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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 5 Recap

On the day of the Spring Festival, the street market is very lively. Zhuo Wenyuan brought the singer Qianjiu to the party together, as if he wanted her to do something. The gambling agreement with Song Jiayin ended today. Obviously, Sang Qi hadn’t completed it, so she had to obey the agreement and dress up as a singer. She couldn’t help but feel a headache and didn’t know how to deal with herself for a while.

Seeing that Sang Qi had changed the singer’s clothes, Song Jiayin stepped forward and mocked. Sang Qi deliberately got a lot of powder on her face and wiped her mind on Song Jiayin’s face. During the fight, Song Jiayin accidentally fell backwards, but fortunately, Zhuo Wenyuan stopped her from behind in time, and there was no joke. After seeing the appearance of the person behind him, Song Jiayin immediately popped a long distance away and looked at Zhuo Wenyuan with anger. Surprisingly, Zhuo Wenyuan called two singers. Coincidentally, the two singers were dressed exactly the same as Song Jiayin. Song Jiayin was so ashamed that she took off her coat in a hurry.

Qianjiu is one of the best singers in Bianjing. Zhuo Wenyuan invited her to come this time just to help Sang Qi to cooperate with her performance. But Sang Qi refused decisively because she was unwilling to cheat. After the conversation, it was just when the party started, Sang Qi sighed heavily and walked onto the stage with his head high, as if he was ready to die.

With only the first sound, the entire Bianjing city was filled with unintelligible music, and the people underneath were talking and booing. Sang Qi felt ashamed and embarrassed, and after looking around for a week, he bit his head and continued to play. Unexpectedly, the sound of fireworks blooming suddenly came from the sky, everyone was attracted by the dazzling fireworks, and no one laughed again. Yan Yunzhi on the side breathed a sigh of relief, and then flew onto the stage. Yan Yunzhi suggested that Sang Qi from the frontier fortress sing a song to cheer everyone up. The people originally came to see the excitement. Since the sound of the piano can’t be heard, it’s good to listen to the side-stopping ballads. Everyone applauded and cheered, looking forward to Sang Qi’s singing.

With the accompaniment of Yan Yunzhi, Sang Qi’s singing gradually improved, and everyone present couldn’t help but admire again and again. The stage was lively and the atmosphere was very harmonious. Only when the song ended, Sang Qi couldn’t keep up with Yan Yunzhi’s pace, and watched him walk towards a woman. From Zhuo Wenyuan, Sang Qi learned that this handsome woman named Su Jieyu was Yan Yunzhi’s fiancée. An inexplicable sourness surged to Sangqi’s heart, and she didn’t know why for a while.

There was a sudden movement from the official family. It turned out that Yan Saburo had spotted the suspicious person and immediately called people to chase him up. Sang Qi, who didn’t know why, hurried to catch up, and found the culprit in the deep alley. It’s just that the strength of women and men are very different, Sang Qi accidentally loses focus and suddenly falls backward. Fortunately, Yan Yunzhi appeared in time and held Sang Qi. Seeing Su Jieyu coming, Yan Yunzhi quickly let go of Sang Qi, his face was full of guilty conscience.

Hearing that Su Jieyu had friendship with his brother, Sang Qi was inexplicably curious about her. On the way back, I couldn’t help but ask Zhuo Wenyuan where Su Jie language came from. Su Jieyu is the daughter of Su Ting, the daughter of Zhongshu Ling, and the Yan family and Su family are family acquaintances. When Yan Yunzhi first emerged in his early years, Su Jieyu was already a well-known talented woman in Bianjing. Almost all people in Bianjing knew that Yan Yunzhi and Su Jieyu’s childhood sweethearts were born together. And this time when Su Jieyu came back, he was afraid that he was going to talk about marriage with Yan Yunzhi.

On this day, Sang Qi happened to meet Su Jieyu in the street market, and happily came to Su Mansion with her. Unexpectedly, I met Yan Yunzhi here. When Sang Qi and Yan Yun met one of them, they were like enemies, with endless mouths. Remembering that before, Yan Yunzhi and several people also often gathered together to chat, but after Sang Qi came, the atmosphere became more lively. But when they thought of their once close friend Sang Yu, a few people couldn’t help feeling full of emotions.

Just as he was talking, a crane flew behind him. It is said that in order to escape the forced marriage of his parents, Su Jiaqing Xuanjun married a crane in Baitang. Master Su was so angry that he coughed and panted. When the official heard about it, he found it interesting, so he approved the marriage. Sang Qi was very excited after seeing the crane. Sang Qi’s reaction became more intense when he thought that Yan Yunzhi was afraid of feathered birds. Yan Saburo on the side was very puzzled that the daughter of the dignified Sang family would be afraid of a crane. Sang Qi wanted to explain something, but after seeing Yan Yunzhi’s awkward eyes, he said that he reacted fiercely only because he was often at the border and had never seen it.

As soon as he left Su Mansion, Sang Qi stumbled his head into his carriage, but he didn’t expect that Yan Yunzhi would sit in it. Yan Yunzhi summoned Sang Qi to the carriage and handed her a bottle of anti-alcoholism. Sang Qi didn’t care about the bottle of anti-alcoholism, she just wanted to know who Xiao Bai was in her brother’s mouth. Yan Yunzhi couldn’t laugh or cry, so he had to admit that he was Xiaobai. Sang Qi was so excited when he heard that he pulled Yan Yunzhi and refused to let go.

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