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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 41 End Recap

Jiang Yuda found an investor, Jiang Bancheng, to invest in their Jiuzhou Dojo. That was also his father. He didn’t expect Jiang Yuda to have such a wealthy family. His father was an entrepreneur. After discussing the investment with Xie Changan, he went to meet Cheng Yi. , I want to understand the feelings between them, after all, Jiang Yuda is the heir of his family. Cheng Yi’s statement Hou Jiang Bancheng recognized Cheng Yi very much, and he agreed with them.

The club that Jiang Bancheng invested in Kyushu Dojo soon opened, but Sheng Jingchu didn’t go out and cut the ribbon with everyone and couldn’t let go of his master’s spiritual position. Xie Changan persuaded that Kyushu would rely on him to support the facade after Sheng Jingchu, hoping that he could regain strength. After that, Sheng Jingchu asked Jiang Yuda to find Yao Ke, and he hoped that Yao Ke could go back.

After those things, Yao Ke finally met, hoping that Sheng Jingchu will give the opportunity to make up for his previous mistakes. Sheng Jingchu gave Yao Ke some pointers, which were also the teachings given to him by the master before his death. He hoped that Yao Ke could teach chess skills to the children. Yao Ke was moved by Sheng Jingchu’s sincerity. He felt that he shouldn’t take the victory or defeat too seriously before. In the future, he will teach the children his own chess skills. The world reconciliation between the two is finally completed.

Sheng Jingchu also had a deeper level of epiphany, and he would treat all Go players with a normal heart and no longer have any expectations. Cheng was still dedicated to accompany Sheng Jingchu, and that was very effective in his heart. It’s just that Sheng Jingchu is still afraid that he will come out of the pain, so that he will feel guilty in his heart, afraid that he will be slack in losing a loved one. Cheng Leo continued to persuade Sheng Jingchu that he would help Sheng Jingchu retrieve his lost memory and confidence.

Cheng Lei went to Sheng Jingchu’s hometown for various inquiries and inquiries. He wanted to find Sheng Jingchu’s childhood through many clues, and used those little bits to help Sheng Jingchu restore his memory. After unremitting efforts, he finally produced a complete plan. Cheng Le took Sheng Jingchu to try some dishes. It was his mother’s memory. After Sheng Jingchu tasted it, his parents showed up in his mind. This reminded Sheng Jingchu of his childhood memories.

Cheng Liao persuaded Sheng Jingchu to have memories, but he still had to work hard. Anyone would have a day to leave. As long as the best moment was recorded in his mind, it was the greatest comfort to them. The knot accompanies Cheng to play chess together. In the chess game, Sheng Jingchu saw the master, and that was the result Xie Lao Zai expected. He knew that Sheng Jingchu would walk out of the mist to meet him, so that Xie Lao could pass away with peace of mind.

A whole-hearted Sheng Jingchu and Cheng appeared in front of the public. He wanted to represent the Kyushu Club to face the game, and Xiaoyan also succeeded as a host to interview Sheng Jingchu and Cheng. Sheng Jingchu was able to win the championship and he had a lot of credit. , I hope they can tell the story of their acquaintance, so the two of them will tell the audience what happened when they met on the bus and what happened afterwards.

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