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The Justice 光芒 Episode 27 Recap

Cheng Yizhi asked Wu Lizi to send someone to find out the profitability of the various merchants in Wonderland. He took Wu Lizi to the restaurant to find the owner of the big theater, and suggested that he open tomorrow. Wu Lizi is still helping, but the big theater is not finished yet. , Cheng Yizhi claimed to have found a copy of the latest movie, and promised to let Boss Yan premiere in the big theater. Wu Lizi also suggested that the lady is free, Boss Yan naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi went to each business owner separately, suggesting that everyone join forces to engage in big bargains for the opening of the business, let Rebond Bank help them out, and give them rent concessions. Boss Yang suspected that Cheng Yizhi was going to stand a lawsuit, so he was eager to make a bargain. Lei Zi asked him in advance and asked him to join the merchant and Cheng Yizhi to fight against him. Cheng Yizhi asked Boss Yang for his support and gave the merchants a stable investment environment. Boss Yang knew about Leizi. As a person, he promised to call on the business owners to support Cheng Yizhi.

Wu Lizi and Cheng Yizhi had been busy all night, and finally made an agreement with all the business owners. It was already bright, and both of them were exhausted. Wu Lizi wanted to sleep on Cheng Yizhi’s shoulder. Cheng Yizhi suddenly remembered something. He immediately drove to buy ribbons and balloons. The two squatted on the roadside to blow balloons. Cheng Yizhi tied the balloon to the car and brought Wu Lizi to Wonder Garden to attend the opening ceremony.

Today is the opening day of Wonder Garden. Customers are in an endless stream and everything is in order. Cheng Yizhi was very pleased to see the propaganda in the newspaper. Wu Lizi was hungry, so Cheng Yizhi took out a piece of candy to satisfy her hunger. Huang Ruhong sent someone to bury explosives in Libang Bank, hoping to wait for the detonation of the building tomorrow.

When Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi returned to Rebond Bank, they waited rigorously, but there was still a malicious run. Cheng Yizhi asked the employees to work separately for the large depositors who came to cash. Huang Ruhong and Lei Zi brought people to the station to meet Demi, the new consul of the French Concession. The students rushed to the station and strongly demanded that Huang Ruhong return to Wonder Garden. Lei Zi escorted Demi’s family to escape from the station. Cheng Yizhi rushed to the station after hearing the news.

French Consul General Hou Mo directly came to Huang Ruhong to inquire about the guilt. Huang Ruhong repeatedly promised that he would handle the matter properly. He sent Leizi to investigate the student who led the trouble, and Leizi confessed his mistake to Huang Ruhong. Huang Ruhong’s conspiracy was completely dismantled, and Wu Lizi and Cheng Yizhi happily celebrated their hard-won victory together.

Director Zhao hurriedly came to Cheng Yizhi to report on the problems of the Shenqin Cotton Yarn Mill. Foreign companies cancelled orders for veils, resulting in a backlog of 2,000 tons of veils in the warehouse. Director Zhao wanted to sell them to old customers at a 20% discount. They did not buy it. Cheng Yizhi The analysis was affected by the promulgation of the US Silver Act, and persuaded Factory Manager Zhao to close the third and fourth branches, and promised him to defer repayment of the loan from Rebond Bank.

Cheng Yizhi came to General Manager Chen for help, begging him to suspend the loan of Director Zhao, General Manager Chen promised, and he introduced his brother-in-law Pan to Cheng Yizhi. Both the eldest sister Dai Ailing and the second sister came to say hello to Cheng Yizhi. Dai Ailing pretended to date and fall in love with Cheng Yizhi every day in front of them, and Cheng Yizhi echoed.

Shimazaki put on the suit Little Bell made for him, and plucked up the courage to find Little Bell to confess. The number of customers in the tailor shop was becoming scarce. Xiaoling couldn’t make ends meet. She reluctantly dismissed all the four female apprentices. They were as close to Xiaoling as sisters and were reluctant to leave, and Xiaoling was helpless, so she had to give each of them a severance payment. Little Bell watched the apprentices leave one by one, tears streaming down her face. Wu Lizi came to see Little Bell, and she was kind to persuade her. Little Bell talked about her and Shimazaki Tadashi’s unsuccessful relationship, and finally cried loudly in her arms in her arms.

Cheng Yizhi asked Shimazaki for help. Shimazaki helped to sell a batch of veils. Director Zhao weathered the crisis temporarily. Cheng Yizhi expressed his gratitude to Shimazaki. Shimazaki was helpless for the dumping behavior of Japanese spinning mills, so he could only do his best. And for. Wu Lizi told Cheng Yizhi about Xiaoling and Tadashi Shimazaki, and wanted to bring them together, and Cheng Yizhi agreed to think about it. Xiaoling specially came to Shimazaki’s restaurant for lunch. Shimazaki came to eat on time. He claimed that he had a bad time recently. He was unable to change when he watched Japan’s invasion of China. Shimazaki wanted to be with Xiaoling, but Can’t get rid of the identity of the Japanese.

Cheng Yizhi looked at Xiao Ling Dang and advised her to choose her relationship with Shimazaki Tada carefully. Xiao Ling asked how Cheng Yizhi would choose between feelings and external conditions. Cheng Yizhi did not hesitate to choose feelings. Wu Lizi heard clearly outside the door.

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