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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 40 Recap

Nie Weiping knew that Sheng Jingchu had a deep feeling for Xie Lao, and he told Sheng Jingchu not to disappoint Xie Lao’s training. For many years, Xie Lao’s favorite apprentice was Sheng Jingchu. Now he has just passed away, and Xie Lao can’t look down on Xie Lao even though there are rumors outside. It was very unfavorable for Sheng Jingchu, but he had to find the truth to make him innocent. After Nie Weiping’s meal, Sheng Jingchu finally understood how he should do it.

Xiaolan sent a message to Sheng Jingchu asking him to go back quickly, and now the Kyushu Dojo is in chaos. Sheng Jingchu didn’t understand why the master would ask him to go out and stand on his own before he died, there must be hidden feelings in it.

Yao Ke did not ask other people to participate when interviewed by the reporter. This was strange to both Cao Xi and Xiaolan, but Xie Changan felt that it was his father’s other last words and could only do so. Just then Sheng Jingchu went back and had a showdown with Yao Ke after sending all the reporters away. Now only a few people in the dojo know the rumors on the Internet, and they have to play chess to test who actually spread it, because There is no concealment between opponents in the Go world.

In the first game, Sheng Jingchu played against Xiaolan. In the chess game, Sheng Jingchu saw that Xiaolan had complained online, so Xiaolan told everyone what he said before, but they were all trivial things. After that, it was Xie Changan, and it was Cao Xi and both of them to tell Sheng Jingchu some of the remarks posted on the Internet, which were also small things. Sheng Jingchu asked Cao Xihe to apologize to the people who were hurt by him on the Internet.

In the end, it was Yao Ke’s turn to play against, and Sheng Jingchu was the only person who doubted him. Because Yao Ke had been losing to Sheng Jingchu ten years ago, this made him very unconvinced, and now he has been unable to win Sheng Jingchu, so he is always ill. Yao Ke was irritated by Sheng Jingchu’s words and told him everything, and the Kyushu Dojo was also left to him.

It was because Sheng Jingchu had been in a muddle-headed transition that he got it. Blame Sheng Jingchu for being too stupid. It’s just that everyone has heard that Mr. Xie wants to leave it to Yao Ke, but Sheng Jingchu has nothing. Yao Ke is the only one who laughs last. Sheng Jingchu asked Yao Ke not to be obsessed and hoped that he could turn his head back. The reason Sheng Jingchu had an epiphany was because he was guided by Nie Weiping, but Yao Ke hated Sheng Jingchu. It was a mistake to fail to abolish Sheng Jingchu.

After listening to Yao Ke’s words, Sheng Jingchu told him that everything he had planned was just a well-designed bureau. The reporters and seniors were listening outside, so the reporter took the camera out to shoot Yao Ke. This is called Yao Ke. Almost mad and hurried to escape. Soon Yao Ke’s shameless behavior was in the news, and Yao Ke could only hide in the house and watch the loss completely. Sheng Jingchu went to the master’s tombstone to give comfort, he had already figured out all the facts.

Cheng Li knew that Sheng Jingchu still couldn’t get out of the death of his master, but he didn’t know how to help him and felt very uncomfortable. Chun Yao persuaded Cheng not to take the horns. It took a while before her mother died. I hope that Cheng will give Sheng Jingchu some company, which is what he needs most at the moment.

Jiang Yuda felt that the Kyushu Dojo could follow the path of the club, but everyone felt that it was a way, but funding was a big problem.

When Xu Chi met with Cheng Yi and Jiang Yuda, he felt that there was no hope for him and Cheng Yi. He was willing to retreat to the position of good friends, hoping that Jiang Yuda would take care of Cheng Yi, and he would be Cheng Yi’s maiden brother in the future.

Xu Chi is leaving Songguo Video. The reason why he did those jobs before was because of Cheng Yi, but now that people have a home, the work at this time has no meaning to continue.

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