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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 28 Recap

Zhou Shengchen is going to Xi’an next month. It is time to let him go out to rent a house. Zhou Shengchen wants to buy a house. Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival and grandmother’s 90th birthday. Guests in the old house of Zhou’s house are full of guests, lights and colorful, and also invites theatrical troupe to sing a big show. It is time to accompany grandma to Zhou’s old house. I’m going back to Germany, I want to have a good chat with my grandmother before I leave. Zhou Shengchen should go to entertain guests when he accompanies her. Jiaren Tong accompanies her grandmother to the theater. Grandma asks about Zhou Wenxing casually. Jiaren Tong lied that Zhou Wenxing was recuperating after surgery, and grandma was embarrassed.

Zhou Wenchuan wanted to see his grandmother before surrendering. He was worried that his grandmother would not be there after he was released from prison. Qin Wan agreed to see him. Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi came to accompany grandma to the theater. Jiaren Tong took the opportunity to leave. She walked through the stage with thunderous applause, but her heart was extremely lonely and desolate.

Qin Wan brought Zhou Wenchuan to see her grandmother and told him not to talk nonsense. At the same time, Du Feng and his colleagues came to Zhou’s old house to look for Mei Xing in casual clothes, and they waited for Zhou Wenchuan to come forward. When Zhou Wenchuan came to the box, Shi Yi hurriedly escaped. Zhou Shengchen took the fruit knife on the table and hijacked Shi Yi, forcing Zhou Shengchen to return all the family property to him. Qin Wan advised Zhou Wenchuan not to be reckless. Zhou Shengren took her grandma out first. The gongs and drums on the stage sang lively, no one noticed what happened in the box on the second floor.

Zhou Shengren lied that Zhou Wenxing was back and persuaded his grandmother to leave. Zhou Wenxing forced Father Mei to tie up Zhou Shengchen. Father Mei was forced to do so. Zhou Wenchuan sent Father Mei out and locked the door. Zhou Wenchuan called Zhou Shengchen to his side and kicked him to the ground. , Zhou Wenchuan refused to give up and forced Zhou Shengchen to get close to him again, and Zhou Shengchen took advantage of his precautions to push Zhou Wenchuan to the ground.

In fact, Father Mei tied a live button to Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen broke free and fought Zhou Wenchuan. Zhou Wenchuan picked up a vase and slammed it on his head. Zhou Shengchen was stunned. Zhou Wenchuan continued to punch and kick Zhou Shengchen. In the end, he picked up the fruit knife to assassinate Zhou Shengchen, Shi Yifen rushed to stop him, she and Zhou Wenchuan crashed into the railing from the second floor, and the audience in the audience were shocked.

Zhou Wenchuan’s injuries were too serious, and the treatment failed. Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi remained unconscious. Qin Wan stayed outside the ward alone. Zhou Shengxing rushed over. Qin Wan threw himself into his arms and cried. It was all gone, Zhou Shengxing was also in distress, and the two of them cried in their arms.

Zhou Shengchen woke up in a daze, saw Uncle Lin by his side, and couldn’t wait to ask him about Shiyi’s situation. Knowing that Shiyi was not awake yet, Zhou Shengchen stood up and limped to see Shiyi in the ward, seeing Shiyi pale. Zhou Shengchen’s face was so sad that he couldn’t make a sound. He learned from the pain and decided to go to the ancestral hall overnight to pray for blessings. Lin Shu silently accompanied him.

Zhou Shengchen clearly remembered that when he was a child, Uncle Lin brought him to the ancestral hall and asked him to kowtow to the ancestors and ancestors. Zhou Shengchen flatly refused. From that day on, Zhou Shengchen had never kneeled down in the ancestral hall. Kneeling down to the ancestors and ancestors, begging them to be safe and secure, and Uncle Lin was also moved.

Shiyi’s parents and uncle came to the hospital together. As soon as they met, his uncle scolded Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen couldn’t argue with each other. They wanted to take Shiyi to Shanghai for treatment. Zhou Shengchen had no choice but to go to Shiyi for transfer procedures. Zhou Shengchen watched Shiyi being pulled away by the ambulance. His heart was twisted. Uncle Lin was kind to him and promised to accompany him to visit Shanghai after he recovered.

Zhou Shengchen went home to pack his luggage, and also found a driving agent. He was going to Shanghai to accompany the time. Zhou Shengchen came to Shiyi’s home, thinking of the wonderful past he and Shiyi had spent here, with mixed feelings in his heart. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, and Zhou Shengchen struggled to get up to open the door. Yanyan came to give Shiyi a pet crab because she would not take care of the two dead.

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