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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 2 Recap

Yan Yunzhi was really annoyed by Sang Qi, so he called her to the front and asked her how to stop bothering herself. Sang Qi’s condition is also very simple, that is, he accepts his wallet. Yan Yunzhi immediately responded, but he specifically pointed out that he only gave her this opportunity. Sang Qi was overjoyed, but was surprised that his purse was not on him. Yan Yunzhi took advantage of the situation and gave Sang Qi a hat of disrupting order, and told her to study with peace of mind. Sang Qi was full of doubts, but could not find evidence to refute.

Seeing Sang Qi’s departure, Yan Yunzhi was very proud. It turned out that Yan Yunzhi stole the purse from her as soon as Sang Qi entered the door. Just thinking about it, Sang Qi suddenly pushed the door and entered, pointing at Yan Yunzhi for stealing his purse. Yan Yunzhi hurriedly sent Sang Qi away, and immediately called Bai Shi to put his purse back on Sang Qi’s desk. But Bai Shi’s mind was not so good, and he put his purse on Yan Yan’s table. Yan Yan mistakenly thought that Sang Qi had a heart for herself, and her attitude towards her became ambiguous. But in Sang Qi’s eyes, Yan Yan couldn’t understand herself as the only female disciple, so she kept staring at herself.

After school, Yan Yan invited Sang Qi to the school field, fantasizing that he and Sang Qi would both stay and fly together and talk to each other. Unexpectedly, he waited for Sang Qi’s punch. Yan Yan quickly took out his purse to explain what he meant for today’s invitation, Sang Qi understood it in his heart, and guessed that it was Yan Yunzhi who was in the middle of it. After Sang Qi got rid of Yan Yan, he hurried to catch up with Yan Yun’s request. The other party admitted that he did it, but claimed that he was just teaching and educating people. Sang Qi couldn’t help but sneered, and sooner or later he wanted to let Yan Yunzhi know what it means to be outsiders.

Yan Yan lost face in public and would definitely not give up. Although Sang Qi and Zhuo Wenyuan knew that they could not be avoided, they didn’t expect Yan Yan to find them so early. The two ran away quickly, but they didn’t expect to run into Song Luotian’s camp. Sang Qi had an idea and claimed that he and Song Luotian were in the same group, but he was really misunderstood by Yan Yan. Yan Yan was so angry that he fought with Song Luotian and almost fell into the pool. Sang Qi wanted to kick the two into the water together, but he didn’t expect someone to hold one hand tightly, and his body dumped into the pool. Fortunately, Zhuo Wenyuan grabbed Sangqi in time, and several of them did not fall into the water.

It’s just that Sang Qi is an easily submissive lord, as soon as she stabilized her body, she kicked Yan Yan severely. Yan Yan and Song Luotian lost their support and fell into the water. Yan Yunzhi arrived in time and sternly reprimanded several people. Unexpectedly, Sang Qi deliberately pulled one of Yan Yun into the water, and the scene was chaotic. The coolness in the pool water couldn’t extinguish Yan Yunzhi’s anger, and as soon as he got up from the water, Yan Yunzhi angrily reprimanded all the disciples.

But after Yan Yunzhi left, Wei Zhanhong began to have ghost ideas in his heart. Pretending to be kind, he invited Sang Qi to the side room to change his clothes. Sang Qi knew the ghosts of Wei Zhanhong, so he stayed with them to the end and followed them to the side room. As soon as the door opened, Sang Qi caught a glimpse of the bucket on the beam and pushed it into the house while Wei Zhanhong didn’t pay attention. Upon seeing this, the disciples who followed quietly hurried forward to check, but they forgot the organs they had arranged. Several people suffered from their own evil consequences and were soaked and embarrassed.

It is rumored that the sacrifice of wine is because of offending Yan Yunzhi, which is forced to travel around the world. For Yan Yan, Zhuo Wenyuan didn’t worry, but he was afraid that Yan Yun would report it. As he was talking, Yan Yunzhi walked over and asked everyone to simulate the case. Sang Qi thought it was very interesting at first, but when she got the “dead” she was still unable to hide her loss. Everyone made their own inferences around Sang Qi, and Yan Yan was even more shocking, and Yan Yunzhi couldn’t help but sigh. In the end, it was Zhuo Wenyuan who told the truth about the case, which led to the reason that the investigation and handling of the case must not be deceived by appearances.

After each simulated case, Sang Qi always “luckily” draws the identity of the deceased. Playing the dead day after day, Sang Qi couldn’t help but doubt his original choice. Sang Qi remembered that his brother had told himself in the past that Guozijian is an interesting place, and there is also his classmate Xiaobai. In the mouth of his brother, Xiaobai is the best among them, and at the same time a considerate person. At that time, Sang Qi was looking forward to seeing this brother’s best friend, but now, where is Xiao Bai. Yan Yunzhi quietly walked behind Sang Qi and listened to all of her nonsense. In order to stabilize his majesty, Yan Yunzhi is determined to conceal his identity as Xiaobai from Sang Qi.

On the school field, a disciple’s horse suddenly lost control. Sang Qi has eyesight and quick hands, and hurries to rescue him. But the power of a woman was not enough to resist the horse that was out of control, and Sang Qi was almost thrown to the ground by the horse. Fortunately, Yan Yunzhi shot in time, as if leaping into the air and falling steadily behind Sang Qi, strangling the horse’s reins. Sang Qi’s heart couldn’t help but be thumped for some reason.

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