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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 37 Recap

After Xia Qian and Hao Siyuan finished talking about their work, the two recalled their childhood and couldn’t help but miss them a little and agreed to have dinner together. However, when Mu Xiaoyan learned of this, he immediately called An An. It happened that Sheng Zhening came out of the office. An An deliberately said loudly that Hao Siyuan wanted to confess to Xia Qian and attracted his attention.

That night, Sheng Zhening had no intention of working, and he was restless, especially when he thought of seeing Hao Siyuan sending Xia Qian home on that rainy night, he felt particularly irritable. At this time, Hao Siyuan prepared the music box to give to Xia Qian and sincerely confessed, but Xia Qian bluntly said that he already belonged to him, so he tactfully refused.

Although Hao Siyuan was a bit pity, in the end he respected Xia Qian’s choice and was willing to continue to get along with friends. Unexpectedly, Sheng Zhening rushed to the downstairs of Xia Qian’s house, and happened to see Xia Qian sending Hao Siyuan out. The two hugged and said goodbye, causing him a misunderstanding, thinking that Xia Qian had accepted Hao Siyuan’s pursuit. Because of this, Sheng Zhening drank his worries and informed An An to help him book a flight to Yungang tomorrow. Considering the fierce competition between Changsheng and Langyue, if the vegetable base can be transferred, there may be a delay.

Hao Siyuan is going to settle in Norway and will not return to China in the short term. He found Xia Qian before leaving and mentioned Sheng Zhening on his own initiative. Because Hao Siyuan knew that Xia Qian had a person in his heart, he went to investigate and unexpectedly discovered that the doll he saw in the playground two days ago was actually Sheng Zhening posing.

Even though Xia Qian had broken up, Hao Siyuan believed that Sheng Zhening must have been obsessed with this relationship, otherwise he would not be so exhausted. Hao Siyuan’s words instantly awakened Xia Qian. She hurried home and suddenly heard Xia Ma tell Xiao Ai about her last drunk, and then she knew that Sheng Zhening had sent herself back.

Just as Xia Qian checked the surveillance at the door of Sheng Zhening’s room, An An suddenly called and said that Sheng Zhening was going to Yungang for a business trip. Fu Shuangshuang’s hometown is in Yungang, and Fu’s mom’s homestay directly provides convenience to Xia Qian. She came to Yungang overnight, but she still couldn’t get through Sheng Zhening’s phone.

When Sheng Zhening learned of this, in order to avoid meeting Xia Qian, he immediately withdrew from the hotel room, only to meet Fu’s mother who was soliciting guests on the street. Because Fu’s mother was too enthusiastic, Sheng Zhening couldn’t refuse, and simply stayed in room 104 of the hotel, next to Xia Qian’s room.

It’s just that Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening always missed the meeting somehow. Even Fu’s mother went to a relative’s house and asked her to help her look at the store, but they didn’t see Sheng Zhening. At lunch time, Xia Qian delivered meals to the guests in Room 104, knocked a few times and put the dinner plate on the table outside the door. After Sheng Zhening opened the door, Xia Qian was not seen in the courtyard.

In the next few days, Xia Qian still failed to find Sheng Zhening, and understood that the other party was deliberately avoiding herself. Just after sending the message to An An, Xia Qian looked up and saw Sheng Zhening’s figure, and subconsciously rushed out to search for it, but unfortunately there was no trace. When Fu’s mother heard the sound, Xia Qian couldn’t suppress her emotions, so she cried to Fu’s mother about how she missed Sheng Zhening. Unexpectedly, Sheng Zhening stood in the corner and heard the whole process.

Ning Meng went to deliver food to He Zhijun as usual. Seeing that his condition gradually recovered, she took the initiative to talk about his order of cakes as a “little mousse” some time ago. He Zhijun knew that Ning Meng liked mousse cakes, so he took this name. This incident touched Ning Meng deeply. He remembered every bit of the past, so he decided to divorce and return each other’s freedom. Watching He Zhijun sign the divorce agreement, Ning Meng pretended to be calm, until she walked outside the door, she finally shed tears.

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