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The Justice 光芒 Episode 28 Recap

Shimazaki came to find Xiaoling, Cheng Yizhi hurriedly found an excuse to leave. Shimazaki learned that Xiaoling’s tailoring shop had a bleak business, and even the apprentices were fired. He promised to help Xiaoling introduce customers, took her hand and left, directly When he came to the place where Xiaoling Dang gave him a suit, Shimazaki asked Xiaoling Dang to marry him on the spot, and Xiaoling Dang readily agreed.

Since Feng Youru did not help, Huang Ruhong failed to run for the president of the Chamber of Commerce. Feng Youru was ordered by the Secretary-General of the Nationalist Government Han to deal with the economic crisis caused by the US Silver Act. He directly approached Huang Ruhong to discuss countermeasures. Huang Ruhong promised to help.

Cheng Yizhi and Xu Shu made an appointment to play tennis together. Cheng Yizhi came to the training ground alone this time. Xu Shu came afterwards, mistakenly thinking that Cheng Yizhi was evading him because of Wu Lizi’s question. Cheng Yizhi felt that the two of them were very suitable. Today is the wedding day for Shimazaki Tadashi and Xiaoling Dang. They had a simple wedding. Only Wu Lizi and Cheng Yizhi came to congratulate him. Xiaoling was still very nervous. Wu Lizi encouraged her and cheered for her. Cheng Yizhi was a witness for them. Shimazaki Tada tightly took the hand of Little Bell, expressing his affection to her, willing to accompany her to face the next misunderstandings and difficulties, the two put on each other’s rings, Wu Lizi and Cheng Yizhi witnessed their happy life together Start.

Wu Lizi plucked up the courage to confess to Cheng Yizhi, apologized to him for the past, and wanted to start again with him. Cheng Yizhi did not want to go back to the past, and she did not want to destroy the relationship between her and Xu Shu. Wu Lizi made it clear that she had declined Xu Shu long ago. The person she really likes is Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi doesn’t want to listen to her long-winded, so she turns around in anger and wants to leave. Wu Lizi begged Cheng Yizhi to give her another chance. Cheng Yizhi condemned Wu Lizi for being too selfish. She got married on a whim and clamored for a divorce when she was heartache. She completely ignored the pain left in his heart and let Xu Shu down. Cheng Yizhi vented the resentment in her heart for her dedication, and then walked away.

Cheng Yizhi hurried to see Dai Ailing. Dai Ailing saw that he had something on his mind. Cheng Yizhi took the excuse to attend the wedding ceremony of a pair of old friends and was touched. Dai Ailing took him for a walk, wondering why he and Wu Lizi divorced. Cheng Yizhi explained how they treated their feelings. With different attitudes, Dai Ailing did not ask much.

Wu Lizi was ruthlessly rejected by Cheng Yizhi. She was very sad. The assistant found out that Cheng Yizhi’s cheque to Zheng Shanfeng had been cashed in Shanghai four days ago. Wu Lizi sent someone to Fengyue to investigate the whereabouts of Zheng Shanfeng, and then asked Charlie to find two tight-lipped thugs. Wu Lizi followed Zheng Shanfeng back to her temporary residence. She was about to leave when Zheng Shanfeng suddenly rushed out to hold her back. Wu Lizi was not afraid of danger and dealt with Zheng Shanfeng.

Zheng Shanfeng threatened to ask Cheng Yizhi for money. Wu Lizi threatened to intimidate him. He didn’t fear, and pinched Wu Lizi, trying to rape her. Thanks to Charlie, he brought people to come in time and drove Zheng Shanfeng to Nanyang. Wu Lizi woke up in a daze, only to find that Charlie had rescued her. She was scared and asked Charlie to send her home.

Due to the influence of the US Silver Act, the government ordered General Manager Chen to join several banks to sort out public debt. This action caused an uproar. Depositors broke into the bank and made trouble. General Manager Chen was embarrassed on all sides. Soon after the wedding, Xiao Ling Ding became pregnant. She told Wu Lizi the good news for the first time. Wu Lizi was happy for her. Xiao Ling was concerned about her relationship with Cheng Yizhi. Wu Lizi had to admit that Cheng Yizhi and Dai Ailing were dating, and Xiao Ling had to give up. .

Cheng Yizhi wanted to buy the land for Xu Shugai’s apartment, but the land was in the hands of Manager Wang of Jinlin Rubber. Wu Lizi came to negotiate with Manager Wang and explained the current tense economic situation to him. To Libang Bank, Wu Lizi returned to Cheng Yizhi and told him that Xiaoling was pregnant. Wu Lizi persuaded Cheng Yizhi to cherish Dai Ailing’s feelings, promised never to disturb him again, and wished them happiness.

Dai Ailing hurried to find Cheng Yizhi, but Wu Lizi hurried away. Dai Ailing took out a newspaper, and the headline published the news of their engagement. Dai Ailing didn’t know how to deal with these rumors.

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