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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 34 Recap

Since Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening broke up, the two have rarely met again. Fu Shuangshuang learned of this, because he was worried about Xia Qian’s situation, so he rushed to comfort him. Although Xia Qian’s performance was calm and calm, she knew very well that she could never forget Sheng Zhening. Even when she returned home, she couldn’t get rid of his shadow.

Mu Xiaoyan and others are thinking about how to get Xia Qian out of the emotional injury as soon as possible, but unfortunately they have no idea yet. On the contrary, colleagues in the e-commerce department have been talking behind the scenes for a long time. Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian have not met. Manager Wang realized this and deliberately created an opportunity for the two to meet, so he found an excuse to let Xia Qian attend the meeting for herself, but he did not expect to do bad things with kind intentions.

Sheng Zhening informed An An to reprimand Manager Wang, and at the same time revealed to him about the breakup, and refused to see Xia Qian. Xia Qian, who had been waiting in the conference room for a long time, saw Manager Wang. She knew that Sheng Zhening was deliberately avoiding it. She felt extremely uncomfortable. She simply submitted her resignation and decided to leave the Changsheng Hotel.

Manager Wang tried his best to stay. After all, Xia Qian is a good employee because of her outstanding ability. It can be seen that she has decided and can only ask the Ministry of Human Resources to go through the process for approval. An An informed Sheng Zhening of Xia Qian’s resignation, but Sheng Zhening pretended to be calm and did not respond. On the other hand, my colleagues thought about Xia Qian’s kindness, never let his subordinates take the blame, and expressed their dismay.

Xia Qian walked out of the marketing department with the information, and finally met Sheng Zhening in the lobby. However, Sheng Zhening pretended to be blind and looked back when she walked away. At the same time, Director Chen heard that He Zhijun had been living in the staff dormitory recently, and thought he was quarreling with Ning Meng, so he took the travel voucher provided by the hospital, hoping that the young couple would find a chance to repair their relationship.

Since leaving Changsheng, Xia Qian passed a period of downturn, and soon went to work again. He was so busy all day, it was not like someone who was suffering from emotional injury. Xiao Ai felt that Xia Qian had changed a lot, she should have completely walked out of the shadow of a broken relationship, and suddenly wondered what Sheng Zhening was in.

Mu Xiaoyan had frequent contact with An An, so he met with Xiao Ai and took the initiative to ask An An about the situation. However, An An complained that Sheng Zhening had also become a desperate Saburo, as if he was paralyzing himself with work. Since he entered Changsheng, he has never seen Sheng Zhening care about a girl so much.

Because of the situation described by An An, Mu Xiaoyan believes that Sheng Zhening has not gone out of the broken relationship at all, but in fact he still has Xia Qian in his heart. In order to bring Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening together, Mu Xiaoyan proposed to rent with An An. At first, An An was unwilling to kill him, but when he heard Mu Xiaoyan explaining that they were sharing a house, it was convenient for them to exchange information at any time and to make suggestions together.

It didn’t take long for the person in charge of the amusement park to find Kankan and talk, hoping to let Kankan talk to help with live broadcast promotion. Xiao Ai found that this playground was the place where Sheng Zhening proposed to Xia Qian. She was startled, lest he would bring back Xia Qian’s sad memories, and he and Mu Xiaoyan decisively refused.

Just as the person in charge did not give up on persuading Mu Xiaoyan and the others to consider it seriously, Xia Qian suddenly came in from the outside. Although she was stunned for a moment when she saw the photos of the amusement park, she reacted quickly and immediately took the order. Because Xia Qian didn’t want the company to give up business because of her, and at the same time pretended to be strong to comfort Mu Xiaoyan and Xiao Ai, claiming that she would not be sad about this again.

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