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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 6 Recap

There was a wonderful sound of the piano in the secluded bamboo forest, and the light wine girl’s slender fingers brushed the strings, like large beads and small beads falling on a jade plate. Zhuo Wenyuan brought Sang Qi to visit, and the quiet bamboo forest was instantly filled with Sang Qi’s voice. What made Sangqi strange was that as soon as she entered the door, she smelled an inexplicable fragrance from Qianjiu. Speaking of this, Qianjiu led Sangqi to the inner room to comment on the magical effects of spices and rouge with her. At first, Sang Gile was in it, but when she accidentally saw the pattern on the back of her neck, she was filled with doubts. This pattern seems to have been seen somewhere, but I can’t remember it for a while.

In an instant, Mingyue had climbed into the night, and Sang Qi quickly woke Zhuo Wenyuan up, wanting to go home together. Qianjiu suddenly asked Zhuo Wenyuan to stay to drink tea, and the guard on the side also understood the purpose of Qianjiu, so he greeted the groom to send Sang Qi to leave first.

The carriage bumped forward in the bamboo forest, and Sang Qi couldn’t help taking a nap. Only a scream came suddenly, and Sang Qi woke up instantly. Sang Qi stepped out of the carriage to find out. Before asking who had come, only a few people in black surrounded her. During the fight, Sang Qi caught a glimpse of the pattern on the man in black, which was clearly the pattern on the back of his neck. In a critical moment, an old man dropped from the sky holding a hip flask, and drove the men in black one by one within a few strokes. Sang Qi wanted to ask about the benefactor’s honorable name, but the other party didn’t say much, so he flew away after a few words.

Gong Sang also knew what Zhuo Wenyuan thought about his daughter, but he also understood Sang Qi. Sang Qi has always regarded Zhuo Wenyuan as his own brother. Just thinking about it, Sang Qi came back in embarrassment. Sang Gong was very nervous and hurried to come to the medicine box to give medicine to his baby girl. Since Sang Yu’s death, the Sang family has also depended on Sang Gong and Sang Qi, so Sang Gong is naturally more nervous about his daughter.

Hearing that Sang Qi was injured, Yan Yan hurried to visit Sang Mansion, but was still turned away by the maid Lian Pian. But I heard that Yan Yunzhi was also here, and Sang Qi’s heart suddenly became nervous, and he quickly washed and dressed and went out to greet him. Unexpectedly, when he just went out, Sang Qi saw the pile of exercises on the table, and his heart was full of discomfort. However, speaking of what happened last night, Sang Qi was interested, and Yan Yunzhi vividly demonstrated how an expert descended from the sky to save himself last night.

It’s just that Sang Qi is unavoidably hurt, and within a few strokes, he loses his center of gravity and falls to the side. Fortunately, Yan Yunzhi stabilized her in time. Seeing the pain on Sangqi’s face, Yan Yunzhi uncovered Sangqi’s gauze and changed her dressing personally. Sang Qi continued to describe what he saw and heard last night, and Xiang Yan Yunzhi described the patterns he saw on the culprits last night. Just thinking that Qian Jiu had a relationship with Zhuo Wenyuan, worried that Zhuo Wenyuan would be involved in right and wrong, she hesitated to tell Yan Yunzhi the pattern on the back of Qian Jiu’s neck. After hesitating for a moment, she still described the matter to Yan Yunzhi.

After investigation, Yan Yunzhi learned that the carved patterns that Sang Qi saw were unique to the Xizhao organization and used to symbolize membership. Anyone who possesses this kind of pattern is either a secret work of an enemy country, a merchant who trades on the black market, or a killer. All in all, these are the unregistered people, and it may not be easy to follow the trail. A few years ago, the imperial court also tracked down the Xizhao organization. Although the important leader has been arrested, the whereabouts of its leader is still unknown, and no one knows his identity.

After Sang Qi was attacked that night, Yan Yunzhi asked Bai Shi to protect Sang Qi. Even at the school, Yan Yunzhi still felt uneasy and went outside the window to ensure Sang Qi’s safety. But from Sang Qi’s point of view, Yan Yunzhi was aiming at himself, and he couldn’t read it well. He even stopped eating at the restaurant. Sang Qi was very unhappy, but he could only listen to Yan Yunzhi.

In order to protect Sang Qi’s safety, Sang Gong decided to impose a curfew on her, and the whole government strictly supervised her. That night, Sang Qi was really boring, as if a free bird was suddenly trapped in the cage. It suddenly occurred to her that if the expert came to teach her martial arts, then father would no longer have to worry about himself. If she said nothing, she sneaked into the bamboo forest, where she really saw a man dressed in white. But I didn’t expect that the other party was Yan Yunzhi.

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