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The Justice 光芒 Episode 29 Recap

Dai Ailing asked Cheng Yizhi to tell her family clearly, and Cheng Yizhi fully agreed. When Wu Lizi saw the news of Dai Ailing’s engagement, her heart was mixed.

Cheng Yizhi signed a land transfer agreement with Song treasurer of Tongtai Bank. He came to Xu Shu as soon as possible. Xu Shu took out the memorandum sent by Lei Zi to sign the contract between Cheng Yizhi and Manager Liang. Xu Shu was very annoyed. Raising money for Zhou Wenqun turned out to betray him and asked him to design the building for Sanxin Bank. Cheng Yizhi repeatedly explained that this was a helpless move, and that Libang Bank had already compensated 20,000 yuan in liquidated damages. Xu Shu complained that he should not conceal this matter. Cheng Yizhi did not want to embarrass him, but also wanted to protect his simplicity. Xu Shu did not need this. protect.

Cheng Yizhi understood the hardships of life since he was a child. After he grew up, he slowly saw through the darkness of society and the ugliness of human nature. He knew that Xu Shu grew up in a worry-free environment with a pure and clean personality. Cheng Yizhi did not want him to be polluted. Xu Shu didn’t buy it at all. He grew up under the protection of his father. He didn’t want to live this empty and ignorant life. He was angry to leave Cheng Yizhi and realize his ideals independently from now on. Xu Shu thanked him for his continuous support and cooperation. Helped, donated all his shares to Rebond Bank, and rejected the land of Tongtai Bank.

Libang Bank launched the 140,000 yuan Zhenzhen Tung Oil Factory factory bond. The people enthusiastically subscribed for it and sold out soon. Wu Lizi confessed her joy to Cheng Yizhi, and Cheng Yizhi asked her to go through the formalities with Xu Shu as soon as possible. Liao Qing was pregnant with Gao Dayong’s child. She took the initiative to meet Huang Ruhong and asked him to keep the water in the water. She also persuaded Huang Ruhong and Lu Zhuer to have a baby as soon as possible.

Xu Shu convened the board of directors and announced Xu Shu’s withdrawal from Libang Bank. Director Zhao hurriedly changed the subject and asked about the wedding date of Cheng Yizhi and Dai Ailing. Cheng Yizhi found an excuse to cover up the past. Wu Lizi asked Cheng Yizhi for leave and was going to Changsha to accompany Liao Lan to give birth. Dai Ailing took Cheng Yizhi home, and the two sisters urged the marriage together. Dai Ailing repeatedly explained that the news in the newspaper was nothing but futility, and Cheng Yizhi stood up to help Dai Ailing. Dai Ailing has received an invitation letter from a foreign university. She thanked Cheng Yizhi for her cooperation and help, and Cheng Yizhi congratulated her on getting her wish.

Wu Lizi rushed back from Changsha to report to Cheng Yizhi. Gao Dayong promised to buy four new oil presses with the money raised by the bonds. However, Wu Lizi found in the factory that he had bought not the latest ones. She was worried that this matter would affect the interests of creditors and would also hurt her encouragement. State Bank. Dai Ailing stood by and heard clearly. Cheng Yizhi decided to send an accountant to the tung oil factory to check the accounts. He hurriedly bid farewell to Dai Ailing and left with Wu Lizi.

Cheng Yizhi found out that Gao Dayong’s son Gao Xiaocong had borrowed a large amount of gambling debts and came directly to Gao Dayong for accountability. Gao Dayong brought Cheng Yizhi to the club and found that Lei Zi was also there. Cheng Yizhi learned that Lei Zi took Gao Xiaocong to gamble, which caused Gao Xiaocong to owe more than 80,000 gambling debts. Lei Zi also introduced Gao Xiaocong to know two dandies, Cheng Yizhi I know that Lei Zi is coming for him and Libang Bank.

Cheng Yizhi immediately approached Charlie to discuss countermeasures. Charlie suggested that false news should be released to confuse the audience. He said that the two dudes borrowed gambling debts under the guise of Gao Xiaocong. . Cheng Yizhi had to call factory manager Zhao and shopkeeper Lin for help. They quickly took out the cash. Unexpectedly, the depositors of Libang Bank’s fixed deposit also came to withdraw in advance. Wu Lizi asked the finance office to put the money box on the counter with real money on it. , Put all white paper below to stabilize people’s hearts.

In just one day, Rebond Bank cashed out more than 30,000 yuan of real tung oil bonds and cashed out more than 20,000 yuan in savings. Rebond Bank’s shareholders generously donated to help Cheng Yizhi out of trouble, but there are more than 230 people in the bank. Stay outside. Wu Lizi predicted that there will be another 60,000 yuan of real bonds to be cashed tomorrow, and there will be 250,000 yuan in savings, and a cash gap of 220,000 yuan. Cheng Yizhi decided to borrow money tomorrow and let Wu Lizi stay in the bank.

Cheng Yizhi came to General Manager Chen for help early in the morning, and General Manager Chen promised to allocate 100,000 to him for emergency. Libang Bank opened its doors for business, and depositors and retail investors blocked the hall. Wu Lizi personally came forward to persuade everyone, but the scene was chaotic. General Manager Chen led Cheng Yizhi to participate in the board of directors of Shanghai Bank. Shareholders unanimously asked Cheng Yizhi to get rid of the trouble of Zhenzhen Tung Oil Factory. Cheng Yizhi could not save him. General Manager Chen asked Cheng Yizhi to go to the office and wait for the news, and they would discuss it later. Decide.

There are still three hours to close. There is not much left on the books of Libang Bank. The financial director suggested that it close the door early. Wu Lizi is worried that it will cause more riots, but she doesn’t know what to do, so she can only wait for Cheng Yizhi’s news. After the shareholders discussed and decided to input 300,000 yuan of financial support to Libang Bank, in the event of an unexpected situation, Shanghai Bank is willing to acquire Libang Bank and accept all the debts and bonds of Libang Bank. Cheng Yizhi is grateful to General Manager Chen. Exhausted.

Cheng Yizhi rushed back to the bank immediately and sent everyone to prepare separately. Unexpectedly, the newspaper exposed Cheng Yizhi’s life and the fact that he used a cheque to cover the murderer Zheng Shanfeng. This incident caused an uproar. General Manager Chen was held accountable by the shareholders, and Dai Ailing saw the news in the newspaper, and she was immediately dumbfounded.

General Manager Chen called Cheng Yizhi to inform that Dai Ailing would suspend contact with him and go to study abroad on the same day. Shang Hai Bank no longer added 300,000 additional funds, and also cancelled the M&A plan. Immediately afterwards, the Association of Banks and the Banking and Money Association also removed Cheng Yizhi and Libang Bank.

Huang Ruhong came to the door of Libang Bank and saw depositors and retail investors crowded at the door. He left silently by car. Finance took out the last cash, Cheng Yizhi asked Wu Lizi to issue a notice to hold a bankruptcy liquidation meeting of Rebond Bank tonight. Jin Yishan sent his son to find Cheng Yizhi, and Cheng Yizhi rushed to the hospital immediately. Jin Yishan understood his painful being dug out and was willing to give all the money to help Cheng Yizhi.

Wu Lizi announced the bankruptcy of Rebond Bank to everyone and promised to compensate everyone accordingly. The employees did not believe that the bank would collapse and they did not want to leave. Huang Ruhong deliberately waited for Cheng Yizhi at the entrance of the hospital. He exposed that Cheng Yizhi did not send his mother off. It was only seven days after his mother died that his stinky was discovered by neighbors. Huang Ruhong wanted to return his mother’s ashes to Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi actually took him to his mother’s cloak, Huang Ruhong. Exposing Cheng Yizhi’s hypocrisy, he personally returned the ashes to Cheng Yizhi, persuaded Cheng Yizhi to come back to help him, and promised Paul Libang Bank not to fail.

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