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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 30 Recap

Xie Lao called Sheng Jingchu to play chess together. He didn’t feel that Sheng Jingchu’s chess strategy has changed. He is no longer stuck as before, but Sheng Jingchu thinks it is Cheng’s credit. Since he and Cheng are together, he can see it with music. Hue, Xie Lao called Sheng Jingchu to seize the opportunity and heal his eyes. Yao Ke heard this and seemed to have some plans in his heart. After I went back, I talked to my younger brother Yao Pu that Sheng Jingchu was going to compete, and his partner was He Yu. It seemed that he had to help He Yu pursue Sheng Jingchu.

Sheng Jingchu went there and told him about her situation. As long as she was with Cheng Le, colors would appear in her vicinity. This is a good thing. The doctor told Sheng Jingchu to control the timing and tell people about color blindness as soon as possible. It was delayed, otherwise it would be bad if it was discovered by others. Sheng Jingchu decided to tell Cheng after he decided to go back to the game.

He Yu went to Cheng and told her that she would go out to the game with Sheng Jingchu, hoping that Chen Lang would not stop him, and Chen Lang told He Yu not to be a villain, and she would support Sheng Jingchu to go out to the game. He Yu thought Cheng was generous, but she was still unworthy of Sheng Jingchu, only she was Sheng Jingchu’s best companion. If Sheng Jingchu wins after the game, they will ask Cheng to give Sheng Jingchu to her, but Cheng tells He Yu that she won’t have a chance. Sheng Jingchu only knows Cheng best and won’t like her.

After returning home, I told my sister He Yu’s words. He felt that He Yu was too narcissistic. So many fans at the beginning of Sheng Jingchu hadn’t been tempted. They wouldn’t have any interest with He Yu, just thinking that they would go abroad together. I feel uncomfortable together.

Sheng Jingchu thought of being able to apply for Cheng to go abroad to accompany him, but Cheng promised that He Yu would not go with Sheng Jingchu. Because Cheng was very confident in Sheng Jingchu, Sheng Jingchu’s request would not be accepted.

On the second day, Sheng Jingchu was going to the airport. The organizing committee arranged for him to take a car to the airport with He Yu. This made Sheng Jingchu very angry and didn’t want to sit with He Yu, but the organizing committee asked them to take all the itineraries together. He asked Sheng Jingchu not to embarrass the staff. It was just a game. Cheng Lei would wait for good news from him.

After Yao Ke investigated the address of Sheng Jingchu’s doctor, he went to visit him in person, hoping to get a comprehensive understanding of Sheng Jingchu’s situation. So Yao Ke said that he was born with color blindness, and hoped that the doctor could help with the treatment. When something happened, the doctor said that he had cured a person with the same condition as him just now. This made Yao Ke finally understand that Sheng Jingchu was color blind, as long as Sheng Jingchu left Cheng. If you don’t see the color, then you can use Cheng to make a fuss about Sheng Jingchu’s mood, and he will definitely collapse.

When Sheng Jingchu and Cheng made a video, He Yu went in to have dinner with Sheng Jingchu, and also grabbed Sheng Jingchu’s mobile phone and declared war with Cheng. Sheng Jingchu belonged to her. This made Sheng Jingchu very angry. He drove out He Yu, right here. When the time came, he received a courier from Sheng Jingchu, so Sheng Jingchu asked Cheng to open it and see what was inside.

Yao Ke invited his elder brothers to eat together. He regarded the previous game with Sheng Jingchu as a knot and he couldn’t get through. Now he dare not go out to participate in any competition. Xiaolan and Cao Xihe persuaded Yao Ke not to care too much about the outcome, and adjusting his mentality is the most important thing. Xie Changan felt that Yao Ke had a problem in his heart, so he had to see his doctor. At this time, Sheng Jingchu’s assistant was drunk and introduced Sheng Jingchu’s psychiatrist to Yao Ke.

It was a surprise that Cheng, who was on the sidelines, had never expected Sheng Jingchu to see a psychologist all the time. Everyone hurriedly explained to Cheng that Sheng Jingchu had been living in the haze, and it was helpless to go to see a doctor. Cheng Leo understood Sheng Jingchu’s confusion and promised that everyone would take care of Sheng Jingchu. After I went back, I played a video for Sheng Jingchu and regretted not being able to accompany him. If you are in trouble, you must tell her as soon as possible, as long as Sheng Jingchu needs to be there anytime.

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