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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 26 Recap

Zhou Shengchen asked Mei Xing for help and successfully resolved the dispute between the laboratory next door and the client. The students thanked Zhou Shengchen for his help. Not only did he add dishes, but also specially served afternoon tea. Zhou Shengchen sent He Shan and Du to the laboratory in Xi’an in advance. He then rushed over. He Shan and Du Yu were worried that Zhou Shengchen and Shiyi’s separation would affect their relationship. Zhou Shengchen believed that they were more in love than Jin.

Shi Yi’s interview at the backstage of the awards ceremony was shown on TV. Shi Yi was generous and beautiful. Colleagues and students watched it. At this moment, Shi Yi suddenly came to the research institute to look for Zhou Shengchen. Her father invited an astrophysicist to give lectures to the students, but the other party couldn’t come if something happened temporarily, so Shi Yi asked Zhou Shengchen to fill the seat, and Zhou Shengchen fully agreed.

Zhou Shengchen returned to the laboratory to get the materials. It is time to accompany him to give lectures at the university. He repeatedly told Zhou Shengchen not to laugh too many times, so as not to fascinate the students. Shi Yi was walking on the campus and was quickly recognized by the students. Everyone gathered around for her to sign. Zhou Shengchen’s speech soon ended. He didn’t want Shi Yi to wait too long, so he didn’t reserve time for students to ask questions. The students couldn’t help making fun of his marriage, and Shi Yi came to the classroom door to signal to him.

Zhou Shengchen professed to be an ordinary person, publicly praised Shiyi for being excellent. If he did not marry Shiyi, he would regret it for a lifetime. The students were very envious and asked to hear their love stories. Zhou Shengchen promised to let the students ask questions related to today’s lecture. Some students were curious about his original intention of studying Venus. Zhou Shengchen talked freely and won warm applause from the students.

At the end of the speech, Shi Yi praised that Zhou Shengchen was particularly handsome today. When he kissed him in the public, Zhou Shengchen was embarrassed. Zhou Shengchen started handwriting wedding invitations as soon as he got home. He wanted to write 100 pieces a day, striving to complete the matter within a month. Shi Yi helped him pack his luggage. The two of them had to go back to Zhenjiang to attend grandma’s 90th birthday party. Live, while talking love words.

Shiyi took Zhou Shengchen back to his parents’ house for dinner, and stayed there that night. Shiyi took the crabs with him and asked his mother to take good care of them. It is the first time for Zhou Shengchen to live in his mother-in-law’s home. His mother might neglect him after busying her work, but Shiyi persuaded her mother not to be nervous. Zhou Shengchen went out for breakfast early in the morning. When he came back, he saw two retired old professors talking about the economy while playing chess. He participated in it and played a game of chess with his old man. Shi Yi waited for a long time without seeing Zhou Shengchen coming home, so he went out. He got it back.

Shiyi had social phobia when she was a child. She didn’t want to take the elevator, so she took Zhou Shengchen up the stairs. Zhou Shengchen was worried that time would be dangerous. Shi Yi revealed that she had taken the initiative to pursue a senior. Zhou Shengchen blushed because of jealousy. Shi Yi had to admit that she was joking and vowed to love Zhou Shengchen for the rest of her life.

Zhou Shengchen drove Shi Yi back to her hometown in Zhenjiang. They came to the printing and dyeing factory. Teacher Zhao revealed that this factory was timely and Shi Yi learned that Zhou Shengchen had transferred all the property left by her father to her. She was very moved. Later, Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi back to Zhou’s old house. Qin Wan was chatting with the elders. Zhou Shengchen asked Shiyi to go to rest first, and he stayed with everyone.

When Zhou Shengchen heard that her grandma was hiding at home and refused to come out, she took Shiyi to persuade her. Grandma recognized Shiyi and complained that she didn’t bring her three-year-old great-grandson. Zhou Shengchen lied that her child was doing homework at home and her grandmother urged her. They had a second child, Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi smiled at each other, repeatedly saying yes. Shiyi took the opportunity to persuade grandma to go to the old house for dinner, and grandma readily agreed.

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