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The Justice 光芒 Episode 26 Recap

Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi came to the hospital and asked the doctor about the injuries of the injured worker and Zhou Wen dog. Ning Ning kept comforting Zhou Wen dog, but he was emotional and yelled at Ning Ning. Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi wanted to visit Zhou Wenqun, but Ningning turned them away and spoke harshly to them, so they had to leave first.

The more Cheng Yizhi thought about it, the more things went wrong. Zhou Wenqun attached great importance to the safety of the pharmaceutical factory. It was impossible for such a tragic bombing to happen. Wu Lizi suspected that Huang Ruhong was involved in a ghost, and suffered from no conclusive evidence. Cheng Yizhi, you got off the silver industry association halfway, Dai Ailing was waiting for him at the door, and the two of them went in together, talking and laughing. Wu Lizi felt sad when she saw this scene.

Dai Ailing and Cheng Yizhi discussed and decided to let Cheng Yizhi negotiate with the treasurer of the Qianye Alliance. Cheng Yizhi asked the treasurers of the bank to meet with them, explain their interests, and persuade them to review the situation and accept the reform of abolishing the two yuan reform. They insisted on listening to Huang Ruhong. Cheng Yizhi publicly exposed Huang Ruhong and government officials to join forces and wanted to use the money industry alliance to get the president of the chamber of commerce. Position, everyone wakes up like a dream. The treasurers of the major banks all stood up to support Cheng Yizhi. Huang Ruhong became a lonely man, and he gritted his teeth with anger.

The Banking Union held a celebration party, and bank managers expressed their congratulations to Cheng Yizhi. Dai Ailing pulled Cheng Yizhi aside and asked him what he thought about women’s doctoral studies. Cheng Yizhi thought that female doctors were more remarkable. Dai Ailing wanted to continue to study for a doctorate, but the two sisters disagreed. They also introduced her to her. Dai Ailing asked Cheng Yizhi to pretend to be a boyfriend. , She can take the opportunity to write a good thesis, and then contact a foreign university, and when the application is successful, she will break up with Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi was entangled, but had to agree to her request. Dai Ailing cheered happily, and General Manager Chen watched it all.

Wu Lizi accompanied Charlie to see Guan Xiuyue singing, and asked him to check the police record of Zhou Wenken Pharmaceutical Factory. Then Wu Lizi vomited bitterness to Charlie. She felt that Dai Ailing was a knowledgeable, smart and lovely girl, and firmly believed that Cheng Yizhi would fall in love with her. When Zhou Wenqun saw the pharmaceutical factory that had been bombed into a mess, his heart was like a knife. Ning Ning desperately tried to comfort him, repeatedly emphasizing that the bombing was an accident.

Zhou Wenqun came to Manager Liang in despair and asked for a loan of 40,000 yuan to rebuild the pharmaceutical factory. Manager Liang categorically refused and forced him to repay all debts within this month, otherwise Sanxin Bank would forcefully take over the pharmaceutical factory. Wu Lizi went to the police station’s archives to find out the police records. She accidentally saw Mr. Zheng’s wanted warrant and learned that he had raped and killed two girls.

Cheng Yizhi came to Manager Liang to argue and condemned him that he shouldn’t draw a salary from Zhou Wendog’s bottom. Manager Liang forced Cheng Yizhi to find Xu Shu to design the Sanxin Bank building as soon as possible. He also asked Cheng Yizhi to repay the 20,000 yuan liquidated damages guaranteed for Zhou Wendog Pharmaceutical Factory. Cheng Yizhi was so angry. Turn around and leave. Zhou Wenqun came to the hospital to visit the injured workers and saw that they were seriously injured.

Zhou Wen Dog asked Ning Ning to take out his last deposit to treat the workers, but the money was just a drop in the money, which could not be supported for a few days. Ning Ning persuaded him to seek help from Longying Bank. Come down.

Wu Lizi took the initiative to find Zhou Wenqun and promised to lend him 40,000 yuan for emergency. Ning Ning would not allow her to see Zhou Wenqun. Wu Lizi guessed that Ningning was going to Leizi for help. She shouted Zhou Wenqun out for an interview. Zhou Wenqun was very impatient. Bite the scalp and come to see Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi admitted that she had exposed Zhou Guangxian’s crimes of manufacturing and trafficking drugs without telling Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi had a big quarrel with her and put the two of them on the road to divorce. Wu Lizi listed Huang Ruhong’s crimes one by one. He used Zhou Guangxian and also Sending someone to assassinate Zhou Guangxian, Wu Lizi took out Zhou Guangxian and Huang Ruhong’s secret account book, Zhou Wendog still had a heart for Cheng Yizhi.

Wu Lizi made it clear that Cheng Yizhi came forward to ask Manager Liang of Sanxin Bank to invest in Zhou Wenqun. Wu Lizi advised Zhou Wenqun to return to Libang Bank, and Cheng Yizhi welcomes him to return at any time. Zhou Wenqun learns the truth and he beats his chest with anger. , Rejected Wu Lizi’s suggestion in person.

Wu Lizi returned to report to Cheng Yizhi, and Ning Ning followed. She could not find Zhou Wenqun everywhere. Cheng Yizhi learned that Zhou Wenqun had not signed a contract with Longying Bank, so she was relieved and immediately sent someone to look for it separately. Lei Zi reported to Huang Ruhong the news of Zhou Wenqu’s disappearance. Huang Ruhong realized that he liked Ningning and asked him to decide whether to find Zhou Wenqun.

Cheng Yizhi sent the employees to find Zhou Wendog separately. She was worried that Zhou Wendog had three long and two shortcomings. Cheng Yizhi would not let her go. Charlie advised Wu Lizi to calm down and not be full of Cheng Yizhi. Leizi led people to look for Zhou Wendog, but found nothing. After everyone’s unremitting efforts, Zhou Wenken was finally found in the smoking hall. He was smoking opium to anaesthetize himself. Cheng Yizhi gave him a severe lesson. Zhou Wenken was already discouraged. Cheng Yizhi encouraged him to develop medicines for tuberculosis as soon as possible to comfort him. For the workers who died, Cheng Yizhi threw the smoke gun on the ground and promised to be responsible for the medical expenses of the injured workers. Cheng Yizhi forcibly pulled Zhou Wenqun out of the smokehouse.

Huang Ruhong learned that Cheng Yizhi had taken over the debts of Zhou Wenqu Pharmaceutical Factory and Ning Ning had also left Zhou Wenqu. Huang Ruhong decided to take the opportunity to severely suppress Cheng Yizhi. He sought a lawyer to sue Cheng Yizhi for occupying the land of Baylor Road to build Wonder Garden. Cheng Yizhi had the power of attorney for that piece of land, but Huang Ruhong had the land deed, and Cheng Yizhi was helpless. He asked Wu Lizi to find out what Huang Ruhong wanted to do with Wonderland.

Ning Ning came to Lei Zi crying, Lei Zi took the opportunity to say a lot of bad things about Zhou Wen Dog, and asked Ning Ning warmly. Wu Lizi quickly found out that Huang Ruhong had sold the land in Wonderland to two foreign firms at the lowest price, and Charlie also got inside information that Huang Ruhong would publish in major newspapers tomorrow that Cheng Yizhi would occupy the land to build Wonderland. Cheng Yizhi saw that Huang Ruhong had opened up a posture to declare war with him. He immediately called a meeting with the staff and made careful arrangements to deal with the storm of a run tomorrow.

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