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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 32 Recap

Sheng Jingchu was drunk and went to look for Cheng. I didn’t expect Cheng to use him to ask if he was color-blind. Sheng Jingchu admitted it, but as to whether I was with her because I could see the color Shengjingchu very well. Honestly, I told Cheng that it was at the beginning, but then I fell in love with Cheng. Although I fell in love with Cheng now, I still couldn’t accept that Cheng turned around and left. On the other side, Cheng Yi and Jiang Yuda also made progress together, and the two couldn’t help kissing together in the room.

The next day Sheng Jingchu woke up and felt that Cheng should be angry, so she went to discuss with the brothers what to do. Xiaolan felt that Sheng Jingchu should not conceal Cheng, she would not forgive Sheng Jingchu for concealing, she should have told long ago Cheng Liao sister. Jiang Yuda also hoped that the master would go and apologize to Cheng as soon as possible. Sheng Jingchu felt that he could not delay, so he went to Cheng to apologize, but Cheng felt that Sheng Jingchu asked her to be disappointed and told Sheng Jingchu not to go to her recently. Sheng Jingchu didn’t The solution had to go back.

Jiang Yuda gave Sheng Jingchu an idea and asked Sheng Jingchu to find Cheng again, and used various methods to apologize, so a few people bought the hydrogen balloon and wanted to give Cheng a romantic way to apologize, but Jiang Yuda hit Cheng with a stone. The window broke Cheng’s head, which made Cheng very angry. After returning home, Jiang Yuda quickly apologized to the master. Cao Xi and he got along with an idea to save the United States by heroes, but Sheng Jing first thought it was too risky, but Jiang Yuda still felt that he should try it before he knew it didn’t work. Later, several people arranged for someone to go to the robbery process, but they didn’t expect their people.

He was robbed before he arrived. Sheng Jingchu thought that Cao Xi and they had arranged for him to chase after the criminal’s dagger. As a result, he was surrounded by a group of criminals and beaten by a group of criminals. In the end, the police rushed to kill both groups. Take it to the police station. After interrogation, it was discovered that Sheng Jingchu had deliberately arranged the scene and that the group of people was really robbed. After that, they called Cheng Yi and picked them up, but Cheng Leo became even more angry. Sheng Jingchu wanted to call Cheng this time. It turned out to be even more difficult.

Xie Changan gave Sheng Jingchu an idea. If he wanted to save his journey, he had to rekindle the spark of passion. He asked Sheng Jingchu to invite Cheng to dance and use passion to burn Cheng’s love.

Sheng Jingchu had to try various methods to save the journey. After listening to Xie Changan’s suggestion, he really invited Cheng to the ballroom. When he was about to dance, Xie Changan had problems with their records. This is called Cheng Lei felt that Sheng Jingchu was ridiculous, and he used such a naive method to seek peace. Sheng Jingchu hurriedly chased Cheng and asked Cheng to forgive him, so Cheng Le told Sheng Jingchu that she had always given her sincere heart and enjoyed the pure love between them. However, after these days, Sheng Jingchu’s courtship method was not intentional, it was just something. It’s hard to accept the routine called Cheng. I don’t know where Sheng Jingchu really went.

Xiaolan knew about Sheng Jingchu’s experience and went to solve him. Don’t use the tricks of Cao Xi and Jiang Yuda. He has been unbeaten in Go, and told him to use the winning ticket in Go for love. What women want to see is Sincerely, as long as Sheng Jingchu still treats Cheng with sincerity, he will definitely be forgiven.

The school called Cheng and hoped that she would go to class with the students again, and hope that Sheng Jingchu would go with him, but Cheng Li directly said that Sheng Jingchu had no time and she would go alone. On the next day, Cheng arrived at school and watched a movie with Tian Tian, ​​but Cheng Lei’s heart was full of Sheng Jingchu’s figure.

At this time Cheng received the news from Sheng Jingchu that he was in the exhibition hall, so Cheng went according to his position. When I arrived at the scene, I didn’t expect that there were Cheng Da’s posters. Every step I took, a light turned on. After Sheng Jingchu appeared, she told Cheng that she was a unique existence in Sheng Jingchu’s heart. The photos there were all moments that Sheng Jingchu treasured. I hope Chen Lang was able to forgive him, Cheng Le was moved by Sheng Jingchu’s words, and the two embraced deeply.

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