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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 35 Recap

Xia Qian inadvertently turned to Sheng Zhening’s private photos at home, and couldn’t suppress her inner emotions anymore, so she started to cry. I was so drunk that night, and driven by alcohol, I ran to Changsheng alone to knock on Sheng Zhening’s door, took out the photos in front of him, and said frankly that I often think about the past of the two of them. Try to forget, but it will always flash in your mind or in front of your eyes.

In fact, not only Xia Qian was so painful, but Sheng Zhening was also the same. Seeing Xia Qian drunk and unconscious, Sheng Zhening sent her home, and at the same time promised Xia Ma that he would do what he said, and would never be muddled, leaving the photos on the coffee table in the living room by the way. The next day Xia Qian woke up, and she didn’t remember clearly what happened last night. Xia Ma insisted that Xia Qian had never seen Sheng Zhening, and then she hoped that Sheng Zhening would not miss her.

Fu Shuangshuang observed for a while and found that Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening showed no signs of reconciliation, so he planned to take her back to her hometown to relax. Qin Hebo reminded Fu Shuangshuang to ask Xia Qian’s opinion first, lest the other party had other arrangements to get away from him, but Fu Shuangshuang sensed that Qin Hebo was reluctant to leave by himself, so he deliberately sought excuses.

An An and Mu Xiaoyan signed a joint tenancy agreement. After they packed their things, they talked about Xia Qian’s visit to Sheng Zhening last night. Seeing Xia Qian’s sadness, An An couldn’t bear it. He thought that the two should take the opportunity to get back together, but Sheng Zhening’s attitude exceeded his expectations.

As always, He Zhijun ordered cakes from Ningmeng’s shop, and even chatted with her as a “little mousse” until he saw the transfer message hanging at the door of the cake shop. Ning Meng decided to stay abroad for a while. When Sheng Zhening asked about her relationship with He Zhijun, she couldn’t help asking him and Xia Qian.

Ruifeng Technology took the initiative to talk about cooperation and wanted to use the live broadcast to promote the new features of the game, but Xia Qian never thought that the boss of Ruifeng Technology was her brother next door when she was a child. They hadn’t seen each other for many years, and the two still had endless topics. Xiao Ai saw Xia Qian and Hao Siyuan chatting so happily and smiled happily, guessing that the two might start a new relationship, and even envied Xia Qian’s childhood sweetheart.

Mu Xiaoyan was worried for Sheng Zhening. After all, Zhuma has a successful career and looks handsome. It is indeed easy to make people’s hearts. So he rushed to inform An An and added Hao Siyuan’s prestige. After opening his circle of friends, he found that the other party was still single. In fact, the reason why Hao Siyuan would talk about it, in addition to knowing that the company’s live broadcast effect is good, it is more because of Xia Qian, his appearance is definitely Sheng Zhening’s rival in love.

In the last few days, Hao Siyuan will often follow up with the company to follow up the promotion plan, and approach Xia Qian for various reasons. Sometimes he will go offline with her for offline research, and the exchanges have become more frequent. After witnessing the whole process, Mu Xiaoyan was anxious in his heart. He reported the situation to An An, so An An guessed that Hao Siyuan wanted to deliberately create a chance for him to be alone with Xia Qian. Although the rival is strong, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. After all, there is a sense of crisis when there is a crisis. Maybe Sheng Zhening will pay attention to this relationship again.

As Ning Meng was about to go abroad, she sent some gifts to “Little Mousse” before she left. At first she didn’t know what the little Mousse was. Later, she saw that He Zhijun had written the content of the card, and she suddenly realized it. Before the cake shop closed, He Zhijun ordered the last cake and gave a card to bless Ning Meng. He did not know that Ning Meng was watching him silently in the corner. After repeated consideration, Ning Meng decided to go abroad, but just before boarding the plane, he suddenly received a call and learned that He Zhijun was injured, and immediately left his luggage and rushed to the hospital.

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