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The Justice 光芒 Episode 25 Recap

Little Bell called Shimazaki to the tailor shop, asked him to take off his wet clothes, and helped him sew the buttons that fell on his clothes. Shimazaki repeatedly admitted to Xiaoling that he was Japanese and his mother was Chinese. People, so his Chinese is very good. Xiaoling believes that Shimazaki is a Chinese with his mother, but in fact Shimazaki is a Japanese. Xiaoling is gnashing his teeth with anger. If Shimazaki had stated that he was Japanese earlier, Xiaoling would not like him, so he would be annoyed by him. Shimazaki drove away, and before leaving, Shimazaki showed his love to Little Bell.

After the unremitting efforts of the director Gao and the workers, the order for tung oil was finally completed. Liao Lan personally came to the factory to make sliced ​​noodles for the workers. The workers joked with Liao Lan. Gao Xiaocong, the son of the director Gao, was angry and shouted at the workers. Call. Director Gao expressed his sincerity to Liao Lan and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Liao Lan worried that Gao Xiaocong would not agree, and Director Gao believed he would accept it.

Director Gao brought Liao Lan to take the wedding photo, Wu Lizi and Cheng Yizhi came to accompany him, Liao Lan smiled brightly, and Wu Lizi was also happy for Liao Lan. Xiao Ling Dang made a suit for Shimazaki Tadashi and left it for him as a souvenir. He vowed that he would never meet again. Shimazaki Tadashi wanted to propose to Xiao Ling, so he threw the ring into the Huangpu River in anger.

The Wonderland is about to open tomorrow. Cheng Yizhi and the shareholders came here overnight. Xu Shu pressed the start button of Wonderland. The lights in front of them were brilliant, and a small western-style building was presented in front of them. Everyone was amazed. Xu Shugeng I am extremely excited, and thank Cheng Yizhi for helping him realize his dream.

Cheng Yizhi came to see treasurer Lin. Shopkeeper Lin has recovered and can be discharged the day after tomorrow. He thanked Cheng Yizhi for his encouragement and support. When Cheng Yizhi came out of St. An’an Hospital, Wu Lizi just came to him, took his hand and went home. Wu Lizi personally played a piece for him. The first time Cheng Yizhi saw Wu Lizi, she played this piece, and Cheng Yizhi was intoxicated by it. Inextricable.

At the end of the song, Cheng Yizhi still had more thoughts. Wu Lizi explained why she didn’t want to play the piano and even hated the piano because it reminded her of her parents and the days before. Wu Lizi thanked Cheng Yizhi for giving her hope in life and let her escape the haze of losing her relatives. Coming out and experiencing unprecedented happiness, Cheng Yizhi wished her happiness that belonged to her, and then left in a hurry. Wu Lizi looked at Cheng Yizhi Jujue’s back, with mixed feelings in her heart.

Cheng Yizhi proposed the reform of abolishing the two yuan reform, and the Ministry of Finance fully supported his decision. This matter caused an uproar and had a fatal impact on the bank. Huang Ruhong was unwilling to give up, so he asked Feng Youru to meet and chat. Feng Youru hasn’t shown up for a long time since the new three-fourth national debt plummeted. Huang Ruhong asked him to meet alone and promised to help him regain his strength and suppress the arrogance of the Ministry of Finance. The two hit it off.

Cheng Yizhi came to see General Manager Chen of Bank of Shanghai. His wife and sister Dai Ailing had just returned from the UK and worked as general agent for Bank of Shanghai. Dai Ailing had heard of Cheng Yizhi’s name for a long time, and she enthusiastically pulled him to ask questions. Dai Ailing compiled a plan for the abolition of the two reforms. Cheng Yizhi read it from beginning to end, and couldn’t help but look at her with admiration. Wu Lizi came to see Xu Shu for a showdown and announced to her face that they were ordinary colleagues.

When Huang Ruhong learned that Liao Lan and Director Gao were married, he gritted his teeth with anger and immediately convened an emergency meeting with the treasurers of the major banks, calling on everyone to deal with the banking reform led by Cheng Yizhi. The major banks lowered loan interest rates and raised interest rates on deposits in an attempt to win over people’s hearts. Dai Ailing suggested that Cheng Yizhi confront Qianye to the end, and General Manager Chen promised to fully support Cheng Yizhi.

Wu Lizi complained to Charlie. Charlie learned that she had rejected Xu Shu’s feelings and suspected that Wu Lizi still couldn’t let Cheng Yizhi go. Wu Lizi refused to admit it, and Charlie told her about Dai Ailing’s love for Cheng Yizhi. Wu Lizi came to Cheng Yizhi to report her work and suggested to increase the microfinance business. Wu Lizi offered to help Cheng Yizhi proofread a joint statement on the abolition of the two yuan reforms. Cheng Yizhi politely declined.

Dai Ailing helped Cheng Yizhi to amend the joint statement. After a while, she pointed out that his language was too solemn and humorous elements should be added. Cheng Yizhi also felt the same, and the two revised the joint statement together. On the day of the press conference, an explosion occurred in Zhou Wenqu’s pharmaceutical factory, and the factory suddenly became chaotic. Dai Ailing personally helped Cheng Yizhi tidy up his suit and encouraged him not to be nervous when he came to power. Wu Lizi hurried to report to Cheng Yizhi the bombing of the Zhou Wen dog pharmaceutical factory. Cheng Yizhi asked Dai Ailing to speak for him, and he took Wu Lizi to the pharmaceutical factory.

In order to rescue equipment from Zhou Wenquu, Manager Liang of Sanxin Bank did not show up for a long time. Cheng Yizhi felt that things were strange and suffered from the lack of conclusive evidence. Dai Ailing talked about the benefits of abolishing the two reforms in a simple way, and was well received by the guests.

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