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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 33 Recap

Sheng Zhening’s relationship problem was not resolved, and even his work had problems. Since the construction engineering group’s large order was taken away by the Langyue Hotel at a high price, Sheng Zhening was still busy with these battered things. As a result, he was overworked and had a fever. Xia Qian was dealing with the feedback problem of the application software, and suddenly received a call from An An, so she hurried away in a hurry and almost fainted due to low blood sugar. Fortunately, Sheng Zhening had prepared sweets for her in advance.

Seeing Sheng Zhening lying on the bed with a pale face, Xia Qian felt distressed and watched carefully by the bed. During the period, Sheng Zhening kept talking nonsense, especially the phrase “Why are you?” which made Xia Qian very painful. She also realized how much Sheng Zhening cared about this matter deep in her heart. Until the fever subsided, this reminded An An to remember. Don’t tell Sheng Zhening what you have been here, as everyone knows that the candy box is left on the sofa.

Not long after Xia Qian left, Sheng Zhening gradually regained consciousness. He ordered An An to inform the marketing department for a meeting. He asked if Xia Qian had been there before. An An immediately denied what Xia Qian had explained before. At the same time, Mu Xiaoyan saw that Xia Qian worked hard every day, worried that her body would be overwhelmed, so she went to Fu Shuangshuang for help.

Upon hearing the news that a good girlfriend had lost his relationship, Qin Hebo asked for leave in both directions, and even expressed his willingness to believe that Qin Hebo did not participate in the bidding of the Construction Engineering Group. In fact, the reason why Langyue paid a huge sum of money to steal the order was entirely a loss of money. Qin Hebo was surprised and also secretly investigated, claiming to tell Fu Shuangshuang if there is news.

Because of the arrival of Fu Shuangshuang, the chatting studio became vibrant. With her help, Xia Qian quickly completed the work, and her mood was slightly calm. When Manager Wang saw Xia Qian’s plan for group buying, she couldn’t help but praise her, but Xia Qian suffered from low blood sugar on the way home, but she couldn’t find candy in her bag, which caused her to faint in the street.

Fortunately, Xia Ma went to deliver chicken soup to her daughter. Then she met Xia Qian and sent her to the hospital in time. She couldn’t help but feel distressed. Sheng Zhening saw the candy box on the sofa and was sure that Xia Qian had already been there. He learned through An An that Xia Qian fainted and was hospitalized, and drove off immediately, but Xia’s mother kept Xia Qian from talking to him.

Xia’s mother hopes that Sheng Zhenning can understand that marriage is different from love. It is difficult to maintain it with passion alone. After all, Sheng’s father’s car accident cannot be erased. Sooner or later, the two will argue over the matter, and even cracks. Forbearance, it is better to persuade Sheng Zhening to break up with Xia Qianti first.

Hearing what Xia Ma said, Sheng Zhening considered for a long time and finally made a decision. Xia Qian received Sheng Zhening’s invitation to meet, so she directly turned down to talk about the customer’s arrangements, and even dressed up carefully. She wanted to talk about it, hoping to get back together. However, Sheng Zhening was the first to propose a breakup, thinking that the car accident was a hurdle between the two that could never be crossed.

Xia Qian was stunned, but quickly reacted. While thanking Sheng Zhening for being kind to him, he took off the proposal ring and returned it to the other party. Although Sheng Zhening got up and left with the ring, he felt more painful than Xia Qian, and the two people who loved each other were not willing to go to this step. After returning to the car, An An looked at Sheng Zhening’s face not so good, and without asking more, he drove back to Changsheng, and Xia Qian was disappointed and left the restaurant.

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