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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 38 Recap

Just as Mu Xiaoyan and An An were discussing the next countermeasures, they suddenly saw Hao Siyuan sent a signed contract. In order to avoid letting him entangle Xia Qian, An An directly told her about her going to Sheng Zhening. Unexpectedly, Hao Siyuan frankly confessed to Xia Qian that he was rejected, so he would not have any other thoughts.

At the same time, Sheng Zhening bought prawns and razor clams and gave them to Fu’s mother for dinner. Xia Qian remembered something in an instant and hurriedly checked the guest registration information, and she found that the guest in Room 104 was Sheng Zhening. Knowing that Sheng Zhening had just left, Xia Qian hurriedly chased him out, and finally saw him at the wishing booth.

Xia Qian didn’t think much about it, and she confided her inner grievances to Sheng Zhening. From the first time she went to the coffee shop to talk about reconciliation, she was told to break up, and then she suffered indifference many times later. It is clear that Sheng Zhening is also holding Xia Qian, and even often silently watching from behind, so the two do not want to continue torturing each other, but face their inner feelings and stay together firmly.

Ning Meng drove home without noticing any obstacles on the road, which caused her to nearly have a car accident. Fortunately, she stepped on the brakes in time. Through this incident, Ning Meng noticed that when his father drove, he seemed to have stepped on the brakes, but the speed of the car did not slow down at all, which means that the cause of the car accident was not the Kong Ming lamp, but perhaps the brake failure.

Sheng Zhening received a call from Ning Meng and was shocked to learn about the incident, so he decided to investigate the truth first. After “Shengxia” came back from the field, they found Mama Xia immediately and explained the situation to her. Xia Qian confessed to the car accident, which directly dispelled Xia Ma’s worries, and also made Xia Ma realize that she had said a lot of bad things to Sheng Zhening and took the initiative to apologize to him. Sheng Zhening put the ring back on Xia Qian’s hand, prepared a candy box for her, and then asked for photos of Xia Qian when she was a child.

Seeing that Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening were about to be in love, Fu’s mother mistakenly thought that the wishing pavilion was working, so she wanted to beg a wishful man for her daughter, and found a reason to visit Fu Shuangshuang by the way. However, Fu Shuangshuang and Qin Hebo did not know about this. They were caught by Fu’s mother at home and had to lie about the relationship between subordinates and subordinates.

During dinner at night, Fu’s mother kept paying Shuangshuang’s referees. After arranging a blind date, Qin Hebo was a little jealous, but he didn’t plan to pay for his mother’s words. Fu Shuangshuang was afraid of Qin Hebo’s thinking, and simply told his mother that there was someone in his heart, and this person was Qin Hebo in front of him. Fu’s mother was especially surprised. Although she liked Qin Hebo very much, the other party was so good that she never thought of becoming her own son-in-law. Qin Hebo immediately stated that he was pursuing Fu Shuangshuang, and the two truly love each other.

When he came to Ning Meng’s house, Sheng Zhening asked about the details of the car accident. Ning Meng couldn’t remember too much for the time being. He only remembered that his father had indeed stepped on the brake and it was useless, so he slammed the steering wheel and slammed into the concrete pier. Sheng Zhening remembered that the car had been repaired in a 4S shop, so he notified An An to investigate. Ning Meng planned to wait for the matter to be found out before leaving the country, and at the same time told about her divorce with He Zhijun.

The financial chain of Changsheng Hotel is broken and it is not enough to maintain the existing operation. Other investment companies are not willing to help because of Mr. Xue. Only Mr. Ni of the Greenland Foundation is willing to lend money to Changsheng. And to reduce a lot of interest, because he and Lao Sheng are good friends.

An An contacted the 4S shop that year and learned that before Sheng’s father picked up the car, all inspections were normal, indicating that the brake failure was likely to be man-made. Under Sheng Zhening’s reminder, Ning Meng carefully recalled some fragments, remembering that when she and her father walked from the restaurant to the parking lot, it seemed as if his father answered the phone and got out of the car and quarreled with others. Because it took too long, I heard words like “college classmates” only from the content of the quarrel, but I couldn’t see what the other person looked like.

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