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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 23 Recap

Zhou Wenxing was going to Shanghai to see a doctor. She was worried about whether she would go back or not, so she asked the housekeeper to push her to the backyard to enjoy the beauty of the mountain. Mei Xing didn’t want Zhou Wenxing to reach the gate in a wheelchair, so she hugged Zhou Wenxing and sent her to the car.

Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen came to Xiaoman’s three-person studio to try on dresses. The mother-in-law revealed that Zhou Wenchuan was with Xiaoman and that Xiaoman was pregnant with Zhou Wenchuan’s child. Zhou Shengchen had known about this a long time ago, and Shiyi was surprised. The mother-in-law came to the hospital to see Zhou Wenxing and encouraged her to face it hard. Mei Xing went through the formalities after busy schedule, asked the doctor about Zhou Wenxing’s condition, and gave the test report to Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi for review.

Zhou Wenxing wanted to send her mother-in-law away, so he went downstairs to bask in the sun. Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi pushed her to relax. Zhou Wenxing wants to be discharged from the hospital before her birthday. Shi Yi firmly believes that she will get better soon. Zhou Wenxing casually said that Mei Xing likes poetry and songs, and she wants to learn from her as much as she wants, but she has not been able to get to the point. Zhou Wenxing Asked Zhou Shengchen how many girlfriends Mei Xing had been with, Zhou Shengchen had no idea about this. Zhou Wenxing persuaded Zhou Shengchen to make the wedding more grand. She was going to attend. Zhou Shengchen didn’t care about these things. As long as Zhou Wenxing was healthy, Zhou Wenxing jokes that Zhou Shengchen doesn’t know how to be romantic, so it’s time to fight the injustice.

It is time to see that Zhou Wenxing likes Mei Xing, and Zhou Shengchen knows that Mei Xing wants to find a relationship between you and me, rather than unilateral wishful thinking. Zhou Wenxing leaned on the hospital bed and watched horror movies. She was so frightened that she exclaimed again and again. Mei Xing refused to let her watch such movies, so she accompanied Zhou Wenxing on the sofa next to her. Shiyi sent Zhou Shengchen to work early in the morning, and then came to Hong Xiaoyu. He learned that Hong Xiaoyu and Du Feng’s relationship was getting better and better. Hong Xiaoyu wondered how she got along with nerds like Zhou Shengchen. Shiyi liked Zhou Shengchen’s dull personality. .

The housekeeper came to the hospital to take care of Zhou Wenxing. Mei Xing was about to go to work. Zhou Wenxing was reluctant to let him come back earlier and gave him a bottle of anti-alcoholism. Mei Xing promised to see her when he was busy. Zhou Wenchuan took Xiaoman to see Zhou Wenxing. Zhou Shengchen asked Xiaoman to wait outside, and he entered the ward alone.

Yanyan came to Shiyi to help adjust the guzheng, and Shiyi played a piece at random. Zhou Shengchen was fascinated by it. Shiyi checked that the strings were loose and promised to tune it up for Yanyan as soon as possible. Zhou Shengchen suddenly received a notice that Zhou Wenxing was critically ill. He hurriedly took Shiyi to the hospital. He learned from Doctor Lin that Zhou Wenchuan had tampered with Zhou Wenxing’s examination records without authorization, and deliberately made Zhou Wenxing’s physical indicators unqualified, causing her to be unable to be timely. The operation was performed, and Zhou Wenchuan had a big fight with Zhou Wenxing. Zhou Wenxing fainted again in a hurry. Thanks to Dr. Lin’s timely arrival and found that Zhou Wenxing’s indicators had been tampered with, he immediately called the police.

When Zhou Shengchen learned of the situation, he slapped Zhou Wenchuan severely. The police arrived and took Zhou Wenchuan to make a transcript. Qin Wan was worried that Zhou Wenchuan could not cope with it, and asked Zhou Shengchen to help him. Zhou Shengchen had a stomachache. Angry, he yelled at Qin Wan, then walked away in anger.

In fact, Zhou Wenchuan wanted to focus everyone’s attention on Zhou Wenxing’s surgery, so as to cover up his problems with the accounts, and Shiyi couldn’t help being surprised when he learned the truth. Zhou Shengchen told Mei Xing the truth. Mei Xing gritted his teeth and smashed the tea cup in his hand.

Zhou Shengchen thought of Zhou Wenxing, whose life was dying, and felt like a knife. He wanted to take a bath to relieve stress, but still couldn’t let go. Shiyi felt very distressed and didn’t know how to comfort him. So he washed his hair and stayed with him silently. When Zhou Shengchen wanted to hug Shiyi, Shiyi cuddled in the bathtub with him.

Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi came to the hospital early in the morning. They saw Mei Xing staying out of the ward all night, and Zhou Wenxing’s situation was getting worse and worse. Zhou Shengchen hurried in to visit. Shi Yiben wanted to persuade Mei Xing to accompany Zhou Wenxing well. Mei Xing was ready to take her away from Zhou’s home after Zhou Wenxing’s surgery. Mei Xing apologized to Shi Yi for asking for his wife under the name of the brand name, but Shi Yi didn’t care at all.

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