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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 39 Recap

Ning Meng couldn’t remember too much, and it was difficult to find out the truth based on the fragmentary clues available, so he proposed to go to the old house, which might be inspired by it. The two brothers and sisters searched for the old things in the old house and found the graduation memorial book of his father when he was in college. Sheng Zhening accidentally saw the photo of Mr. Ni and Qin Hebo, which made him suddenly realize.

Coincidentally, at this time, someone broke the news on the Internet that Qin Hebo was doing those dark things at Changsheng Hotel, even doing whatever he could for money. An’an Qin Hebo resigned during the price war between Langyue and Changsheng, for some unknown reason, and Qin Hebo questioned Mr. Xue. But Mr. Xue was extremely dissatisfied with Qin Hebo’s help to Changsheng through the Greenland Fund, and wanted to warn him in this way. Emily, who was once Qin Hebo’s assistant, was worried about this.

Because Qin Hebo’s behavior completely angered Mr. Xue and others, he was blocked by the entire hotel industry, and no one was willing to hire him. Fu Shuangshuang knows that Qin Hebo likes hotel management very much. If he leaves the industry, he will be useless. However, Qin Hebo said that he is very practical now. After all, these are all mistakes he has made before, and he is willing to accept whatever punishment he faces.

Sheng Zhening noticed that Qin Hebo was helping Changsheng in private. In order to confirm the speculation, he personally visited Mr. Ni of the Greenland Fund to find out if he knew Qin Hebo. President Ni pretends to know him but is not familiar with him. An An is sure that he is lying, because the Greenland Fund and Changsheng Hotel had been cooperating for half a year, during which Qin Hebo had a full connection.

That night, Sheng Zhening took the initiative to meet Qin Hebo at the bar. He knew that the Greenland Fund’s investment was Qin Hebo’s savings, but now Changsheng could not repay the money in the short term, so he planned to convert it into shares. Taking into account the news about Qin Hebo on the Internet, Sheng Zhening worried that he would continue to be targeted, but Qin Hebo pretended to be relaxed.

As Sheng Zhening was busy with Changsheng’s affairs all day, his body gradually became overwhelmed. Xia Qian personally prepared chicken soup and delivered it. While he was cleaning his desk during a meeting, he suddenly found a photo of Sheng’s brothers and sisters with Qin Hebo. According to An An, Sheng Zhening has always been paying attention to Qin Hebo’s movements and is very concerned about him, including Qin Hebo who is also secretly helping Changsheng. It is really unpredictable for these two people.

Ning Meng asked He Zhijun to hypnotize herself, and in this way recalled the details of the car accident that night and restored the truth. Originally, He Zhijun did not advise Ning Meng to use hypnosis. After all, it was very likely to aggravate the pain, but he couldn’t refuse Ning Meng’s request, so he had to stay by the side to give her a sense of security. With the help of He Zhijun, Ning Meng finally saw the appearance of the person arguing with his father at the beginning, and that person was Xue Qingyun, the boss of Lihe Capital.

Xia Qian found both parties to discuss, to repair the relationship between these good friends, and find an opportunity for them to meet unexpectedly. Before long, Xia Qian and Fu Shuangshuang had a dinner, each with their boyfriends to meet. Although the atmosphere was a little embarrassing, Sheng Zhening still remembered Qin Hebo’s allergy to mangoes. Xia Qian found an excuse to go to the bathroom and called Fu Shuangshuang by the way, leaving the two men alone. Sheng Zhening asked Qinhebo about Lihe Capital. Qin Hebo said that he had sent someone to collect information and would immediately notify him as long as there is news.

Because the shareholders of Changsheng are pressing hard every step, Sheng Zhening intends to go to Jiangcheng to find Huayu Capital for financing, but he does not know that Mr. Xue has greeted Mr. Yuan of Huayu Capital in advance, and it is impossible for him to get the money. Mr. Yuan looked for various excuses and even deliberately drunk Sheng Zhening to prevent him from attending tomorrow’s general meeting of shareholders. The next morning, the general meeting of shareholders was held, but Sheng Zhening did not appear for a long time and regarded him as an automatic abstention. Seeing that An An could not contact Sheng Zhening, Xia Qian asked Ning Meng to delay the time as a shareholder. She taught Ning Meng how to deal with the group of old fritters in the headset.

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