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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 8 Recap

There was a problem with the Southern Salt Road. The Xizhao organization’s goods could not get in, and the garrison had been staring at him. Qianjiu suspected that Concubine Zhuo hadn’t taken care of it. Recently, there have been more and more books to participate in Xizhao. Gradually, he noticed the sale of illegal salt by sea. Zhuo Wenyuan thought it was time to avoid the limelight. And he also contacted land to see if he could find some local merchants to reduce losses.

Yan Yunzhi wanted to find a light wine in the restaurant, but he didn’t expect to meet Zhuo Wenyuan here. Qianjiu took the opportunity to ask for a pipa and play a piece for everyone. While Qianjiu was not paying attention, Yan Yunzhi quietly took out a coin and threw it at Qianjiu. Martial arts practitioners can always sense potential dangers instantaneously, and thus respond instinctively. Qianjiu naturally noticed the abnormality, but restrained himself. The coin was like a gust of wind blowing through the hair of Shaojiu, who only slightly raised his hand to caress the fine hair, did not show any abnormality.

Zhuo Wenyuan knew that the person who had assassinated Sang Qi in ambush at the other hospital was arranged by Qianjiu. If the plan fails, she can still hide her identity, and Sangqi will trust her a little bit more. For Zhuo Wenyuan, Qianjiu can do anything, but only can not hurt Sangqi.

Yan Yan was indeed a man of great abilities, and within a few days he found a qualified person in white clothes. Gong Sang heard the conversation between Yan Yan and Sang Qi, and mistakenly thought that Sang Qi was tempted by an old man, and when he was chasing Yan Yan, he would teach him and blame him for ruining his precious daughter. When he heard that the old man was Sang Qi’s lifesaver, his face immediately eased, and he hurriedly praised Yan Yan as a good boy.

Sang Qi and Yan Yan hurriedly followed the map to the old man’s residence. But when he got outside, Sang Qi felt that things were strange. From Bianjing City to Lingwu Peak, the road markings on the map were clearly marked, and even the small house was very obvious, as if they were afraid they could not find it. How could a hidden master be so upright, Sang Qi really became more and more surprised as he thought about it. After asking, I found out that Yan Yan’s map was taken from Xiaoer, an unknown store in Qingfeng Building. Sang Qi realized that it was not easy, so he asked the family members to wait in place, and went in to check the situation by himself. Unexpectedly, I actually found an expert in white clothes here. What Sang Qi didn’t expect was that Yan Yunzhi was also here.

The man in white is Yan Yunzhi’s second uncle, Yan Hexing. Sang Qi was overjoyed, but regretted not having asked Yan Yunzhi sooner. As a result, Sang Qi more assured and boldly asked the master to accept himself as a disciple. Sang Qi was about to perform the worship ceremony, Yan Hexing stood up and stopped her arms that wanted to bow down, expressing that he did not want to change the current peaceful life. Sang Qi wanted to fool Yan Hexing, saying that there was nothing special about him, let alone revealing his whereabouts, so please rest assured to accept his disciples. Unexpectedly, Yan Hexing knew everything about her, and strictly rejected her.

In fact, as early as three days ago, Yan Yunzhi found Yan Hexing and wanted to persuade him to accept mulberry as his disciple. Yan Hexing said that he refused to accept any apprentices, and blamed Yan Yunzhi for spreading out his residence. This nephew had already had a Sang Yu that he could not forget before, and now there was another Sang Qi, Yan Hexing couldn’t help but sighed. Yan Yunzhi was also determined to let Yan Hexing teach Sangqi Kungfu. As for this apprentice, he still didn’t accept it, and he didn’t hinder him. Yan Hexing was very helpless, so he had to agree to his request, but he had to consider Sang Qi.

In order to test the sincerity of Sang Qi and Yan Yan, Yan Yunzhi asked the two to find Yan Hexing’s favorite wine in the bamboo forest. Unexpectedly, Yan Yan stepped on a trap in the forest and sprained his foot as soon as he walked out a few steps. In this way, Sang Qi had to leave Lian Pian to take care of Yan Yan, and followed Yan Yunzhi to the wine cellar. After arriving in the wine cellar, Yan Yunzhi stood in front of Sang Qi, but he didn’t expect that Yan He would be in the middle of his arms. The white feathers fell from the sky, like a wagging butterfly, falling around Yan Yunzhi. Yan Yunzhi was suddenly at a loss and closed his eyes tightly. Knowing that Yan Yunzhi had a fear of feathers, Sang Qi quickly jumped on his back, blindfolded him, and led him out of this place of right and wrong.

Yan Yunzhi rushed back to the hut, and before he could ask Master Yan Hexing to question his guilt, he was pulled into the room by the other party. Yan Hexing couldn’t help laughing at the thought of his nephew’s helplessness. However, he also promised to accept disciples, but only one person could be accepted as disciples. Yan Hexing gave Sang Qi and Yan Yan a question, and if anyone brought Yan Yunzhi’s shirt, he would accept him as a disciple. This shirt is a close-fitting garment. As a woman, Sangqi has made trouble for herself. However, seeing that Yan Yan was sure to win, Sang Qi’s desire to win or lose suddenly came to his heart, vowing to take down Yan Yunzhi’s shirt.

As night fell, a few people sat together to eat, but each had a ghost. Sang Qi deliberately wets Yan Yunzhi’s clothes and lets him take a bath and change clothes. After Yan Yunzhi took off his clothes, Sang Qi hurriedly searched for the middle clothes, but only saw one coat. Sang Qi closed his eyes and fumbled for the clothes in the room, but he was caught by Yan Yunzhi. What’s even more annoying is that the shirt was intercepted by Yan Yan midway.

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