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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 31 Recap

When Sheng Jingchu and He Yu were interviewed by reporters, they always rushed to take pictures with Sheng Jingchu. This is so annoying for Sheng Jingchu, but she is so cheeky, which is very helpless.

Assistant Sheng Jingchu knew that she had said something wrong while drinking, so she took a gift to apologize to Cheng early the next morning and told her not to talk to Sheng Jingchu, otherwise she would have a career. Cheng Liao asked Xiao Qi not to mind that she wouldn’t do that.

Yao Ke wants to send news to He Yu about Sheng Jingchu’s affairs, and tell He Yu to know that Sheng Jingchu and Cheng are together for treatment, so Yao Ke’s wish is fulfilled.

The competition that Sheng Jingchu and He Yu participated in officially started. Cheng Lea sat in front of the TV and watched their game quietly. The commentary praised Sheng Jingchu and He Yu. They had a tacit understanding without communicating with He Yu. They had a clear heart. These words made Cheng very angry, but I couldn’t go to the scene, so I could only endure it alone. Finally, Sheng Jingchu He Yu took the sentence. When the reporter took the photo, Sheng Jingchu quickly hid his hand because he was afraid that He Yu would hold his hand again. Cheng saw that Sheng Jingchu was hiding He Yu deliberately. This was called Cheng. I am very happy. After that, He Yu knocked on the door of Sheng Jingchu’s room again, asking Sheng Jingchu to accept her love, but Sheng Jingchu still decisively rejected He Yu, Sheng Jingchu only liked Cheng one person.

After He Yu went back, he received a private message from a fan, which Yao Ke sent to her. He Yu knew that Sheng Jingchu was a person with a problem in his heart. The reason why he was with Cheng Li was because he could see the color, which was called He Yu. It was very unexpected, so he called Cheng and told her about it. Sheng Jingchu was with her just to be able to see the colors. He Yu knew that only Cheng could make Sheng Jingchu see the color, and no one could replace Cheng, so she called Cheng to rest assured, she was willing to quit. I can’t believe that Sheng Jingchu is no longer in the process. It turns out that he is pestering her like this to cure her illness.

Cheng Le talked to Xiao Yan, and asked her if she was in love. Xiao Yan felt that people’s minds could not be measured. Cheng needed to judge by herself, or wait until Sheng Jingchu returned to ask.

In the evening, Cheng received Sheng Jingchu’s text message and was about to go back, but Cheng was afraid that Sheng Jingchu asked for her only to be able to see her and did not reply. The next day Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that he had arrived at the airport and called Cheng no matter what happened. It can be solved back.

Cheng Leah was in a bad mood and kept cooking at home to vent his emotions, and Xiaoyan stayed at it. Dad Cheng looked strange when Cheng had been cooking a dish, and asked Xiaoyan to comfort Cheng.

Xu Chi ordered a lot of takeaways to bring Cheng Yi to lunch, and Jiang Yuda also took the lunch made by himself. This made Xu Chi very angry and went to their company. Cheng Yi told them to stop making trouble, and asked Xu Chi to give her some time to chat with Jiang Yuda. I asked Jiang Yuda not to disturb her work anymore. Although Xu Chi brought lunch, they are colleagues and can work while eating. But Jiang Yuda’s sneaking in will affect their work. Tell Jiang Yuda not to go to her to influence her work. Already working.

I decided to call Sheng Jingchu to ask him to go to a bar to save his life, but Jiang Yuda was so drunk that he would play chess with others. When Sheng Jingchu was about to take Jiang Yuda away, he was stopped by others. He had to ask him to play chess together. Drinking while playing chess, Cheng has been waiting at home for Sheng Jingchu to return, but no one is seen.

In the end, Sheng Jingchu was drunk and told them to leave. After the two went out, they called Cheng Yi and asked them to pick them up. Cheng Yi took Jiang Yuda away by taxi, and Cheng had to take Sheng Jingchu home.

After Jiang Yuda went back, he expressed his love with Cheng Yi again. Both of them belonged to lonely people. Cheng Yi was his soul mate. He was willing to do whatever Cheng Yi needed. This was in Cheng Yi’s heart.

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