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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 3 Recap

Since the last time on the school ground, Sang Qi has rescued Yan Yan regardless of her own safety, and she has instantly grown tall in the eyes of Yan Yan and others. In order to thank Sang Qi for her life-saving grace, Yan Yan prepared a table of delicacies for her. But looking at this posture, there is a full meaning to send Sang Qi away. Yan Yan hurriedly changed the placement of the food, but after the change, it was more like a worship. Yan Yan had an idea and hurriedly put a piece of pastry into Sangqi’s mouth. In this way, the two of them were relieved of their past.

A case occurred in the city. Yan Yunzhi went to the house to check and found nothing unusual. But the strange thing is that the house seems to have been cleaned up deliberately, and it is surprisingly clean. But Yan Yunzhi seemed to have fiery eyes, and he noticed the strangeness under the table with just a glance. Sure enough, there was some red powder under the table. It’s just that the red powder appeared so strange that even the government couldn’t find out what it was.

In this case, the death of the deceased was almost exactly the same as that of Sang Yu, and the family suddenly disappeared out of thin air, which is really strange. What Yan Yunzhi did not expect was that in the middle of the night, someone quietly climbed onto the eaves of this house. Yan Yunzhi hurried forward to chase after him. Unexpectedly, the man in black escaped into Taiwei’s mansion and disappeared into the night. Coincidentally, Yan Yunzhi inadvertently broke into Sang Qi’s boudoir while pursuing the man in black, while Sang Qi was bathing. The cries of the two attracted the maidservant Ding in the mansion. Sang Qi thought they were here to capture Yan Yunzhi, so he quickly hid in the tub. Although the situation was urgent, fortunately, Yan Yunzhi had a clear mind, and a flying body jumped out of the window, and there was no joke.

In the music class, the doctor selects his disciples to play the violin using the fluency of music. But where Sang Qi had learned something, he only made a piercing sound after playing the drum seriously. The rest of the disciples hurriedly covered their ears, even the doctor was embarrassed, but only Yan Yan applauded and cheered. Sang Qi also understood his playing level, and offered to sing a ballad for everyone to show his guilt. Everyone’s hands covering their ears were pressed tighter, for fear of hearing a “deafening” piercing sound. But when Sang Qi showed his throat cut, everyone dropped their hands unconsciously, immersing themselves in the moving singing.

The singing came to Yan Yun’s ears, and he couldn’t help but think of his best friend Sang Yu, and couldn’t help walking to Sang Qi’s side and plucking the strings. The sound of the piano accompanied by the singing was beautiful and moving, and the disciples present couldn’t help but cheer. But Tiangong was not beautiful, and when the song ended, it suddenly rained heavily. Zhuo Wenyuan hurried forward to cover the rain for Sang Qi, but the other party didn’t care, and ran into the rain to catch up with Yan Yunzhi.

Sang Qi saw his elder brother from the sound of Yan Yunzhi’s piano. It was clearly a piece that he had played before. But Yan Yunzhi tried his best to deny it, as if hiding something. Every time he mentions his brother, Yan Yunzhi will unconsciously panic. Sang Qi thinks that there must be something wrong. It was just helpless that Yan Yunzhi was suddenly called by the doctor, otherwise Sang Qi would definitely break the casserole and ask the end.

Hearing that the roster of supervised students is in the classics room, and perhaps you can find information about your brother from it, Sang Qi hurried to find out. The classics room is spacious and bright, and the catalogues of classics are neat and uniform. Sang Qi saw in the roster that his brother Zeng and Yan Yunzhi were in the same class. Just as he wanted to observe more closely, Yan Yunzhi came in. Yan Yunzhi took out the aura of the teacher and asked Sang Qi to copy. Sang Qi reluctantly accepted, and then asked about his relationship with his brother.

But reluctantly, the other party was beaten to death and refused to admit it, so Sang Qi had no choice but to leave. Yan Yunzhi accidentally saw someone sneaking away from the window of the classics room. After Sang Qi left, he hurried forward to check, and he found something strange. A few pages of the classics were torn, and those pages seemed to have some connection with the red powder found earlier. It seemed that the person Yan Yunzhi was looking for was in the Imperial College.

Sang Qi deliberately learned the art of cooking, and wanted to please Yan Yun so as to complete his bet with Song Jiayin. Unexpectedly, he unexpectedly discovered Yan Yunzhi’s secret. It turned out that he would also be afraid of feathered roosters. When Song Luotian heard that Sang Qi was going to cook for Yan Yun, he was worried that she would beat her sister Song Jiayin, so she took the advantage of her unpreparedness to add medicine to the food, so as to destroy her image in Yan Yunzhi’s eyes. Sang Qi ate the food, so she went crazy and hugged Yan Yunzhi. Seeing Sang Qi gradually disappeared, Yan Yunzhi was in a panic. But he didn’t even expect that Sang Qi took the initiative to kiss him. The atmosphere seemed to freeze in an instant, leaving only two people breathing ambiguously.

Sang Qi was rushed back to Taiwei’s Mansion, but he did not wake up until late at night. Yan Yunzhi had already lost a close friend, and this time he didn’t want to lose another disciple. Regardless of wind and rain, he intercepted Doctor Wen on the road and asked him to rescue Sang Qi.

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