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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 36 Recap

Originally, Ning Meng had decided to go abroad, but when she saw He Zhijun alone in the ward, she was finally moved with compassion, so she decided to stay and take care of each other first. When I walked out of the ward, I happened to see the nurse delivering the sick meal. As the sick meal was not nutritious at all, Ning Meng planned to cook it herself.

In order to avoid the complete failure of Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian’s relationship, An An deliberately disclosed the affairs of the brother next door to Sheng Zhening, and even described it with jealousy in front of him. Although Sheng Zhening seemed indifferent on the surface, when he learned that Xia Qian and Hao Siyuan were going to the amusement park for research, they couldn’t help but ran to observe their movements in secret.

Due to the extreme heat, Xia Qian prepared mung bean water for Hao Siyuan and at the same time helped him take photos. Sheng Zhening looked at the scenes of them talking and laughing, feeling very uncomfortable in his heart, simply put on the clothes of the toy doll, and stood on the opposite side in an open manner. Xia Qian found that the doll was always staring at him, and couldn’t help being a little confused, so he found an excuse to let the other party take off his headgear, but found that it was a strange man, but she didn’t know that Sheng Zhening had already left.

Seeing that Sheng Zhening had heatstroke symptoms, An An exerted strength again and specifically informed Xia Qian of the incident, hoping she could make mung bean soup. Xia Qian had a hard mouth and a soft heart. Although she refused decisively, she turned around and carefully cooked it. She even asked her mother for a few more heat-clearing foods and delivered them to the hotel.

Unexpectedly, An An specifically created opportunities for the two to get along. Sheng Zhening saw Xia Qian pretending to be indifferent, and afterwards blamed An An for nosy. However, in private, Sheng Zhening was no longer that serious appearance, while drinking mung bean soup, he was a little bit happy, and it was true that he performed the “true fragrance” scene.

Under the control of Lihe Capital, Langyue Group once again fought a price war with Changsheng. Previously, they won the construction order, and this time it is still bound to win. Qin Hebo couldn’t make up his mind, so he took the initiative to discuss with Fu Shuangshuang. After he heard Fu Shuangshuang’s suggestion, he had a clear answer in his mind.

Since the mung bean soup incident, Sheng Zhening thought of Xia Ma’s advice and reminded An An not to always disclose his news to Xia Qian, including the price war with Lang Yue this time. In fact, Xia Qian had seen relevant news on the Internet, so she was naturally very worried about Sheng Zhening and immediately contacted An’an.

At the same time, Mr. Xue used the Langyue Group against Changsheng and saw that Qin Hebo managed Langyue in an orderly manner, which made him feel that he should not lose this talent, so he offered to continue cooperating with Qin Hebo. Nevertheless, Qin Hebo did not agree, but chose to withdraw, at least he did not want to be an enemy of Sheng Zhening.

After leaving Cheong Yue Group, Qin Hebo explained the facts with Fu Shuangshuang, including Lihe Capital’s case against Changsheng. When he went to Changsheng, he was indeed motivated not to have pure motives, but later he had feelings with Sheng Zhening and Ning Meng. The main reason was that he did not want to embarrass Fu Shuangshuang, so he made this decision.

Xia Qian wanted to take out the principal and dividends that Sheng Zhening invested in the talk, hoping to help Changsheng emergency, but Sheng Zhening’s attitude of rejection made her mistakenly think that the other party wants to draw a line with herself. That night, Xia Qian was sheltering from the rain at the bus stop. It happened that Sheng Zhening was driving by. He originally wanted to turn the front of the car to find Xia Qian, but he saw Hao Siyuan sending Xia Qian to the bus. Sheng Zhening replenishes many scenes, and for a moment he wants to redeem this relationship, but he resisted the impulse and witnessed the car go away with his own eyes.

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