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The Justice 光芒 Episode 23 Recap

Shopkeeper Lin saw the malicious slander on him in the newspaper and was so angry that he fainted on the spot. Cheng Yizhi learned of the incident and immediately took Wu Lizi to the hospital to visit. The Jinan tragedy caused the New Third and Fourth National Debt to fall to the bottom. Feng Youru immediately panicked and couldn’t help complaining to Huang Ruhong, but Huang Ruhong was very calm. He analyzed that the matter was not caused by the Ministry of Finance, but Cheng Yizhi was behind the scenes. He called Inform Lei Zi to keep an eye on the treasurer Lin and look for opportunities to buy all of Lin Fumizhuang’s stock.

Shopkeeper Lin vomited bitterness to shopkeeper Lin when he saw Cheng Yizhi. Wu Lizi was kind to shopkeeper Lin, and Cheng Yizhi could only accompany him silently. Charlie bought 900 shares of Lin Fumizhuang all at once. Together with the shares held by Lin Fumizhuang and Cheng Yizhi, the proportion has reached 52%, and he has successfully saved Lin Fumizhuang. Knowing this, he closed his mouth happily, and fainted again because of his emotions.

Zhou Wenqu brought Ning Ning to worship Zhou Guangxian, complaining that she shouldn’t beat Wu Lizi last time. Wu Zhifu had nothing to do with the tragedy of her hometown elders. Ning Ning repeatedly claimed that Wu Lizi had exposed Zhou Guangxian’s drug production and trafficking to reporter Wang, leading to Zhou Guangxian’s arrest. Later, when she died of unfaithfulness, Zhou Wenqun would not allow her to talk nonsense. She would rather speak out, and insist that Cheng Yizhi was instructing Wu Lizi behind her back. Zhou Wendog began to whisper in her heart, and Ningning took the opportunity to instigate the relationship between him and Cheng Yizhi.

Huang Ruhong was unwilling to admit defeat. He firmly believed that someone was behind Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi and sent Leizi to find out who bought 900 shares of Lin Fumi Village. As always, Charlie came to the Grand Theater to support Guan Xiuyue. Wu Lizi and Cheng Yizhi came to Charlie to be held accountable. They thanked Charlie for saving Lin Fumi Village and complained that he should not use the Jinan tragedy as a bargaining chip, let alone tell the story of the treasurer Lin. Charlie was plausible. Wu Lizi guessed that he was stunned by Guan Xiuyue’s coldness. Cheng Yizhi exposed that Guan Xiuyue’s mediocre singing skills were not worth his pursuit. Charlie suddenly became angry and turned his face with Cheng Yizhi on the spot.

Wu Lizi came to see Guan Xiuyue in the backstage and tried her best to speak nicely for Charlie. Not only did Charlie join Libang Bank, she was also a major shareholder of Linfumi Village. Guan Xiuyue didn’t believe it at all. Charlie sneered at Cheng Yizhi and moved out of his relationship with Wu Lizi. Cheng Yizhi also realized that he was not listening, and repeatedly confessed to Charlie. Charlie asked Cheng Yizhi to find two invitations for the weekend champagne party. Guan Xiuyue always wanted to go to such a social place. , Cheng Yizhi fully agreed.

Ning Ning came to see Zhou Wen dog for a date. Zhou Wen dog was still busy at work. Ning Ning was very dissatisfied. Zhou Wen dog said that Cheng Yizhi did his best to get the license. He can’t live up to Cheng Yizhi. Ningning deliberately revealed the license of the pharmaceutical factory. Feng Youru did it and didn’t spend a cent.

Cheng Yizhi quickly helped Charlie find two invitations for the champagne party, and Charlie rushed to ask Guan Xiuyue for credit. The Carney couple invited Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi to the champagne party. Cheng Yizhi did not want to go. Wu Lizi had already told Carney about their divorce, and Cheng Yizhi reluctantly agreed. On the weekend, Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi came to the Champagne Ball. The Carneys praised them for being modern and still being friends even after divorce.

Charlie brought Guan Xiuyue to the Champagne Party in a costume. Cheng Yizhi recommended Charlie to talk to Cane about the public debt. Charlie talked eloquently. Guan Xiuyue looked at Charlie with admiration, and Cane also praised Charlie as an expert. Cheng Yizhi introduced Guan Xiuyue to Kane, and Wu Lizi invited Kane and his wife to watch Guan Xiuyue’s performance at the Grand Theater. Huang Ruhong also came to the ball, he was always paying attention to the every move of Cheng Yizhi and others. After the banquet, Wu Lizi once again solemnly introduced Charlie’s new identity to Guan Xiuyue. Charlie thanked Cheng Yizhi for his accomplishment.

Director Fang of the registration office came to Zhou Wendog and pleaded guilty to him for the license. Zhou Wendog always thought that he had received 10,000 yuan for the benefit. Director Fang denied it and revealed that the license was handled by Feng Youru. It was determined that Cheng Yizhi not only deceived him, but also embezzled 10,000 yuan of public funds without authorization.

Wu Lizi asked Cheng Yizhi to watch Chaplin’s new movie “The Circus”. Cheng Yizhi had already watched it and told Wu Lizi the plot in detail. Wu Lizi invited Cheng Yizhi to watch it again, but Cheng Yizhi flatly refused. Wu Lizi went to buy tickets by herself, but the movie had already started. Wu Lizi was uninterested. She didn’t want to wait another hour to watch the next one. Wu Lizi just wanted to leave. Xu Shu happened to watch the movie. Ask Wu Lizi to watch it together. Wu Lizi lied that she was already I’ve seen it, but I can’t stand Xu Shu’s pleading, so Wu Lizi had to accompany him to see.

Cheng Yizhi drove halfway, feeling sorry for Wu Lizi, and hurriedly turned around and hurried back, seeing Wu Lizi and Xu Shu walking into the cinema from a distance. Cheng Yizhi was lost and had to leave silently. After the movie ended, Wu Lizi showed off to Xu Shu and asked Xu Shu to call her Section Chief Wu in the future. Xu Shu was completely discouraged.

Cheng Yizhi convened the board of directors. Director Zhao confessed his mistake to Cheng Yizhi. Zhou Wenqun suddenly announced that he would withdraw from Libang Bank and forced Cheng Yizhi to handle the settlement as soon as possible. Zhou Wenqun insisted that Cheng Yizhi played with him and deceived him, and did not give Director Fang 10,000 yuan at all. It was Feng Youru who did it personally for the money to apply for the permit, and Cheng Yizhi embezzled 10,000 yuan in public funds.

After the meeting, Zhou Wenqun sent someone to find Cheng Yizhi and urged him to go through the delivery procedures as soon as possible. Cheng Yizhi promised, Wu Lizi advised Cheng Yizhi not to be impulsive, because the bank couldn’t get so much cash.

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