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The Justice 光芒 Episode 24 Recap

Wu Lizi wanted to discuss with Zhou Wenqun, Cheng Yizhi resolutely refused to do it, his attitude was very resolute, and promised to complete the delivery within a week. After Zhou Wendog got the money, there was still a gap of up to 120,000 yuan. Zhou Wendog went to find other banks and banks to raise funds, but he hit a wall everywhere, and he was desperate. Lei Zi took the initiative to approach Ning Ning and revealed that Longying Bank was willing to invest in Zhou Wen Dog. Ning Ning persuaded Zhou Wen Dog to accept Huang Ruhong’s sponsorship. Zhou Wen Dog worried that Huang Ruhong had another attempt, but could not think of a better way for a while.

Cheng Yizhi came to the financial office to check and learned that the cheque he gave to Mr. Zheng had not yet been cashed. Liao Lan and other shareholders helped each other. Rebond Bank was temporarily out of the predicament. Wu Lizi discovered that Cheng Yizhi had put all her salary of 10,000 yuan into equity. She came to the finance to check the whereabouts of the cheque and learned that Cheng Yizhi had given Mr. Zheng 10,000 yuan. Check.

Lei Zi reported to Huang Ruhong that Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi had divorced, and Huang Ruhong was surprised. Cheng Yizhi came to the Banking and Money Industry Association to attend a gathering and persuaded the treasurer of the bank to invest in Zhou Wenqun. Liang Jingide of Sanxin Bank proved himself with some achievements, and he offered to invest in Zhou Wenqun’s pharmaceutical factory. Huang Ruhong also came to the party, and he called Cheng Yizhi aside.

Wu Lizi came to the tailor shop to inquire about Cheng Yizhi’s childhood. She wanted to know the reason why Mr. Zheng threatened Cheng Yizhi. Xiao Lingdang revealed that Cheng Yizhi’s family was very poor when he was a child. There was a flour mill next to his house. Cheng Yizhi often got half a bun, and he was reluctant to eat it. , Are distributed to the friends to eat. Little Bell was going to see Shimazaki at six o’clock, so Wu Lizi had to leave first.

Huang Ruhong had a showdown with Cheng Yizhi and admitted that he had sent Mr. Zheng to blackmail Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi warned him not to anger Zhou Wendog. Huang Ruhong moved out of Cheng Yizhi’s failed marriage as a joke. Cheng Yizhi gritted his teeth and Huang Ruhong threatened to fight Cheng Yizhi to the end.

Little Bell hurriedly came to attend the appointment. Shimazaki had been waiting for a long time. Little Bell wanted to know everything about him, Shimazaki promised to tell her all. Seeing that a Japanese family of three came here for dinner, Xiaoling suddenly lost interest, Shimazaki agreed to find time to tell her. After dinner, Shimazaki sent Xiaoling home. Xiaoling asked him to have a picnic on the weekend. Shimazaki lied that he was going to Nanjing for business. Xiaoling saw that he was unspeakable and encouraged him to speak freely. Shimazaki was worried about his life and scared away. Little Bell kept silent to her.

Wu Lizi came to Cheng Yizhi’s hometown in Suzhou and asked about Cheng Yizhi’s situation, but found nothing. Cheng Yizhi came to see Manager Liang of Sanxin Bank as scheduled. Manager Liang promised to invest in Zhou Wenqu’s pharmaceutical factory and asked Cheng Yizhi to ask Xu Shu to help design the Sanxin Bank building. Cheng Yizhi knew Xu Shu’s personality well and advised him to find someone else, Ke Liang The manager looked for Xu Shu.

Secretary Guan took a lot of work for Xu Shu, Xu Shu rejected them all. Secretary Guan advised him to make more money to marry a wife, and don’t always stare at Wu Lizi, a divorced woman. Xu Shu became angry and became angry, so he looked for Wu Lizi. , And it’s not that she doesn’t marry. Cheng Yizhi came to Xu Shu. Hearing what he said outside the door, he bit the bullet and went in. When Cheng Yizhi saw the model of the residential area designed by Xu Shu, Xu Shu talked about his design ideas endlessly.

Cheng Yizhi casually asked about the relationship between Xu Shu and Wu Lizi, Xu Shu had to admit that Wu Lizi still refused to accept him, and Cheng Yizhi encouraged him to pursue boldly. Wu Lizi went to find Cheng Yizhi’s old neighbor, and inquired that Cheng Yizhi’s mother was crazy, and the little overlord surnamed Zheng always bullied him.

Zhou Wenqun’s pharmaceutical factory was short of funds and forced to suspend production. Ning Ning persuaded Zhou Wenqun to accept Huang Ruhong’s funding. Zhou Wenqun just wanted to sign the contract and suddenly received a call from Manager Liang of Sanxin Bank. Manager Liang promised to invest in Zhou Wenqun. To sign a contract with him tomorrow, Zhou Wendog is overjoyed.

Zhou Wenqun’s pharmaceutical factory resumed production, and Cheng Yizhi stood outside the gate. He was extremely excited to see that everything in the factory was normal. Cheng Yizhi came to the hospital to visit treasurer Lin and encouraged him to cheer up and get out of this hurdle as soon as possible. The Japanese army aggressively invaded the Songhu area. The 19th Kuomintang Army rebelled. The anti-Japanese sentiment of the people of Shanghai was on the rise. Xiaoling led employees to put up slogans to boycott Japanese goods. Shimazaki came to the tailor shop quietly under the heavy rain, and saw the little bell leading everyone to write slogans, and he stood silently outside the door.

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