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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 36 Recap

In the end, only Sheng Jingchu and Cao Xianluo were left. Everyone was concerned about their victory and Sheng Jingchu’s situation was also very passive. At the critical moment, Sheng Jingchu reversed the situation and took down Cao Xianluo. Cheng Le and Cheng’s father sat in front of the TV series. Seeing Sheng Jingchu won and jumped up happier than Sheng Jingchu.

Cheng Leqi Sheng Jingchu celebrated his victory in the first game. The two ate cakes, while Zhao Yanxun had a party with Cao Xi and a group of senior brothers. He also admired Cao Xihe’s strength, but he was able to compete with him every time before. Maybe it was because Cao Xihe had a sense of inferiority when he saw him, but now he gained confidence after being with Xiaolan and won the game easily.

After Yao Ke went home, the dark side appeared again. He said to his younger brother Yao Pu that he would lose to Xie Changan in a perverted manner. Now his face and dignity are gone. The younger brother looked at Yao Ke in order to win such a state. Worried, but he can do nothing about his brother.

Cheng Yi received an assignment to interview Sheng Jingchu. Many netizens found that Sheng Jingchu had become a lot more gentle since he was with Cheng. Everyone suspected that Sheng Jingchu was a love brain. Sheng Jingchu told everyone that Cheng had changed him and cured him. Sheng Jingchu will not allow anyone to go to Shanghai for his Cheng anymore. Hearing Cheng Liao before the TV series burst into tears.

Xu Chi asked Cheng Yi to go to dinner together, and suddenly realized that Cheng Yi had changed from before. He was no longer as tight as before but became slack. Xu Chi accidentally saw Cheng Yi looking at the picture of Jiang Yuda on his phone, which made Xu Chi know that Cheng Yi had Jiang Yuda in his heart. After the two of them had a meal, Cheng Yi hurriedly went to find Jiang Yuda to have a barbecue. Xu Chi in the car couldn’t help but cry as they watched them happily together.

Sheng Jingchu and Cheng Le were seen and photographed by chess fans. Although they didn’t care, they also told them not to post them on the Internet, which would cause them unnecessary trouble. And those few people called Cheng must give Sheng Jingchu help, and don’t affect his career. After that, Sheng Jingchu asked Cheng not to care too much about the words of those chess fans. He also saw the comments of chess fans on the Internet. There were a lot of slander words about Cheng. Therefore, Sheng Jingchu stepped on the words in the show, and no one was allowed to hurt Cheng. NS.

Xie Changan and Cao Xihe said that he has always had a regret about Rumei. She was pretending to be her but she didn’t dare to confess. Later, when Xie Changan plucked up the courage to confess to Rumei, the family left, so Xie Changan always wears Rumei’s mobile phone. I’ve been waiting for Rumei to call him for ten years, but I haven’t been able to wait. Now Rumei is back, but the noodle shop where she wanted to confess was closed. Xiaolan was so moved when she learned about Xie Chang’an’s story, even when He Cheng talked about it, she burst into tears. Cheng Lei told them that they wanted to ask the master to eat Macheng fish noodles to confess that she could do it, and just learn how to cook it for the master, so that they could do it but they had longed for years.

After returning home, I discussed the matter with Dad Cheng. Unexpectedly, Dad Cheng knew that an old friend would do that kind of noodles, so he went to find Cheng’s old friend for help. Cheng Yi also wanted to help them make a column about the taste in memory. That way, he would help the big brother but he wanted to, but he must ask the big brother to participate in the show.

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