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The Justice 光芒 Episode 22 Recap

Xiao Ling Dang and Shimazaki Chu make an appointment to come and try on clothes today. Shimazaki Tadashi came late because of his busy work, and Xiao Ling Dang has been waiting for him. Shimazaki gave Xiaoling a piece of high-end wool. Xiaoling liked it very much. When she learned that Shimazaki worked at the Japanese-owned Zhaozheng Bank, her face changed suddenly. She hated the Japanese and persuaded Shimazaki. Zhong left there.

Wu Lizi suggested to Cheng Yizhi to open a safe. This coincides with Cheng Yizhi. The safes of foreign banks are expensive and most people can’t afford it. Cheng Yizhi wants to provide depositors with invaluable insurance services. Wu Lizi went to reporter Wang to help publicize the matter, and Cheng Yizhi negotiated with the comprador of the trading company, and finally agreed to purchase two hundred safes in four batches.

Due to Lei Zi’s deception, the trading company comprador refused to sell Cheng Yizhi’s safe. Wu Lizi was unwilling to give up. She came to Cheng Yizhi to discuss countermeasures. Cheng Yizhi heard that the manager of the Ministry of Industry and Development was disgusted with Huang Ruhong and wanted Kanai to help fix the matter. Wu Lizi first went to the club to return the gun to the foreman, then went to Kane, and finally agreed to set up a family dinner for the Kanei couple. Wu Lizi also found Tchaikovsky’s record for her, and asked Cheng Yizhi and her to pretend to be a husband and wife. He promised to teach him western food etiquette.

Xiao Ling Dang helped Shimazaki to change his suit and gave him a handkerchief as a gift. Shimazaki casually said that the Japanese gave a handkerchief to break up. Xiao Ling felt incredible. Shimazaki took the opportunity to kiss Xiao Ling. She His face flushed with shame. Wu Lizi also gave a tutorial on the etiquette of eating western food, but she did not expect Cheng Yizhi to understand it clearly. Wu Lizi thought that Cheng Yizhi was teasing her and pretended to leave the table. Cheng Yizhi hurriedly persuaded her to stop her.

Wu Lizi, A Gui and Wang Ma cleaned up the house. Wu Lizi prepared French dishes and red wine specially, and the Carney and his wife came to the appointment on time. Cheng Yizhi played Tchaikovsky’s record and expressed her thoughts. Kaneh disagreed with him. Agui accidentally spilled red wine on Kaneh’s clothes. Wu Lizi hurried to get Cheng Yizhi’s shirt as a souvenir. He replaced it, the card didn’t buy it at all, and he was angry about taking his wife to leave. Cheng Yizhi hurriedly changed a Peking opera record, and Carne was very interested. Cheng Yizhi promised to accompany him to see Peking opera in the theater next week.

Wu Lizi casually mentioned that the bank needed two hundred safes, and the card agreed to help. Thanks to the help of the card, the safe deposit box business of Reibang Bank was officially launched, and the number of new accounts opened four times. Huang Ruhong learned that Lei Zi was playing a trick behind his back, and gave him a severe lesson. Huang Ruhong didn’t want to retaliate against Cheng Yizhi, but wanted to find a chance to bring him down completely. Xu Shu came to invite Wu Lizi to watch the drama. Wu Lizi suddenly received a news that Director Yin had sold Lin Fumizhuang’s stock to Wuzhou Company. Wu Lizi had to say sorry to Xu Shu, she had to deal with this emergency, and Xu Shu had to give up.

Cheng Yizhi came to Factory Manager Zhao and explained to him in detail the unhappiness that had happened before. The two people settled their suspicions, and Factory Director Zhao apologized to him. Lu Zhuer finds a girl Yingzi who looks like Feng Youru’s first love. Huang Ruhong desperately pleases Feng Youru and asks Yingzi to talk to Feng Youru about music. Feng Youru happily leaves with Yingzi. Before leaving, he provides Huang Ruhong with a new three or four national debt. According to internal news, Huang Ruhong spent huge sums of money to buy treasury bonds and wanted to make a fortune with Feng Youru.

Wu Lizi quickly found out that someone had maliciously acquired Lin Fumizhuang’s stock, which was about to be equal to their share of the stock. Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi both guessed that Huang Ruhong was behind the scenes and released all the guys and bought it at all costs. Lin Fumi Village’s stock. As expected by Cheng Yizhi, Huang Ruhong did everything possible to buy the shares of Lin Fumi Zhuang, just to make Libang Bank and Lin Fumi Zhuang completely finished.

Lei Zi sent someone to raise the purchase price to purchase the stock. Lin Fumizhuang’s stock purchase price quickly rose to 50 yuan. Cheng Yizhi wanted to continue the purchase. Wu Lizi advised him not to be impulsive, otherwise he would fall into Huang Ruhong’s tricks. Wu Lizi came to Charlie to help buy stocks. Charlie didn’t want to get involved with the matter. Wu Lizi persuaded him to join Rebong Bank and won the favor of the celebrity Guan Xiuyue. Charlie couldn’t stand the hard work of Wu Lizi and agreed to discuss the matter with Cheng Yizhi in person.

Charlie bluntly proposed to Cheng Yizhi that every business should be commissioned, and also to participate in the operation of Rebond Bank. Wu Lizi was on the side to help match up. Finally, Cheng Yizhi and Charlie reached a cooperation agreement. Charlie gave Cheng Yizhi an idea to specialize in Huang Ruhong’s weak New Three and Four Treasury bonds, and he also asked Cheng Yizhi to let the wind go, and Libang Bank would buy the shares of Lin Fumi Zhuang at a price five yuan higher than that of Longying Bank.

The 25th Treasury bills are national bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance. Due to Huang Ruhong’s vigorous promotion of the new 34th national debt, the 25th Treasury bills fell all the way. Charlie instigated the officials of the Ministry of Finance and made Huang Ruhong the gold master behind him—Glue The Seventeenth Army on the economic front retreated thirty miles. Upon hearing the news, customers sold the New 34th National Bonds and bought a large number of 25th Treasury bills. Seeing the New 34th National Bonds decline all the way, Huang Ruhong asked Feng Youru to come forward to release false news, claiming that senior officials of the National Government would come to Jiaoji Line for inspection. , Also let the new three-fourth national debt rise by four cents.

Charlie personally went to the stock exchange and sent people to release the news that the Japanese army had burned, looted and caused a tragedy in Jinan, and destroyed Huang Ruhong and Feng Youru’s lies. Charlie bought a big house, and rushed to the theater to find Guan Xiuyue, desperately to please her, Guan Xiuyue didn’t buy it at all. Not only did he not accept the big house, but he also made fun of Charlie as a know-how. Charlie was ashamed and embarrassed.

It was published in the newspaper that shopkeeper Lin was the illegitimate son of the Lin family. He suffered a deficit due to mismanagement and maliciously slandered shopkeeper Lin. Lin Fumizhuang’s stock plummeted and Cheng Yizhi was anxious.

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