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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 34 Recap

During the competition, I didn’t go with Sheng Jingchu. Dad Cheng felt very surprised that Cheng did not go. But Cheng told Dad Cheng that now Sheng Jingchu would be fine without her participation. The problem in her heart has been healed, and she has herself. You will not always have to follow Sheng Jingchu to win the game.

After the game was over, only Sheng Jingchu was left to play. Everyone felt that Sheng Jingchu played too underestimated the enemy. In the end, he really lost a game. When many diners commented that Sheng Jingchu lost chess, Jiang Yuda was very unhappy, and The diners quarreled.

Cheng Lei also called Sheng Jingchu and felt that he would lose if he was not due to a master. It was not like Sheng Jingchu. If he encountered a problem, he would go to accompany him, but Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that victory or defeat is common. He is now With a sense of equanimity, I don’t care about winning or losing for a while, just call Cheng and rest assured.

As a result, Sheng Jingchu failed repeatedly, which made many reporters and chess fans couldn’t believe it. In the end, their team competition can only rely on other senior brothers to win the championship, and Yao Ke does not look pleasing to the eye regardless of Sheng Jingchu winning or losing. He thinks Sheng Jingchu is playing Go, and he can’t get used to Sheng Jingchu doing whatever he wants, but he can’t get rid of others. I felt aggrieved.

After Yao Ke went home, he felt that Sheng Jingchu had lost the murderous spirit he had before. It should have been the credit of Cheng, and his skill was not as good as before. However, Yao Ke always regarded Go as the first place. This time Sheng Jingchu disappointed him too much.

Sheng Jingchu has always been surrounded by Cheng’s love. The two happily worked together to produce and upload Chinese food on the Internet. Unexpectedly, they were besieged by many chess fans just after uploading. Don’t influence Sheng Jingchu if you asked Cheng, they were very good at Cheng. disappointment.

Cao Xihe felt that Xiaolan would soon break through the 6th tier and get close to the 7th tier, so he called Xiaolan to have confidence. But I didn’t expect that in the end it was him and Xiaolan who would face off. This was called Cao Xihe and was very depressed. On the day of the game, Xiao Lan took a posture and called Cao Xi and figured out how to play. Before Cao Xihe said that Xiaolan would directly upgrade to the 7th dan.

If Cao Xi and Xiaolan will be counted in the 7th dan smoothly, if it is Cao Xi The seven segments of the non-waterproof Xiaolan stop here. The two of you came and went with the professor for many rounds. Xiaolan cared very much about that game, but Cao Xihe didn’t release the water, so Xiaolan had to admit defeat.

After that, Cao Xihe was very self-blame for his behavior, and felt that he shouldn’t treat Xiaolan like that, but Xiaolan did not expect Xiaolan to thank Cao Xi and respect her as an opponent and did not release water. Now he is willing to fall in love, so Cao Xihe took the initiative to confess. The two finally got together. Senior brother Xie Changan looked at them and was relieved, and walked away with peace of mind. At this moment, Xie Changan received a call. After returning home, he changed into formal attire and told the brothers that he would wait. The wish of ten years can finally land.

Xie Changan went to see the goddess Rumei in his dream. It was the woman he had always liked, but it had been separated for ten years. Now that he has finally returned to China, Xie Changan is also looking forward to it. Ten years ago they often played chess together and lived happily together, but after Rumei went abroad, Xie Changan could only hide her in his heart.

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