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The Justice 光芒 Episode 21 Recap

Cheng Yizhi came to the construction site of Wonder Garden to personally demonstrate the French-style wall-laying techniques and methods. Worker Ronaldinho quickly mastered the essentials. Others also came to follow along. Cheng Yizhi asked Ronaldinho to lead a few people to build the wall, Mr. Tang. Convinced by Cheng Yizhi, Cheng Yizhi guessed that Lei Zi had bought Overmaster Tang, and he deliberately found fault to grind the foreigners. Foreman Tang slapped himself severely and hurriedly took the workers to work to ensure that the task would be completed on time.

Wu Lizi recruited talents, carefully selected 5 credit officers, and quickly prepared the Information Investigation Department. She came to report to Cheng Yizhi. When she saw Cheng Yizhi drinking alcohol alone, Wu Lizi drank with him and casually said that she was in a restaurant. His stage name is Hennessy. Cheng Yizhi used Jiujin to tell that the brandy in the restaurant had been mixed with water. Wu Lizi confessed to this, and also talked about an interesting thing about working in the restaurant. Wu Lizi praised Cheng’s responsibility and promised to work with him to make Rebond Bank more and more powerful.

Xiaoling came to find Wu Lizi for a loan of 500 to open a tailor’s shop. Wu Lizi had to act in accordance with the rules and regulations. Xiaoling mistakenly thought she would not help, and left without looking back. Wu Lizi hurriedly chased after her. Cheng Yizhi came to see Xu Shu, encouraged him to do things boldly, and promised to be his strong backing. Xu Shu always thought that Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi were a match made in heaven. Unexpectedly, they were divorced. Cheng Yizhi admitted that he and Wu Lizi were close together, not suitable for being a husband and wife, and more suitable. As a business partner, Cheng Yizhi felt that Xu Shu and Wu Lizi matched better.

Wu Lizi squatted across Xiaoling’s tailor’s shop all morning. Seeing that there was a very good customer flow in the shop, she personally came to Xiaoling and promised to give her a loan to open the shop. Wu Lizi also brought Xiaoling to a western restaurant to drink coffee, and asked her to carefully observe the suits worn by the customers who came here to consume. Xiaoling was very grateful to Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi asked her to make two suits for Cheng Yizhi and revealed the news of their divorce. , Little Bell was surprised.

Wu Lizi helped Xiaoling Dang open a tailoring shop, and Xiaoling Dang quickly made two suits for Cheng Yizhi, and Wu Lizi helped Cheng Yizhi try them on herself. Cheng Yizhi found a new place to live. He came to the house to pack his things, Wu Lizi went to the bedroom to help him pack his clothes, and Cheng Yizhi went to the study to sort books. There was a sudden sound from the bedroom. Cheng Yizhi hurried over and saw Wu Lizi accidentally drop the frame containing the photo of the two of them on the floor. Cheng Yizhi hurriedly picked up the broken glass.

Cheng Yizhi quickly packed his luggage. He gave Wu Lizi the key to the house. Wu Lizi told him to pay attention to safety. Cheng Yizhi drove away without looking back. When Wu Lizi returned to her empty home, there were traces of Cheng Yizhi’s life in every corner. She took out the note that Cheng Yizhi had left in the rental house and the invoice from the piano shop. She saw things and thoughts, and she had mixed feelings in her heart. Cheng Yizhi came to the strange house alone. He took out the clothes one by one. Wu Lizi’s figure was lingering in his mind. Cheng Yizhi threw the clothes on the ground in anger, and lay on the bed secretly weeping.

Shimazaki came to congratulate Cheng Yizhi in person. At a glance, he saw the suit that Cheng Yizhi was wearing. He also wanted to customize exactly the same clothes. Cheng Yizhi introduced him to Xiaoling’s tailoring shop. Shimazaki found a tailor shop according to the address, and Xiaoling greeted him warmly. Shimazaki wanted to customize a suit. When Xiaoling looked up and down, he could accurately tell his height and shoulder width. He suggested that he wear a waist-fitting suit. There were no high-end fabrics suitable for him, Shimazaki did not care, and let Xiao Ling Ding tailor his clothes for him.

Shopkeeper Lin came to Cheng Yizhi to borrow one hundred thousand taels of silver. Cheng Yizhi suggested that Linji Mizhuang should be listed on the stock market. Shopkeeper Lin was worried that the tree would attract the wind and be jealous, but Libang Bank is still not rich. Cheng Yizhi needs three months to raise the money. , Shopkeeper Lin couldn’t wait, so he had to answer the question of raising funds by issuing stocks. Shimazaki fell in love with Xiaoling at first sight and was full of praise for her craftsmanship, but did not dare to leave her real name and lied to be called Dafeng.

Xu Shu asked Secretary Guan to help get two tickets for the concert. He asked Wu Lizi to see it together. Wu Lizi knew that it was hard to get a ticket for this concert, but she couldn’t get away with helping shopkeeper Lin prepare for the stock listing. Wu Lizi didn’t want to let it go. Xu Shu was disappointed and promised to have dinner with him tonight. Cheng Yizhi saw the two of them go out together and felt sour.

Shimazaki gave Xiao Ling Dang a model of the latest version of the European dress. Xiao Ling loved it and wanted to know where he got the book. Shimazaki took the opportunity to invite her to dinner, and then tell her the truth. Wu Lizi and Xu Shu talked about the wine, Xu Shu repeatedly explained that he didn’t think too much about Wu Lizi, but wanted to give Wu Lizi some comfort as a friend. Xu Shu also talked about his first love that died without a problem.

Xiao Ling Dang followed Shimazaki to the hotel and couldn’t wait to know the origin of the model map. Shimazaki admitted that he got it through the bank. Xiao Ling said casually about Cheng Yizhi, and Shimazaki admitted that he knew Cheng Yizhi after dinner. , He sent Little Bell home, and the two people chatted more and more speculatively.

Director Zhao of Shenqin Cotton Yarn Mill borrowed 300,000 yuan from Cheng Yizhi to open two branch factories. Cheng Yizhi learned that he had chosen a new factory site and promised to lend him money in six months. Director Zhao was very dissatisfied and complained that he had done too much. dogma. Cheng Yizhi convened a board of directors to explain to everyone that there was not much money in the bank account. Director Zhao suggested buying the 25th Five-Year Bond issued by the Ministry of Finance to make a big profit. The director of the factory suddenly became angry and became angry. He only gave Cheng Yizhi one month. If Cheng Yizhi did not make any changes by that time, he would withdraw from Libang Bank.

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