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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 7 Recap

After a few moves with Yan Yunzhi, Sang Qi knew that he was not his opponent. What Dad taught her were all war moves, which was really uncomfortable for self-defense. That’s why she sneaked out to look for the savior, but the benefactor didn’t find it, and she actually met Yan Yunzhi. The bamboo forest looked even more mysterious under the moonlight. After the last incident, the carefree Sang Qi also began to fear the black wind and high night of this month, so he asked Yan Yunzhi to send himself home.

Yan Yunzhi heard a whisper and remembered that she had been silently protecting Sang Qi, but she didn’t expect that she would take the initiative to seek her asylum this time. Sang Qi seemed to hear this silent whisper, turning his head to look at Yan Yunzhi suspiciously. But Yan Yunzhi insisted on refusing to admit it, which made Sang Qi couldn’t help but think of Dr. Feng and imitated him seriously. Yan Yunzhi was so amused that he almost burst into laughter, but as a teacher, he still resisted the laughter and put on an unsmiling expression.

Under the escort of Yan Yunzhi, Sang Qi returned to Taiwei’s mansion safely. Just about to knock on the door, she suddenly realized that she had sneaked out and shouldn’t be so loud, so she bothered Yan Yunzhi to help herself jump the wall in. Yan Yunzhi had no choice but to wrap around Sang Qi’s waist and take her off into the Taiwei’s mansion with a leap. Unexpectedly, Sang Qi crossed the river and demolished the bridge, and Yan Yunzhi counted down. Yan Yunzhi was displeased, so he suddenly took Sang Qi off the wall, and then left happily, leaving Sang Qi alone, looking at the high wall.

After school this day, Sang Qi looked at the restaurant and was really greedy, and worried that Yan Yunzhi would appear suddenly. I happened to meet Su Jieyu, so I entered the restaurant smoothly by gathering with her. As a childhood sweetheart, Su Jieyu also bluntly said that Yan Yunzhi’s temperament is so indifferent and alienated. Sang Qi couldn’t help but be curious about what had gone through that allowed him to form such a character. Since Su Jieyu remembered, Yan Yunzhi seemed to have such a temperament.

Although he often treats people with a cold face, Su Jieyu knows that he is not really hard-hearted, and it can even be said that he is a caring and considerate person. He will silently perfect the things that others do not thoughtful, but he never speaks. This is like Yan Yunzhi who Sang Qi knew. Perhaps Yan Yunzhi only dared to be the king in the Imperial College. These words amused Su Jieyu, but made Yan Yunzhi who was sitting quietly next door squirt a sip of water.

The gathering of girls in the boudoir, naturally, is to talk about love between men and women. To say that there are many men around Sang Qi, but in her opinion, they are not beloved. Yan Yan is like the tendons of the hooves, the skin is firm, but it is tiring to eat, and it is easy to get a headache after chewing for a long time. Zhuo Wenyuan is like a roast chicken with a crispy skin and slippery meat. It is considered a delicacy. However, Sang Qi has eaten outside the Great Wall since he was a child.

As for Yan Yunzhi, he is like a sweet lotus root, with only a sweet layer on the outside, which makes him feel greasy after eating it for a long time. Sang Qi’s metaphors are well in place, but I don’t know how Yan Yunzhi reacted when she knew what she said. Sang Qi assumed that these words were not known to a third person, but she did not know, Yan Yunzhi listened to these words completely. No, Sang Qi ran into Yan Yunzhi as soon as he went out, embarrassingly embarrassed. The speed of light escaped the restaurant.

After Sang Qi left, Yan Yunzhi frankly confessed to Su Jieyu that he had no marriage contract with her, and hoped that she would not delay the marriage for her own sake or involve others. Su Jieyu’s eyes were full of innocence, she wondered why Yan Yunzhi spoke like this. In fact, Yan Yunzhi knew that today’s encounter between Su Jieyu and Sang Qi was not a coincidence, but that Su Jieyu did it deliberately. Su Jieyu couldn’t help laughing.

Although Yan Yunzhi himself and Sang Qi were only a teacher-disciple relationship, the sensitivity of the woman made her understand that Yan Yunzhi’s affection for Sang Qi had already surpassed that of a teacher and disciple. After a long conversation with Su Jieyu, Sang Qi’s figure took root in Yan Yunzhi’s mind and lingered. Even Bai Shi could see that the son was moved by Sang Qi.

In order to find the savior, Sang Qi found Yan Yan. The other side remembered Qingfeng Building. The top floor of Qingfeng Building is the most open place in the entire Bianjing City. You may be able to find some clues here. Coincidentally, Sang Qi encountered Qianjiu here. She was about to take a closer look at the pattern on the neck of the light wine, but found that the skin there was as white as fat, and there was no pattern. Qianjiu took the two to a private room, where Zhuo Wenyuan and Yan Yunzhi were sitting. It just so happened that everyone gathered together, and Sang Qi asked everyone about the mysterious expert. After seeing her portrait, several people couldn’t help but laugh, and Yan Yan smiled even more.

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