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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 39 Recap

Yao Ke also went to visit Xie Lao, but Xie Lao called Yao Ke Sheng Jingchu confusedly, which made Yao Ke a little unhappy, but Xie Lao also told Yao Ke about Sheng Jing’s early leisure time, that was Sheng Jingchu’s loss of color ability. So Mr. Xie was like training him, but Sheng Jingchu couldn’t see anything. This made Mr. Xie very distressed by Mr. Sheng Jingchu.

From now on, the Kyushu Dojo would give Mr. Sheng Jingchu. This made Yao Ke even more angry. He felt that Mr. Xie was here. Eccentric Sheng Jingchu showed resentment towards Xie Lao in his heart. At this moment Xie Lao’s condition worsened, Yao Ke hurried to call a doctor. Xie Chang’an and his party all rushed to the hospital. Old Xie pointed to Yao Ke to explain, and the Kyushu Dojo would be handed over to him in the future, which surprised everyone.

Xiaolan felt that the master was fine before, but she suddenly became what she is now, feeling very uncomfortable. But Yao Ke cares about what the master has said, and wants to confirm with everyone whether the Kyushu Dojo is handed over to him. He also explained that the master did not hand over the Kyushu Dojo to Sheng Jingchu because he wanted to ask him to go out and stand on his own and leave the Kyushu Dojo. This shocked everyone and felt that Yao Ke was too much.

Sheng Jingchu and Xie Changan were taking care of Xie Lao in the hospital. He did not expect that his condition suddenly worsened. The doctor rushed to rescue him. Unexpectedly, Sheng Jingchu couldn’t accept the fainting as he looked at the master. When Sheng Jingchu woke up, Cheng told him with grief that Mr. Xie had passed away. This was unacceptable bad news for Sheng Jingchu. Cheng had to hug Sheng Jingchu to comfort him, but everything has become reality and irretrievable.

At the funeral, everyone deeply cherished the memory of Mr. Xie, and would give a eulogy to Mr. Xie. He is a great hero in the Go world, but he can’t fight with him in the future. I don’t know why Sheng Jingchu didn’t attend the funeral of Mrs. Xie. It was strange to many people. The reporter also went to interview. Xie Chang’an was very angry and almost got into a fight with the reporter. All the disciples and grandsons played the last move to show respect to Xie Lao, and at this time Sheng Jingchu was hiding in the room of his hometown to get drunk.

Even the roadside master played chess as if he was a master, and he was guilty of color blindness again, and he couldn’t see any colors in front of him. Cheng Lei looked everywhere for Sheng Jingchu and knew that he must be hiding in his hometown when he didn’t see him. The Sheng Jingchu in front of him called Cheng and felt distressed and didn’t know how to comfort him.

In Sheng Jingchu’s heart, Xie Lao had feelings like biological parents. Since the parents left, all the emotional sustenance has been on the master. This kind of shock is unbearable for Sheng Jingchu. After that, Cheng was asked to tell everyone that he would not play chess anymore. The brothers couldn’t believe it, but Yao Ke was very supportive of Sheng Jingchu’s decision. Jiang Yuda also quarreled with Yao Ke.

Cheng Le took Sheng Jingchu back to the dojo. Everyone persuaded Sheng Jingchu to cheer up, but Sheng Jingchu’s eyes were dull and did not respond to everyone’s words. Cheng didn’t know how to raise him to persuade Sheng Jingchu. Xie Changan felt that only one person could persuade Sheng Jingchu. So Cheng took Sheng Jingchu to Nie Weiping, and wanted to ask him to solve Sheng Jingchu.

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