung oil bond stood up to protest. Wu Lizi promised that anyone with a bond of 300 yuan could exchange the bond for Wendog Pharmaceutical in the same amount. The retail investors cheered and queued to exchange for the Wendog bond. Zhenzhen Tung Oil Bonds and Wen Dog Bonds are bullish all the way, and the doors of Libang Bank are almost smashed by buyers.

Through the unremitting efforts of Wu Lizi and the employees, the crisis of Rebond Bank was successfully resolved. Wu Lizi encouraged everyone to work together and continue to work hard. Liao Lan and Gao Dayong stayed in front of Cheng Yizhi’s bed. Gao Dayong was worried that Liao Lan’s body would not be able to bear it, so she asked her to go back to rest first. The nurse came to inform Gao Dayong, the patrol room called him, Gao Dayong learned that Gao Xiaocong had been arrested, and hurriedly called Libang Bank to ask Wu Lizi to send someone to the hospital to take care of Cheng Yizhi. The nurse just wanted to harm Cheng Yizhi, thanks to Xu Shu and Secretary Guan coming to stop it in time.

Cheng Yizhi dreamed in a daze that his mother beat him every day and forced him to go out and beg along the street. Cheng Yizhi couldn’t bear it and had to run away from home. Fortunately, he was taken in by the boss. Cheng Yizhi woke up in a daze and learned from Wu Lizi that Xu Shu had come. Cheng Yizhi was very guilty, and Wu Lizi kindly persuaded him. Cheng Yizhi immediately decided to hand over Libang Bank to Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi politely declined. She admitted to investigating Yizhi’s life experience and understood what he did. Knowing Libang Bank was Cheng Yizhi’s ideal, she persuaded him not to give up.

Huang Ruhong has been following Cheng Yizhi’s news, he did not eat or drink for a day. Wu Lizi asked the doctor about Cheng Yizhi’s injury and learned that his leg nerves were damaged and might not stick again. Cheng Yizhi hid aside and heard clearly. The court sent a subpoena to Cheng Yizhi. He was suspected of covering up Zheng Shanfeng to rape and murder a young girl. Wu Lizi hurried to ask lawyer Jiang for help. Lawyer Jiang clearly stated that this subpoena had no legal effect on Cheng Yizhi in the French Concession. The only evidence was the cheque. As long as the lawyer confirms that Zheng Shanfeng stole the cheque, Cheng Yizhi is innocent.

It turned out that Lei Zi was playing a ghost behind his back. He wanted to bring down the Libang Bank first and then kill Cheng Yizhi without telling Huang Ruhong, but all ended in failure, and he gritted his teeth with anger. Cheng Yizhi wanted to stand up as soon as possible, but fell to the ground. Wu Lizi persuaded him to accept the help and care of others and promised to never leave him.

Cheng Yizhi soon recovered from his injury and was discharged from the hospital. Liao Lan, Zhou Wenqu and Gao Dayong came to congratulate him. The patrol suddenly came to arrest Cheng Yizhi. Zheng Shanfeng accused Cheng Yizhi of giving him a check to cover him in rape and murder of the girl. The doctor had to provide a certificate to protect Cheng Yizhi and Cheng Yizhi was willing to attend the trial. On the day of the trial, Wu Lizi pushed Cheng Yizhi to appear in court in a wheelchair. Cheng Yizhi admitted that he was coerced by Zheng Shanfeng and had to give Zheng Shanfeng a 10,000 yuan cheque. Cheng Yizhi did not want to return to the hellish past, let alone hurt Rebong Bank. Zheng Shanfeng insisted. When Cheng Yizhi was abused by his mother since he was a child, he asked him for help. He truthfully told Cheng Yizhi that he had raped and killed two young girls, and Cheng Yizhi gave him a check to let him run away.

Cheng Yizhi gritted his teeth with anger, he struggled to get up from his wheelchair and question Zheng Shanfeng. The time and place where Wu Lizi showed Zheng Shanfeng to exchange the cheque in time was before Zheng Shanfeng committed the crime, so it was confirmed that Cheng Yizhi did not cover Zheng Shanfeng, and the judge declared Cheng Yizhi not guilty in court.

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