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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 38 Recap

Jiang Yuda is also regarded as an official professional chess player after participating in the game. Sheng Jingchu told Jiang Yuda that he will be even better in the future, and he is confident in teaching his apprentices.

Cheng Yi was very disappointed not to receive the news of Jiang Yuda, and went out to complain with Cheng, thinking that Jiang Yuda won the championship without telling her. Cheng found out that Cheng Yi must have fallen in love with Jiang Yuda, otherwise he would not feel that way, but it was very unfair to Xu Chi. After all, Xu Chi had paid so much for pursuing her. I didn’t know the process but thought that there was no electricity between her and Xu Chi, and I always felt with Jiang Yuda. As long as Jiang Yuda dared to confess, she would accept it, but now she could not wait for any expression from him, which made Cheng Yi very angry.

Xu Chi went to tell Cheng Yi that this interview with Xie Chang’an was very successful. Just then Jiang Yuda called her and Xu Chi walked away happily. After Cheng Yi got through, Jiang Yuda asked her to go out on a date. They were the first. Where I met. Jiang Yuda plucked up the courage and confessed to Cheng Yi, which was what Cheng Yi had always wanted, so he stayed with Jiang Yuda. Lisa showed Xu Chi the photo of Cheng Yi and Jiang Yuda kissing. It was big news and wanted to be exposed. But Xu Chi furiously told Lisa not to interfere in other people’s private lives, but Lisa wanted to make Xu Chi and tell him to give up Cheng Yi, which annoyed Xu Chi even more, so she fired Lisa, which made Lisa self-defeating. .

After Jiang Yuda and Cheng Yi were together, they ran to Sheng Jingchu to raise their status and call him his brother-in-law. This made Sheng Jingchu very angry. He felt that Jiang Yuda was too unreliable, so he admitted that he is a brother-in-law, but there will be no apprentice in the future, Jiang Yuda As soon as I heard it, I confessed my mistake and didn’t dare to climb the seniors. I quickly said that I would be a teacher for a day and be a father for life. Only then did Sheng Jingchu bypass Jiang Yuda.

Everyone celebrated Sheng Jingchu’s birthday. Cheng Leo also personally prepared birthday cakes, food, wine and dishes for Sheng Jingchu. Jiang Yuda took the opportunity to announce to everyone that he was with Cheng Yi, and called Dad Cheng to talk about it, but Dad Cheng did. Ask Jiang Yuda to perform well, although Cheng Yi’s level has passed, his test Lu Xian is very long, if Jiang Yuda does not perform well, he will be eliminated at any time.

Cheng Liao also prepared fireworks for Sheng Jingchu. That day was not only Sheng Jingchu’s birthday, but also the New Year. Everyone celebrated the New Year together with anger and joy. Old Xie supported Cheng. As long as Sheng Jingchu bullied him, he would go to the master to avenge her at any time. When everyone was in peace, Mr. Xie suddenly fainted. After a hospital check, Mr. Xie was discharged from the hospital. After simple treatment, Mr. Xie was discharged. NS. After that, she took Sheng Jingchu to his parents’ tombs to offer incense, telling them that Cheng was Sheng Jingchu’s girlfriend, a very good girl, and she was relieved even if she didn’t have a master in front of her. However, Lao Xie suddenly couldn’t remember anything. He didn’t even know where he was. Sheng Jingchu hurriedly rushed Lao Xie to the hospital. After examination, he still suffered from amnesia caused by high blood pressure.

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