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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 23 Recap

Lu Li’s sudden departure made everyone caught off guard. As soon as Jiang Yicheng returned home, he was severely criticized by Jiang’s father. Cheng Yueru’s tears made Jiang’s temper even stronger. Jiang Yicheng didn’t seem to hear anything. He still missed Lu Li in his heart. Tears slowly slipped down. Jiang Yicheng assured his parents that he would go back to Lu Li. The next day, Cheng Yueru took Jiang Yicheng to the door to apologize, but Father Lu didn’t give the two a chance at all, and directly kicked them out of the house.

Lu Li quickly adapted to the city of Chongqing. Even when he ate Chongqing noodles, he ran into Lu Jingwen. During the meal, he took care of Lu Li and ordered Lu Li a bottle of water. Later, the two met by chance in the elevator of the apartment. Lu Jingwen read the programmer’s book in Lu Li’s arms and became interested in Lu Li, but Lu Li was wary of this strange man. Gu Xiaoqi and Lu Li made a video call and said that his kitten was pregnant, but the mysterious cat-in-law had not returned yet, and Lu Li had doubts in his heart. At this time the door bell rang, Lu Jingwen knocked on all the doors on the same floor, and finally found Lu Li. Lu Jingwen said that he was asking Lu Li to help repair the computer.

Lu Li was not dull, so he simply opened the door and personally. Helping Lu Jingwen repair the computer, Lu Jingwen accidentally saw Lu Li’s resume on the table, and then recognized Lu Li as his college sister. Lu Li was relieved of a lot of caution, seeing Lu Li’s skillful skills. Lu Jingwen wants to hire Lu Li as the network administrator of his company. These days, Lu Li has been hitting a wall because he told him about his pregnancy. Only when I remembered that Gu Xiaoqi told Lu Li to conceal it, Lu Li He hesitated for a moment, and finally did not tell Lu Jingwen. Lu Li naturally nodded his head and agreed.

After searching for a day, Jiang Yicheng returned home helplessly without Lu Li’s whereabouts. He accidentally saw the hair ring on Jiang Zitong’s head, which Jiang Yicheng had seen in the dimness that night when Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li spent the night together. Jiang Zitong said disapprovingly that it was bought with Lu Li while shopping. Jiang Yicheng realized that the night was not a dream. Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li did have a skin-to-skin relationship. Sorrow lingers in Jiang Yicheng’s heart, forcing Jiang Yicheng to go to the bar to drink away his sorrow…

The next day, Lu Li appeared at the company’s door on time, but Lu Jingwen thought that Lu Li’s dress was not in line with the style of the science and technology company. Lu Li had never liked the fancy appearance, so he insisted on his true colors to Lu Jingwen. Xia Ranglu Jingwen fully realized that Lu Li was not a character at the mercy of others, but rather an independent and individual character. On the other hand, Gu Xiaoqi wanted to go to the company to help Lu Li go through the resignation procedures, but unfortunately there was no appointment and couldn’t get in. Gu Xiaoqi could only ask Gu Mo to help him.

After Ye Ye from the Administration Department helped Gu Xiaoqi complete the procedures, Gu Mo suddenly spoke out and offered to have a meal together. He thought it was Gu Mo who wanted to please himself, but Gu Xiaoqi accidentally saw the issuing card on Ye Zi’s head. Gu Mo bought it for his girlfriend on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Now Gu Mo’s words of a girlfriend gave Gu Xiaoqi a feeling of change in his heart, so he ignored Gu Mo’s invitation and took the proof and left directly. . Ye Zi couldn’t help sighing Gu Mo’s brilliant tricks. She was Gu Mo’s girlfriend, but when Gu Mo saw Gu Xiaoqi coming to the company, he specially used the card to invite himself to perform a play together. What was his intention? All mysteries are hidden in Gu Mo’s smile.

Li Man came to the hospital to see a doctor by himself. Recent changes made Li Man a little absent-minded. When he went downstairs, he ran into a nurse. He looked up and saw the police pushing Li’s father’s wheelchair. Li Man went to jail because of Lu Li’s affairs. Li Man didn’t want to know why he was here now. He just scolded Li’s father for putting away the hypocritical care. Li’s father realized that his daughter was still complaining about him, so he didn’t say anything. The nurse who was hit had the information of Li’s father left in his hands. Li Man picked it up and found out that Li’s father had already contracted cancer. Looking at the figures of a few people going away, Li Man didn’t know what to say. what…

Lu Li quickly adapted to life. Jiang Yicheng was still working hard to find Lu Li. Jiang Zitong ran to give feedback. He overheard Cheng Yueru calling his brother to arrange a blind date. Jiang Yicheng is now wholeheartedly on Lu Li, how can he even care about the blind date? Things, thinking of Lu Jingwen’s company intending to acquire the copyright of “BOSS”, this time it was perfect to avoid Cheng Mu in the form of a business trip. Jiang Yicheng’s ideas happened to fall into the trap of Chen Yiming and Jiang Zitong. The two watched Jiang Yicheng working crazy overtime every day.

Lu Jingwen came to Lu Li’s house without shouting. Lu Li usually commuted to get off work on time and did not participate in any social interactions. Such an outrageous work and rest made Lu Jingwen feel abnormal. Lu Li in front of him must have hidden the story deeply. Under compelling questioning, Lu Li could only helplessly say that he had secretly loved a person for five years, and other details would not be discussed in depth. Lu Jingwen was sighing, but the phone rang, and when he learned that Jiang Yicheng was coming, Lu Jingwen excitedly said to Lu Li that his most annoying buddy from university is coming…

The next day, when Lu Li was repairing the computer in the computer room, Jiang Yicheng happened to come to visit, and the two missed it again by accident. During this visit, Lu Jingwen asked Jiang Yicheng to bring wine to his home to relive the past. Sure enough, when Lu Li went downstairs to buy snacks, Lu Li saw Jiang Yicheng at a glance. Somehow, Lu Li quickly squatted down to avoid the line of sight, did not dare to look up at Jiang Yicheng, and Jiang Yicheng also spotted Lu Li during the checkout. The figure hiding in the corner, but did not recognize…

This cooperation talks went well, and Jiang Yicheng returned to the company soon. The monitoring that was destroyed last time is finally restored. Everything is just like what Lu Li said at the time. The man behind the deletion of Lu Li’s game code is Li Man…

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