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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 37 Recap

Cheng Yi went to Xie Changan to talk about the request to participate in the show, but he did not expect that he agreed without hesitation. This made Cheng Yi very happy, and being able to invite Xie Changan was considered to have completed the task given by the leader.

Dad Cheng found a master who knows how to make Macheng fish noodles, and then went to his home to guide the process, and soon after Cheng, he mastered the essence of Macheng fish noodles. So everyone followed Xie Chang’an’s request to make Cheng’s father’s restaurant look like Rumei’s first meeting with him. All the styles are exactly the same, which is very touched by Rumei. Just when Dad Cheng gave them up, Rumeiri felt that they were familiar with each other, and Dad Cheng felt the same way. Xie Changan was afraid that there would be a story between them, so he quickly asked Rumei to call Uncle Cheng to distance him, and Cheng was late to do it. After the Macheng fish noodles, all the feelings are back to the year, exactly the same as the original taste.

Xie Changan finally plucked up the courage to confess that she wanted to be with Rumei, but Rumei said that she did like Xie Changan before, but that was all ten years ago. Now she went back to go through the wedding formalities. I hope Xie Changan can Put her down.

Xie Changan was seriously injured by Rumei’s sudden injury. Cheng Yi also decided that the interview content would not be broadcast. However, Xie Changan believed that everything was the best arrangement and could not be blamed on the outside but on his own weakness.

In the semi-finals of the game, Sheng Jingchu won against Cao Xihe, while Xie Changan played against Xie Lao. It was the father who won the son, and Sheng Jingchu played the final against Xie Lao. The two men finally met in the competition. This is Xie Lao’s wish, and Sheng Jingchu is the same. The master hopes that the apprentice can be better than the blue, and the apprentice also hopes to go further, but the outside Cheng has seen that Sheng Jingchu is somewhat There was something wrong, and only he was able to spot the clues of Sheng Jingchu, and in the end Xie Lao won Sheng Jingchu. Yao Ke in front of the TV series knows that Sheng Jingchu is releasing water, which also proves that Sheng Jingchu is no longer obsessed with winning and losing, and Yao Ke feels that he will never be able to achieve that kind of height.

Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that this was Master’s last professional game, and did not want Master to lose at the last moment, but Cheng Lei felt that as long as it was from the heart, it was the best decision. I hope Sheng Jingchu will do well in the next day of the game. Performance, after all, the master wants them to have a better performance.

Jiang Yuda and Zhao Yanxun both ran to Sheng Jingchu’s home for a meal. The two hypocritically wanted to support Sheng Jingchu, and they wanted to pass on Sheng Jingchu’s strength, in fact, in order to be able to spend more time in his home.

On the second day, Sheng Jingchu and the master had always maintained a normal heart. This made the master very satisfied. In the end, Xie Lao gave up and won the game. After returning home, Xie Lao felt that Sheng Jingchu made him very angry in the first game, and he was very good in the second game, but he hadn’t played his best level yet, so Sheng Jingchu must go all out in the third game, so that he would be treated to him. Respect.

The decisive game between the two men officially began. Although they were playing chess on the surface, they communicated their hearts through chess routes, and chatting with chess routes seemed very relaxed. In the end, Sheng Jingchu was even better and won Xie Lao. Although he lost chess, Xie Lao was very happy. It is worth having a lover like Sheng Jingchu’s for a lifetime.

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