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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 9 Recap

Early the next morning, Sang Qi’s room was empty. Yan Hexing thought that Sang Qi was nothing but that, but Yan Yunzhi was confident that Sang Qi would come back. At this time, Sang Qi had already returned to the house, and unexpectedly learned that Dad had a relationship with Yan Hexing. Seeing this, Lian Pian complained to He Sang, but was stopped by Sang Qi. Sang Qigu said to him that he lied about eating and drinking on the mountain, and he was very happy. Sanggong naturally knew that his baby girl was hard-mouthed, but he couldn’t bear to expose her.

Sang Qi didn’t want to go to Lingwu Peak again, but Yan Hexing had already shown her a hand. She also admired Yan Hexing, determined to learn some kung fu from Yan Hexing. But if Yan Hexing deliberately made things difficult for himself, Sang Qi was bound to let him return.

The night was dim, Sang Qi and Lian Pian walked towards Lingwu Peak with their luggage. The reason why he chose to act at night was because Sang Qi couldn’t hold his face to let his father know that he was not a teacher, and he had to go up the mountain to work as a handyman for others. But the quiet mountains and forests in the dead of night are really scary, and Lian Pian is too tired, and her footsteps gradually become heavier. When Sang Qi saw this, he decided to stay and rest, who knew he had encountered Zhuo Wenyuan here. Zhuo Wenyuan claimed that he was worried that Sang Qi would be in danger while rushing in the middle of the night, so he quietly followed all the way. But he himself knew that these were all high-sounding excuses, and he was most worried about Yan Yunzhi.

After rushing the mountain road all night, a few people finally arrived at the hut in Lingwu Peak. As soon as I opened the door, I saw Yan Yan crying and running, mumbling something. Seeing that Zhuo Wenyuan was also here, Yan Yan hugged him, as if grabbing a life-saving straw and refused to let go. Although Sang Qi claimed that he ate and drank well in the hut and had a very comfortable life, Zhuo Wenyuan still saw through all the lies.

Lingwu Peak was originally Yan Hexing’s reclusive place. It was an exception to attract Sang Qi and Yan Yan. Now there is another Zhuo Wenyuan, and Yan Yunzhi’s face is very unhappy. Sang Qi wanted to explain clearly, but he was suddenly called away by Lord Sang, leaving Yan Yunzhi and Zhuo Wenyuan with big eyes. The two seemed to be greeting each other, but there was a sharp blade hidden between them, which meant that they were facing each other. Even the whole body of the two of them was surrounded by murderous aura.

Seeing Sang Qi being called by Yan Hexing, Zhuo Wenyuan decided to stay on the mountain. Yan Hexing has never liked socializing, and is very angry at Zhuo Wenyuan’s uninvited self-will. But Zhuo Wenyuan knew about Yan Hexing’s temperament and preferences, so he took a jar of good wine to his liking and was able to stay in the mountain. Yan Yunzhi was very unhappy, so he pretended to remind Sang Qi that she worked so hard, fearing that she would spoil Yan Hexing and make him make requests more frequently in the future. Sang Qi also knew this truth, but he didn’t think of a good way. Yan Yunzhi quietly pointed out that Yan Hexing had two major hobbies in his life, one is fine wine, and the other is food, grasping these two points can easily control him.

Sang Qi took the initiative to ask Ying to prepare food for everyone, and Yan Yunzhi and Zhuo Wenyuan also hurriedly followed. Zhuo Wenyuan didn’t want Sang Qi to communicate with Yan Yun, so he pulled Sang Qi into the kitchen. Seeing Zhuo Wenyuan and Sang Qi talking and laughing in the kitchen, Yan Yunzhi couldn’t help but feel jealous. Seeing that the two men were rushing to help, Sang Qi unceremoniously summoned them. But the effect was not satisfactory, and the two big men even made the kitchen jumpy. Sang Qi almost jumped up with anger and called Lian Pian to drive the two out.

At the dinner table, Yan Hexing was full of praise for Sang Qi’s cooking, and he was very satisfied. Upon seeing this, Sang Qi asked to be relieved of his labor on the condition of cooking every day, but Yan Hexing did not expect that Yan Hexing readily agreed. What made Sang Qi even more happy was that Yan Hexing actually agreed to accept her as a disciple. Now that he had been apprentice, Sang Qi followed Yan Hexing to practice Kung Fu the next day. But Sang Qi always didn’t understand something, but Yan Yunzhi happened to be passing by, so she asked him for advice. Yan Yunzhi held Sangqi’s sword in his hand and taught her how to use the sword. The two were close to each other unconsciously, and could almost clearly feel each other’s temperature.

Zhuo Wenyuan found a cave in the mountain and couldn’t help thinking a lot. In the beginning, he and Sang Qi met in a cave. At that time, his family was in decline, and he felt he was a poor boy, and no one cared. But Sang Qi accompanied him and gave him full comfort. He looked at the cave and had an idea in his mind. He called Sang Qi, wanting to relive the beauty of childhood with her. Unexpectedly, the cave collapsed suddenly, Yan Yunzhi flashed out from nowhere, hugged Sang Qi, and fell into the cave all at once.

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